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  1. GFinVenice

    Missing Rome..

    Ciao...you know Cereal is not one of the best one.....next time you come...maybe in Venice, where I lived, I will be...
  2. GFinVenice

    Gluten Free In Venice-Italy

    ...amd in 3 months...it will be carnival? Did somebody ever heard abiut it?
  3. GFinVenice

    Chrismas In Venice

    Yes during summer it is very crowded but you can also enjoy of our Adriatic sea....we have beautiful beaches vith many...
  4. GFinVenice

    Chrismas In Venice

    yes, un Italy it is very easy and we have a lot of products you can not ever imagine...of corse some of them are not...
  5. Ciao, have you ever thought to come and spend you Chrismtas holiday here in Venice? It is a good season.....not so many...
  6. GFinVenice

    Gluten Free In Venice-Italy

    if you plan to come to Venice-Italy here is the link of a new chocolate and gelato place...n
  7. GFinVenice

    Gluten Free In Venice-Italy

    In Venice we have just one real gluten free restaurant; then we have places we often go and for this reason they know...
  8. I live in Venice -Italy and I think that it is easy t be gluten free expeccialy because we have a great range of products...
  9. i am italian and i must say that here it easy. In every city we have at least 1 gluten-free restaurants or pizzeria,...
  10. ciao, My name is Veronica.I made the translations for you, but in Italy you can have almost any cheese and also salads...
  11. GFinVenice

    Anxieties When Travelling As A Celiac

    ciao, I am italia and the fear of security is mine too. Once I was in Cancun airport I had some salame slices snacks...
  12. Ciao, my name is Veronica and I live in Venice. Here in Italy it is easy to live and travel gluten-free. Should you...
  13. GFinVenice

    gluten-free In Italy-Venice

    Here all the informations: Mestre: - Al Corso restaurant, this is a pizzeria Corso del popolo 37 tel 041/9816...
  14. GFinVenice

    gluten-free In Italy-Venice

    Ciao, sure I will give you names of restaurants and gelato places. I also would like to tell you that if you go to the...