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  1. They are technically gluten-free but are frequently processed in facilities that also manufacture wheat-based products. So if you have celiac disease, ... View the full article
  2. Thus, it's important to know the facts about grains and the role they play in pet food formulas. .... Increased awareness around celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivities and wheat allergies have given rise to the many grain-free ... View the full article
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  4. They're biodegradable and hold their shape better than paper straws. ... do present a challenge for those who are allergic to wheat or have celiac disease. ... While PastaStraws is in the process of making a gluten-free version, the ... View the full article
  5. CELIAC AND GLUTEN-FREE — The Celiac and Gluten-free Support Group of Western Massachusetts meets every other month at an on-call basis, ... View the full article
  6. That injuries can occur with any drug, including vaccines in extremely rare instances, is understood and old news. Nothing new here. That vaccines are probably in the top 3 of all scientific discoveries of all time is not debatable...millions, perhaps billions of humans have been saved from deadly diseases and needless suffering from diseases like small pox and polio. Further, since you cite the WHO as your appeal to authority here, why don’t you first read the WHO’s stance on vaccines, which totally destoys you position here? “Experts” can be paid to support any position, even scientifically false positions—just ask an accident injury or criminal defense attorney.
  7. Since some of the most popular meatless alternatives—like seitan or other wheat-heavy proteins—aren't safe for those who have celiac disease or a ... View the full article
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  12. This report studies the global Bread and Rolls market status and forecast, ... Gluten can cause inflammation in the small intestine that causes celiac ... View the full article
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