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  1. I get the blisters on my eye lids too when I am glutened, and I am having the yellowing. You are not alone. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I found this thread while doing a Google search for choking and Celiac Disease. My sister had a choking event on Sunday that necessitated an ambulance being called. I too have trouble swallowing sometimes - not to the extent she has - but it made me curious as we both have Celiac Disease. I found...
  3. Is Tissue Transglutaminase IgG one of the tests that can be done (I am guessing that is what TTG IGG stands for). Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you.
  4. If you have Celiac Disease, and you are IgA deficient, what do they check on your labs to make sure you are not being "glutened"?
  5. Just an update. Some of my bloodwork came back. I am very low in iron. My levels are 13.5 (normal is 20 - 305). My B12 is off the charts it is so high. My B12 was greater than 1500 (nurse said they don't measure past that amount). I can't remember the normal range for B12. I am waiting for a 2...
  6. Thank you all so much. The only place I trust to eat out at now is a little diner that makes me an omelet . The wash the pan out just for me. Offered to make me fries in separate oil. Really have gone out of their way. I have been glutened so many times now that I am almost afraid to eat out. I...
  7. The doctor suspected I was still getting glutened. Each time I was glutened I figured out how later. Seasoning - who knew. Wooden spoons. Cross-contamination. I was glutened at one restaurant by their seasoning. I only found out later when I inquired. They said they have gluten free shrimp...
  8. I had a rash on my eyelid today. I went to a walk in clinic. Some good news. Doctor thinks it is only a stye. While I was there I had her take a look at my knees and ankles and told her about my new PCP saying my swollen knees and ankles are from perimenopause. Nope. No, they are not. She feels...
  9. I don't think she got those records yet. I really had a time getting diagnosed. My old PCP thought that I was menopausal. When I insisted something had to be wrong (I was getting short of breath walking downstairs for instance) he added that was my age. He did order testing, however. He sent...
  10. I have been gluten free since July (I have been "glutened" several times but I am trying). In December my lymph nodes swelled up, my nails turned red (I am told that is Raynaud's), and then my knees and ankles started swelling. The lymph nodes are resolving themselves. The knees and ankles continue...
  11. My ankles and behind my knees are swollen. My doctor said it is called dependent edema. She thinks it is due to perimenopause. I find that hard to believe. Since seeing her, my knees have developed a burning sensation. I sometimes get sharp pains in them when I stand. At times, it feels like my...
  12. I have had Candidiasis twice now. I was treated two years ago, followed the diet religiously, took Nystatin for three months. My doctor told me I could go back to eating normal foods. I got sick again. I have a new provider at the clinic, she is the founder of the clinic (my other provider left)...