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  1. AVR1962

    Wished I Have Known

    Give it all time for your body to heal. The first year is the big year for healing. You may be able to add back some...
  2. AVR1962

    Need Support And Motivation

    Keep with the diet. I was actually diagnosed but my daughters were not and all have gone with a gluten-free diet. If...
  3. It will common place with time and you will not give much thought to it. There is a huge population having trouble with...
  4. To all of the newbies, stick with the diet strickly, it is worth it! I have been gluten-free now for 2 1/2 years. If...
  5. AVR1962

    Traveling For The Holidays.

    My biggest concern in a home that was gluten-free would be the pots and pans, the pasta strainer, the toaster and the...
  6. I too was in denial and actually avoided the gluten-free diet for a while because I didn't think it applied to me, I...
  7. AVR1962

    Post Diagnosis - Not Feeling Great

    It takes awhile. Make sure your diet and kitchen is clean, eat well and in time you will see the difference, have patience...
  8. Just wanted to pop in here, especially for the newbies wondering if they will ever get better, and say it is nice to...
  9. AVR1962

    Do People With Celiac Absorb Sugar?

    I did not read the other replies, however I had trouble with sugars. I went thru this time (about a year after being...
  10. There's a variety of things that can cause ringing in the ears and not everyone is the same. Mine finally went away when...
  11. AVR1962

    Thinking Whether To Go Grain Free?

    After over a year off wheat I was still having trouble with inflammation....it was like my body was on fire and I never...
  12. AVR1962

    Found Something For Inflammation

    Skittles, nettle tea is made from the weed/plant, nettle. Have you ever heard of stringing nettle? It is a tall green...
  13. If anyone has a good pie crust recipe they would like to share, I am looking for one, thanks! Annette
  14. AVR1962

    Found Something For Inflammation

    IrishHeart, you are so correct about the pain I was in, it was terrible! I feel for all of the newbies with the same...