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  1. Ok, just when I think I have this thing figured out!!!! I just called the Atkins hotline since I had bought some frozen...
  2. If he is getting glutened, I wouldn't think the couch would be the first thing that popped in my mind. I would guess...
  3. 1974girl

    Cleaning Furniture-Couches Etc

    We are a mixed household. 3 of us are not gluten free and my daughter is. We never worry about furniture. In the kitchen...
  4. 1974girl

    Newly Diagnosed Baker

    I am so sorry. I met a lady who was diagnosed celiac after her and her husband bought a pizza parlor! She now offers...
  5. 1974girl

    Really? Is There New Info?

    She will tell you her quality of life was better before. Of course, she has no intestinal symtoms and could eat a loaf...
  6. 1974girl

    Really? Is There New Info?

    You can read the whole article called "Mortality Rates for Celiacs with Persistent Villous Atrophy Similar to those with...
  7. So I get my invite to the Chicago Celiac Center's celiac convention. One of the topics is "Silent and Latent Celiacs...
  8. I have been ready a TON about how type 1 diabetes may be linked to a Vitamin D def. My husband has type 1 and my daughter...
  9. If this is the same brand as I think it is...my daughter gagged. LOL
  10. Oh thanks! I called them today and they confirmed it was NOT gluten free. I asked her to look and tell me what it could...
  11. I have a 12 year old silent celiac. (Only found due to her Hashimotos and a great pediatrician) She has been gluten...
  12. 1974girl

    Genetic Testing

    If it would make a difference then do it. They did it on both my girls to try rule it out. It ruled it in. But.... Even...
  13. 1974girl

    Need Help Understanding Test Results

    You can have the slides reevaluated for free somewhere else. I can't remember where but maybe someone here can help....
  14. My dd has a 164 TTg and positive ema and they STILL wanted to do the endo. Of course it was positive and left us with...
  15. Sometimes below the ingredients, it will say "made in a facility that manufacters wheat" or "processed on the same equipment...