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  1. Sara, You are not alone. I rarely have diarrhea, my norm is chronic constipation. I went to my Dr. with that for years, and he just advised stool softeners and laxatives after having me do a colonoscopy (never mentioned celiac, or tested me). When I get poisoned, I will generally be affected...
  2. Taco Bell has a terrible track record for food content and quality. A GI Doctor who is recommending them is a GI Doctor I would switch away from.
  3. I'm not as willing to risk 3 days (or even 3 hours) of my health as evidently Lorena Garcia is with her entire body of work and career.
  4. I wish I'd never heard of it.... When I saw it was gluten-free, I tried it. I get a reaction from it. Must be some other allergy that I have.
  5. Good point, Mamaw... I didn't get my symptoms as heavily as I have from my other contaminations - enough, bloating was full on, D, and light fog with light eyesight degradation. My previous reactions over the past couple of weeks were much worse. Adalaide, I think the reason they don't go the...
  6. The most frustrating part of being gluten clean is the learning process. I could eat from a very tight menu and be ok, and maybe that is what I'll end up doing. I got hit again last night. It could have only been "Wonderful Pistacios", unless it was some kind of odd cross contact. They...
  7. I looked hard at B&J this weekend. What I would appreciate from them is if they would simply come out and say it. I would expect a company that spends so much time trying to convince us how good they are would do more for such a large captive customer base. gluten-free, it either is or it...
  8. My problem has been mostly taken care of. I used the product for about 30 years before finally quitting. Now, a very small bit, I use the chewing tobacco pouches made by UST - skoal xtra pouches. To quantify the change, probably less than 10% a day than what I used for so many years. I have...
  9. Added thanks to Gemini. The woman was asking a question and noticeably concerned, not looking for a lecture. I have the same question, and nobody has ever posted back that they have contacted the manufacturer so I will make that a "todo" item.