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Scott Adams was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1994, and, due to the nearly total lack of information available at that time, was forced to become an expert on the disease in order to recover. In 1995 he launched the site that later became Celiac.com to help as many people as possible with celiac disease get diagnosed so they can begin to live happy, healthy gluten-free lives.  He is co-author of the book Cereal Killers, and founder and publisher of the (formerly paper) newsletter Journal of Gluten Sensitivity. In 1998 he founded The Gluten-Free Mall which he sold in 2014. Celiac.com does not sell any products, and is 100% advertiser supported.

  1. I hope everyone is having a happy gluten and covid-free Thanksgiving!
  2. Celiac.com 11/26/2020 - For all that recent research has told us about celiac disease, we still don't know whether changes in the intestinal microbiota of children with celiac disease contribute...
  3. The Moscow Mule is popular in the USA: https://moscowmule.com
  4. Be sure to continue eating gluten daily until all tests are completed. I would request the blood test before the biopsy, as they are more accurate for diagnosis.
  5. This article covers the history of celiac disease, and 1950 would likely have been too early for most doctors to figure it out (actually even today many doctors can't figure it out!):
  6. You can't go wrong with a good old-fashioned Margarita!
  7. Have you had a blood screening for celiac disease yet? This would be the normal first step, before an endoscopy. If so, please share your results, if not, you may want to ask your doctor why this hasn't been done yet. Certainly diarrhea is a symptom, as well as well headaches and seizures.....
  8. Celiac.com 11/25/2020 - Ginger beer is basically ginger ale that is fermented into an alcoholic beverage. True ginger beers are made with sugar, ginger and water, and nothing else! Most top brands...
  9. When you say you got the genetic tests, did you also get a celiac disease blood panel that shows different antibody results? If so, please share that info with us, as this is normally how celiac disease is diagnosed, and a referral for a biopsy is made. Issues with teeth enamel is a symptom...
  10. Yes, continue to eat gluten until the testing is finished...normally a slice of wheat bread a day is the amount recommended.
  11. Celiac.com 11/24/2020 - We get more than a few questions about beer. One question we see a lot is about ginger beer. Specifically, is ginger beer gluten-free, and safe for people with celiac disease...
  12. Certainly celiac disease can cause severe canker sores: as well as many other issues involving nutrient deficiencies, like beriberi among others. Just knowing that she may have had genetic markers for celiac disease isn't enough information, because more than 20% of people have the genetic...