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  1. Hay doc, does this antibotic for my broncitus have any wheat or corn in it? No it doesen"t contain anything like that, i think you"ll be fine. One phone call to the mfg proved no gluten, but azithromycin (more common known as a z pac) does indeed contain corn.
  2. Crock pot chicken with lots of broth. Homemade mashed potatoes, an a small piece of grilled fish.
  3. 6 Days gluten free, Today i"m having boiled rutabaga for lunch, and for dinner a sweet potato with butter, grouper grilled with olive oil salt and pepper.
  4. I"m totally new to gluten free eating, so i browned up some steak in my new cast iron frying pan with butter. Threw it in the crock pot with some potatoes, carrots, an onions. The potatoes an carrots should be good an the broth should have a nice flavor. Due to healing i wont be having any steak...