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    I do not have DH....but from what other members have said, Dapsone works.  There are some very serious side effects.  Most members try to rely on the gluten-free diet long term.  It is your best defense!  However, they must be very strict.  Most do not eat out and they avoid even processed gluten-free foods.  They tend to experiment once the DH resolves.  But it can take months to years for the antibodies to work their way out of the skin. Browse through the DH section for valuable tips (li
    I have Celiac Disease (celiac disease) follow a strict gluten-free diet; however, my concern is for our son and one of his twin sons. Just a little background: one of my twin grandsons was diagnosed Type 1 diabetic at about 2 years old and not too long after, the other twin was diagnosed with celiac disease. A couple of years later, their father (our son) was diagnosed with celiac disease. Next, I was diagnosed with celiac disease a couple of years after that. Not surprisingly, the older first s
    Wow!  That was a long report.   Since my celiac disease diagnosis and becoming a member of celiac.com, I have realized that we are all unique.  How we react to gluten varies in terms of symptoms and the amount of gluten we can safely consume before setting off an autoimmune reaction.  The 20 ppm cut off set by celiac researchers was a start.  Perhaps, newer testing methods in the future may allow manufacturers to eventually get to zero ppm.   My hubby was gluten free some 12 years befo
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