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  1. Scott Adams

    Upgrade issues today

    We had some issues with a board upgrade today...please report any issues you see here.
  2. Scott Adams

    Update Issue

    Also, can you post a screen shot?
  3. Scott Adams

    Update Issue

    What browser are you using, and what device...desktop, iPhone?
  4. Scott Adams

    Celiac tongue?

    You may want to read this article: https://www.celiac.com/articles.html/celiac-disease-amp-related-diseases-and-disorders/geographic-tongue-glossitis-and-celiac-disease/geographic-tongue-glossitis-and-its-relationship-with-celiac-disease-r1958/
  5. Those with Celiac disease can have major stomach issues if they eat foods with gluten. The Rev. Adam J. Shoemaker says serving gluten-free bread ... View the full article
  6. While the gluten-free fad has brought some awareness to celiac disease, many people still don't understand what the condition entails (or just how ... View the full article
  7. Many Disney restaurants now offer allergy-friendly menus to address various food intolerances including Celiacs, offering many gluten-free options ... View the full article
  8. Seven years ago, a group of Carmel women recently diagnosed with celiac disease – an autoimmune disorder that damages the small intestine when ... View the full article
  9. Here are a few things I've heard or overheard in my years as a nutrition ... When a person with celiac disease eats gluten, for instance, the protein ... View the full article
  10. The first ~200-300 words presented GFWD’s position, and most people don’t read that far into articles. Had Jefferson had an “axe to grind” he would not have done that.
  11. When I die I am going to ensure that my last meal is filled with all of the wheat, barley, spelt, kamut and rye I can stuff inside my mouth. I want my small ... View the full article
  12. We don't agree that expressing a different viewpoint on the Nima Sensor is "petty and malicious" or constitutes a "mean spirited attack" on them. We are offering a professional response to their position on the Nima Sensor, which we, respectfully, disagree with. Offering a different perspective is not an attack. Since "attack" seems to be the mantra of some of the criticisms here, please show us where in our article they were attacked.
  13. We disclose all of our sponsors, as we've done in this article. It is fair for you to question whether or not our sponsors might influence our editorial content. We feel it is also important for others to mention possible conflicts of interest when presenting positions, which, in this case, did not happen. On Thursday we published this non-flattering article on Bob's Red Mill and how a group is suing them because small amounts of Roundup have allegedly been found in their oats. Bob's Red Mill has also been a sponsor of Celiac.com, and we hope they will be in the future, even after we published this. We felt that it was important to report this news to the celiac community, and that Celiac.com was the platform to do so. We are not sure how presenting a differing viewpoint here on the Nima sensor could mean that "celiac.com responded with such outrage." As for Nima's original publication, they disclose all conflicts, and did not have to publish their findings.
  14. But today we learned of a new twist: Some churches are offering gluten-free ... When the priest comes to you with bread, you may say “gluten-free. ... a Nebraska priest with celiac disease received special permission from his diocese ... View the full article
  15. The device is extremely accurate at reading the gluten content at 20 ppm and above, and is 100% accurate at 40ppm and above, but as their published results indicate, it isn’t perfect. For celiacs who want or need to eat outside their homes this tool does offer them a way to do this more safely than not having the device.