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  1. Oh thanks! I called them today and they confirmed it was NOT gluten free. I asked her to look and tell me what it could have been since all I can do is read labels. She pulled it up and said it could have been the modified food starch. Thankfully, I have read from Peter enough to know that is...
  2. I have a 12 year old silent celiac. (Only found due to her Hashimotos and a great pediatrician) She has been gluten-free a year this month! I made chicken marsala tonight with gluten free rice pasta and the Campbell's skillet sauce. It was actually a new brand of gluten-free pasta...rice plus...
  3. The Cantina bowl says no wheat or gluten. Am I missing what you are seeing? I do wonder about the gloves and stuff like that. My dd is not sensitive at all and I would never know. It is so hard!
  4. We have not had anything from taco bell since December. I just read on a gluten-free blog that they invited a celiac just to introduce the new Cantina menu. They have a salad and a taco made from a corn tortilla. The meat is not supposed to have gluten like their other "meat". There were reviews...
  5. My non celiac husband spends most of Christmas in the bathroom because every year my 88 yr old Memaw gives him cashews. He can't eat just one. He eats the whole thing in 1 sitting!
  6. I am going to give you permission to whine. I have an 11 yr old celiac. I have vented here only to be told that I needed to get into counceling. But I don't. I just need to be heard. It is hard to take a child's food everywhere. It is even harder to deal with the emotions that come with them...
  7. oh wow! Awesome of you to check twice. I never looked after I saw it the first time! We have only been buying the blue ones! I read their announcement and some will be labeled gluten free. Others (like Doritos) are listed as "not containing gluten". The difference is that the Doritos and tons...
  8. Now, that pizza I would feel safe giving her. I like the disposable cutter and bake in a bag idea.
  9. So today Domino's unveiled their new gluten-free crust. So I called our manager and it is there! BUT...they use the same ovens and the same screens to bake them on. So really, they said it was more for people who have gluten-free sensitivity. : ( Another place in my town uses a totally different...
  10. I haven't read all the replies but I'll tell you what my nutricionist told me (AND SHE HAD CELIACS TOO) She told me that a hot dishwasher will be enough for plates, utensils, pans. But...if your pans have cracks in them to get new ones. She told me to get new muffin tins (because you know you...