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Celiac.com Submission Guidelines for Articles

Celiac.com welcomes writers’ queries. We are interested in articles that capture some facet of the gluten free lifestyle, the diagnosis and/or treatment of various forms of gluten induced illnesses, controversies related to this field, or new insights into it. Our editors believe that the best articles honor medical research, alternative medicine, and/or individual perspectives. We also embrace thoughtful dialogue and debate.

Here is what you should know about us if you want to make a pitch or submit a completed article:

  1. When you query, be sure to have done enough research to know for sure this story is a “go.” You can either make your pitch in less than 200 words or submit your completed article and take your chances on publication.
  2. If your submission provides commentary on medical insights or advances, we would appreciate inclusion of citations to source materials.
  3. If your submission challenges conventional medical paradigms or beliefs it is important to provide citations to source materials from the peer reviewed medical literature.
  4. Sources of all quotes and paraphrased comments should be cited.
  5. While we place no limits on the length of submissions, space limitations may dictate that lengthier articles be split and published over two issues.
  6. We like writing that is focused, fresh, smart, concise, accurate and jargon-free.
  7. We like stories derived from personal experiences, observations, scientific insights, or some combination thereof.

Celiac.com Terms of Publication:

  1. The AUTHOR retains the right to reuse any portion of the WORK, without fee, in future works of the AUTHOR's own, including books, lectures and presentations in all media, 3 months after publication in Journal of Gluten Sensitivity.
  2. The AUTHOR ensures CELIAC.COM that he/she has the right to assign the copyright and that no portion of the copyright to the WORK has been assigned previously.
  3. The AUTHOR agrees to hold harmless and indemnify CELIAC.COM against any claim, demand, suit, action, proceeding, recovery of expense of any claim whatsoever arriving from any claims of plagiarism, libel, slander, obscenity, unlawfulness or invasion of privacy or copyright infringement in the WORK.
  4. The AUTHOR grants and assigns the entire copyright for the WORK to the CELIAC.COM who shall be the exclusive holder of the copyright. CELIAC.COM is the owner of all such copyrighted materials including electronic and all machine readable formats. The WORK may not be reproduced by any third party in any format without the permission of CELIAC.COM.
  5. Permission to use previously copyrighted material shall be obtained at the AUTHOR's expense from the copyright proprietor.
  6. The CELIAC.COM shall provide the AUTHOR with (1) complimentary copy of the Journal of Gluten Sensitivity in which the WORK will appear.
  7. It is understood that the AUTHOR receives no monetary compensation from CELIAC.COM for the assignment of copyright and publication of the WORK on CELIAC.COM.