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  1. There is one in Ashville NC. Posana Cafe
  2. CarolinaKip

    Rye Bread gluten-free?

    Canyon Bakehouse Deli style "rye" Is wonderful! I had to check the bag to make sure it was gluten free. Some Target stores are starting to carry this brand.
  3. CarolinaKip

    How Do I Stop The Worrying?

    Hi there IrishHeart!! I'm doing ok, still bad days and good one. Appreciate the good ones! FL...welcome to the South! Soon things will slow down for me and I'll be back more. I keep up with GD and enjoyed when he asked for your help You lovely ladies take care and I'll be around.
  4. CarolinaKip

    How Do I Stop The Worrying?

    Great advice from some wise women With all this snow on my hands here, I thought I'd stop by for a few. Give that DH a huge hug! It took me a while to realize my body was damaged badly and it would take me some time to feel better. Almost at my 4yr DX date. I'm a single Mom, so these ladies and others here really helped me in my newbie year. Much appreciation to this forum.
  5. CarolinaKip

    Glutened At Pf Changs

    I have been glutened at one pf Changs location. However, another location knows me now! I speak with the manager who has Celiac relatives. I try to stick with the same servers as well. I went right after the new year and did not expect it to be so crowded. I expressed my concern for my order. The manager I know came by to tell me he informed the chef that I am Celiac, and they have a special area to cook my order. My entire table orders gluten free every time we go. My son gets the gluten-free fried rice and it comes with veggies and chicken. I know that my pf Changs is a flagship restaurant where they try new dishes. If you have the gluten-free Cantonese lemon chicken on your gluten-free menu, it's so yummy! When my server put it in front of me the first time, I said to him "this does not look gluten-free" He said yes, I can assure you it is! It's a sliced fired chicken breast with lemon sauce. The last time I went, my young grandson was with me and they made his fried rice gluten-free just so the entire table would be safe with no extra charge. Sorry to know you got sick!
  6. Hello all! I purchased this quinoa rice blend yesterday. It has wild rice red rice,brown rice and of course quinoa. It looked really different and now I am trying to think of a yummy recipe to use it in, beside serving it as is. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Probably the same thing I would! LOL This is how I feel lately, I had to fight for my Celiac DX and I still continue to fight for my health everyday. I hope in this fight, I may bring some type of knowledge and awareness of what Celiac disease is to someone for the good. <off soap box>
  8. To make a long story short, I went to my local ER last night (had to explain Celiac disease to all) ask ER doc would he please check to see if med was gluten free? He was very smug and told me "I've never know gluten to be in meds"! I said "yes it can be"! He came back acting like a jerk and said "the pharmacist even crossed their eyes at gluten free" "I guess I come to work and learn something new" "Your med is gluten free"! I came home and looked it up on glutenfreedrugs.com to make sure. I've been having a few medical test done and I've had to explain Celiac to everyone, but one. Sigh....my sister eats gluten free to help her Lupus, while in the hospital in a major city, her diet was marked gluten free. She sent me a picture of the paper that said her soup was gluten free and checked by a manager. It was alphabet soup with noodles. The manager said it was listed in their computer as gluten free. Thankfully, they can take that off the gluten-free menu.
  9. Got to ski, how do you make that soup? I use salad dressing as well, especially for a tuna noodle salad. I'm allergic to tomato and avoid soy. I've seen a sauce online made with beets, sorry don't remember the name. I'm lucky to be able to do some dairy, so I do Alfredo that is also soy free. For both pasta and pizza i use garlic,olive oil,herbs for sauce. All other stuff pasta that is cold, I use salad dressings .
  10. CarolinaKip

    How Helpful Are Dietitians?

    I saw a dietitian a month after DX that my gastro suggested. She has a daughter that is Celiac and that is her focus. She helped me in the knowledge of CC and gave me a "starter notebook" and other info. She continues to send out updates to me as well. So, yes, she was a huge help to a newbie and told me to join here That being said, I'm not sure if a "regular" one would know as much. I agree, all DR should read this forum! Best wishes to you!
  11. I've never thought my trouble seeing at night (especially when raining) To be a part of my Celiac. Hmmm?? I had to stop driving when it is raining at night, I cannot see at all. I'm 3 years into my gluten-free diet. It started years before DX. Something to think about.
  12. Thanks IrishHeart! I've been lurking around I can do that more in the summer. Thanks Gotta Ski.
  13. Amen to that!! I've had several people ask me about gluten free to lose weight because of the "Wheat Belly" book or a DR told them to go by this book!!! "This sounds like what you do" UGH!!!!! I told them all okay, sure, I'll help you, I went gluten free and gained 40 pounds! I'm gluten free! Allergy free! Sorry, Its a thorn in my side. On another calm note I'm having a simple baked potato and some chicken broth. Not feeling so good lately. I make black beans with jalapeno pepper, green onions, fresh garlic, and cumin. I do okay eating this with rice. Two days ago I added some gluten-free corn chips!! Not a good idea....I keep thinking I can slip corn in there.
  14. CarolinaKip

    Concerns With Going Gluten-Free?

    Dealing with the DX. Trying to figure out make up, lotions, shampoos. Feeling socially left out and feeling deprived. Wondering if I'll ever be pain free? Just to name a few. Now, 3 years in, cross contamination, eating out, and trying to figure out if I need to quit my job. I'm around gluten and my allergy foods way too much. .
  15. Check out Gluten Free Make up Gal http://www.glutenfreemakeupgal.com/ Celica Diva http://www.theceliacdiva.com/ It took me a long time and a lot of money to find products, hopefully, this will help you. You cannot go wrong with Red Apple lipstick. It took me almost 2 years to replace my bright pink lipstick. I'm very thankful for that company. Best wishes!