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  1. Just an update.... Another thing from the short food list is now on the long list of things I can't have... Ocean...
  2. Flower, Yes, I will hope to one day be tolerant of more things. Life can only be understood backwards, unfortunately...
  3. Flower, What I found with my own body, once I was clean of gluten I felt amazing. That was short lived. I next found...
  4. RonSchon

    Taco Bell?

    You didn't mention if they affected you?
  5. What I found when I removed all gluten was that several other things affected me with all of the similar symptoms. ...
  6. I have issues like that when I have an unexpected glutening - or in my case, one of the several other things that now...
  7. If you haven't tried the Applegate Organic Grass Fed beef hot dogs, I highly recommend them... They are pretty unbelievable...
  8. Wanna take a look? http://salicylatesensitivity.com/ I hope you can get this sorted out. It sure is tough...
  9. Anete, You have hit on several items that "out of the blue" just started affecting me. It all started on a post...
  10. Thanks for the response, IrishHeart. I haven't eaten out since that post of many weeks ago. Since then, I have...
  11. I have no idea how I can go forward. I'm eating almost nothing, and came up poisoned by something. Since I'm only...
  12. A book might be a challenge for specific branded products due to ingredient changes that happen frequently.
  13. RonSchon

    Domino's In Leesburg, Virginia

    Leslie, It is great to hear about your super positive experience. It is always refreshing to hear about businesses...
  14. RonSchon


    I don't know, but I had to chime in on probiotics.... Today, for the 3rd time, the capsule popped before the pill pushed...
  15. Many places/company's go as far as to say "Use/Freeze Date", meaning use it or freeze it by that date.