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Hi, my daughter is 19 years old and was diagnosed with Celiacs this past May.  She has gone completely gluten free and had been feeling pretty good until she had a cross contamination in November.  Since then she has felt awful but now she is experiencing bad headaches after she eats any kind of food.  We know it’s not gluten because she is so careful.  Has anyone experienced this and if so what helped? Her daughter has her on vitamin supplements hoping that helps.  No meds have brought relief.  I read something about reactive Hypoglycemia???  Any help or advice would be so appreciative!! 

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Head ache after eating

Hi! My 19 year old daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease this past May.  She is completely gluten free and was feeling good until a cross contamination in November.  For the past three weeks she has been having headaches and they get worse after she eats.  She is so on top of her eating and we know it’s not caused by gluten.  Doctor said to take magnesium and vitamin B12 supplements but n...