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  1. Keep pursuing this. It's not normal and you need to get to the bottom of it ASAP. We kept goofing around with antibiotics (at my own insistence.) until it was too late. I'm not trying to scare you. It might very well be a bad infection, but mine turned out to be cancer.
  2. affairs in order. OK. Alan on Sunday, Bob on Monday, Steve on Tuesday...Oh, not those affairs. OK, now that I've softened things with a lame joke, the doctor really did say that. Turns out I have terminal cancer. Lymph. "Very advanced". They say they can't cure me but they might (MIGHT) be able to prolong my life. No thanks. There's a reason they tear a bandage off fast instead of going slowly. Fast might hurt but only for a second. Slowly hurts for a long time. And as far as I'm concerned they wouldn't just be prolonging my life but they'd be prolonging my suffering. I'm just going to let things follow their course. I've got pain meds, I've got a ton of loving friends who will do anything they can to help me. I'll get Hospice in later when the time comes. It's all good. Jarrett is going to take over the shop for me and even though it's just ego, it's nice to know the thing I started will carry on after I'm gone. Bonnie is my best friend who brought me and Patches together and she has promised she'll find him yet another good home. And I'm happier and more at peace than I've been in a long time. No more wondering. And when I leave here I'll be going home to God. What could be better? There really are much worse things than a diagnosis of terminal cancer. There was a guy who used to come by on his motorized chair and talk to me sometimes. His fingers were so twisted with arthritis he couldn't get in or out of bed, he couldn't dress himself, cook, or even blow his nose without help or extreme pain. And he went on like that for YEARS. Nope, what I've got is so much easier. Anyway, you know how sometimes people disappear from an internet forum and you wonder what ever happened to them? Well I didn't want you to wonder about me. And I want to thank everybody here for the good advice and the many friendships I've developed. I may chime in again if I think I can be of help to someone, but for the most part I'm going to lay low. You don't need a blow-by-blow account of my progress and I won't burden you with it. So yeah, thanks and great big (((((HUGS))))) to you all.
  3. Well I'm generally considered pretty cranky but I guess that's not the same thing...
  4. I'm sorry but those of you who have husbands who blame your illness on you should leave them. NOBODY has a right to belittle someone like that. A husband is supposed to be supportive and CARE about you. If he doesn't, what is the point of being married - so you can have someone to kick around???!!! No matter what your financial situation is, you CAN make it on your own. It make be tough for a while but you can do it, and you will be surprised at how easy financial difficulties are compared with abuse. And make no mistake, it IS abuse. Ditch these clowns!!
  5. I got curious and went looking. I FINALLY found this: I don't know how accurate it is but it says one cup of grain equals about a cup and a quarter of flour. Somehow that doesn't seem right to me. A cup of grain has a lot of spaces between the grains whereas a cup of flour doesn't. I'd think you'd get much LESS flour, not more. But what do I know?
  6. bartfull

    Recent Celiac and trying to cope

    Hi Goobs, and welcome. It takes quite a while for most of us to feel consistently better. You'll find that you have good days and bad days. As time goes on the good days will become more frequent. My advice to you would be to first, go to the Newbie 101 thread here in the coping section. It'll help you make SURE you aren't getting hidden gluten contamination. And I would NOT eat in restaurants. I've been at this for years and I still hardly ever eat in restaurants. I know it's a pain in the neck socially and inconvenient to boot. But right now you should be eating simple whole foods anyway - meats, potatoes or rice, fresh veggies and a little fruit. These things are easier to digest and they are not prone to contamination. Oh, and keep a food and symptom diary just in case you have any further intolerances. Most of us have trouble with dairy at first and some of us with things like corn or soy. Not to say that you do, but it wouldn't hurt to avoid those things (especially dairy) for a few months.
  7. Hi Irene and welcome. I went through a period when I couldn't tolerate high sals. I was at my wit's end trying to figure out what to eat. I finally settled on just a few foods I knew were safe and ate them every single day for every single meal. Boring? You bet! But I stayed healthy. Eventually (like a couple of years?) I started being able to add things back. And blueberries took the longest. They are my favorite and I kept trying with no luck, even after I had gotten other high sals foods back. I'm happy to say I can now eat even blueberries! I had the problem with smells and chemicals too, but after being gluten-free and finally healing, it's not as bad as it once was. I still hate walking down the soap aisle t the store but I can do it without wheezing up. Remember, at three months in you are going to be having good days and bad days. It can take six months to two years before you feel consistently good. In the meantime, eat plain and simple whole foods, avoid the sals and try to remember, it is most likely temporary. So you have a hideously boring diet for a year or two - once that's over you will not only be able to eat lots of yummy foods, but you're going to start feeling great!
  8. Cary, the OP DID say a biopsy was scheduled, and that's why she is back eating gluten. I don't know why the cat scan is on tap and I agree it's a lot of radiation but I'm sure the doctor has a good reason to schedule it.
  9. I would start with the Newbie 101 page pinned to the top of the coping section here. You may well be getting cross-contamination. And yes, a food diary. And also yes, try to stick to whole foods. If you must eat processed foods, try to stick to Kraft or Con Agra products because of their labeling policies, or to certified gluten-free foods. And as Karen said, it might be something totally different so a follow-up with the doctor might be in order.
  10. I too fall through the cracks. I knew gluten was a problem for me so I came here and learned how To avoid CC, went completely gluten-free, and saw my symptoms clear up. Later on a great free clinic opened here (for a while - they are gone now. ) and the doctor there, based on family history (Mom was a diagnosed celiac), and resolution of symptoms, gave me an official diagnosis. Now, years later I am going through some unrelated and serious health problems. I had no choice - I HAD to see a doctor. I have paperwork to take back to my next appointment to see if I can get a break on fees. (The last visit cost over a thousand dollars!) Either way, I'll be setting up a payment plan and they're only going to get 20 bucks a month. I'll be in debt for the rest of my life but it's better than dying. All that being said, my advice is, if you can possibly get an official diagnosis, DO IT!
  11. Think about it. The powder is on the shredded or grated cheese to keep it from sticking together. It is moisture that would make it stick together and the powder is there to absorb the moisture. Now, what happens when flour gets wet? It turns to glue, right? So they would never use flour as an anti-caking agent.
  12. I hope you're still staying gluten-free, Prescott. The kefir may have helped speed the healing, but there IS no cure for celiac. It's possible that the damage done from three months on gluten didn't show in the endoscopy but believe me, if you keep eating gluten it will eventually.
  13. bartfull

    Envelope Glue

    When I have no other way to seal an envelope, even if my hands are dirty I can spit on my finger and then run that over the glue. Glad you're feeling better.
  14. No, I'm pretty sure you are safe. However they often want to do a biopsy to confirm should your tests come back positive, so you should stay on gluten until then. Go out and enjoy as many gluten foods as you can right now. Have some good, homemade bread. Have some pizza. And please, think of me while you have some doughnuts.
  15. bartfull

    Envelope Glue

    Yes, think about it. Would you go into a public place and lick a doorknob? Of course not. So why would you lick an envelope that who knows how many people (and other things) have touched? A tiny corner of a paper towel, dampened and run across the surface of the glue will seal your envelope and help you avoid germs.