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  1. The only gluten-free things I've noticed at my TJs are some breads (Udi's I think...) Must depend on where you are and the manager of the store. The manager of the store I go to sticks to what the Trader Joe's website says (pasted below). He also said that the company policy is to include as much information as possible re: shared equipment on labels BUT the manufacturers don't always give them that info. The TJ signage states "no gluten ingredients used" -- for some that seems to be ok. For me, it isn't. I stick to fresh produce, meat and wine from TJs. Anything else I skip. From the
  2. My nutritionist recommends Eden...but I'm now off all beans which is a great tragedy in my life. *sob* She says I can trial them again in about 6 months. But on a positive note, dropping beans and corn seem to be helping with the pain issues I continued to have after going gluten-free!
  3. I've got chicken marinating for a new (to me at least) recipe... Buttermilk Chicken. 3.5lbs chicken pieces (bone in, skin on) 2 cups buttermilk 2 tablespoons fresh chopped dill zest of 1 lemon salt & pepper Marinate at least 8 hours...up to 24. Discard marinade. Bake at 450 degrees F until cooked through. I bought chicken on sale and since my freezer is a little full at the moment I need to use it up. This recipe was blissfully simple (I have been attempting some more complicated dishes and honestly was getting a little sick of being in the kitchen!) I'll add in some so
  4. Have you tried Red Apple Lipstick? I love their lipsticks, glosses and balm. They are gluten-free, paraben free, vegan, etc. They have amazing customer service and when I bought my first couple I cringed at the price (I have never been one to pay a lot for cosmetics since I don't wear them very often) but I've gotta say they are totally worth it. Red Apple has developed eyeliners and are about to introduce eye shadows. I guess they hope to roll out all sorts of gluten-free cosmetics but are taking it very slowly and doing lots of testing to make sure the products are of high quality but p
  5. I posted Dr. Fasano's press release on the Domino's facebook page. Wonder how long before they delete it!
  6. I was a huge fan of Penzey's spices before my diagnosis and called the company almost in tears at the thought that I'd have to throw away my entire cabinet of spices. They told me that all their spices and blends (their chili and taco blends are huge favorites in my house!) are gluten free. In fact, the only items they said they offer that aren't gluten free are their soup bases which come from a different manufacturer. I did replace all my baking spices and any that I'd used with recipes that I knew included flour but just cleaned all the bottles on the rest and haven't had a problem.
  7. I've never heard of wheat flour being used in the construction of pointe shoes. I'm trying to think how it would be utilized but just can't grasp how. Of course, ballet was a long time ago for me and I am not at all an expert about making pointe shoes but still...you've got the box, sole and shank plus ribbons and elastic. Could there be wheat flour in the glue somewhere? I would think they'd have something better in this day and age!
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