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  1. - chicken "pot pie" with Bisquick biscuits on top I watched Rachel Ray do this the other day and immediatelly wanted somev
  2. Yes, and another new meaning too, Loey. Our upstairs ensuite has full view of the roof, including my shower room which looks out over the harbor -- no door or curtain, no obscure glass. They got here too early in the morning for me and kept me from washing my hair all day because I didn't want...
  3. Up until today I have had to go upstairs to peek at what is going on next door -- yes! neighbors' house finally being rebuilt two years and two months after the fact, having settled the wrangling between the Govt. EQC and their private insurer as to who was going to pay for what. Today, after the...
  4. So sorry to hear of Bryce's passing, Em. And poor Jack Animals hold such special places in our hearts.
  5. You forgot one of the previous gems -- they don't have the 'time' (read 'interest') to read stuff that patients bring in for them (especially if it won't help their golf game.)
  6. I, too, am very nickel reactive. I had to have several crowns in my mouth which were porcelain over nickel replaced and ended up letting my pierced ears close up when all metals were a problem. You can order the genetic testing through Enterolab if it is that important for you. And a follow...
  7. And after a few thousand miles you will be able to ditch the wheels and the cooler/chillie bin/Eski (that's Yankee, Kiwi and Aussie multilinguality for you )
  8. Hubs was raised in a British household and finds it very hard, too. I was a very non-traditional Kiwi and like nothing other than salt anywhere near my fish and chips, and certainly NOT ketchup
  9. Perhaps you can kidnap her at the airport on the way back from Croatia??? (let her have her holiday first, she will need to rest up before cooking for this greedy bunch )
  10. It's not like we haven't had this conversation before!
  11. Ooooohh, gives me shudders first thing in morning... hubs did shopping and cooked for me last night. I cut into my pork chop and said "Are you sure this isn't brined pork?: He said he was sure. So I had a bite and said "Are you SURE?" He goes to look at wrapping, starts reading INGREDIENTS...
  12. Many of us have a reaction (non-gluten) to corn and nightshades.
  13. Hubs cooked dinner last night. He made a mushroom gravy with shallots to smother the swedish meatballs and we were both at a loss as to the sweetness of the gravy. I accused him of using powdered sugar by mistake to thicken it but he claimed not. I had recently introduced him to the cannned condensed...