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  1. Hello everyone, i was wondering how many of you ladies have breast implants, and if you have had celiac before or after you got the implants. My aunt is also a celiac and had textured implants 10 years ago, and was diagnosed with celiac a few years ago, but she had celiac probably for 20 years and was never properly diagnosed. She has been having some problem with the implans lately. Anyone with breast implants ? Have they caused any problems ? fatima
  2. biopsy after GFD

    She never had any symptoms and was tested because her sister was diagnosed.
  3. biopsy after GFD

    Thanks for your input. Have you had a repeat biopsy after being gluten-free ?
  4. hi everyone, i was looking for input from those who have had a follow up biopsy after goin gluten free to check for healing. My mom had marsh 3B biopsy at diagnosis, with increase lamina propria inflammatory infiltrate (duodenitis). After 2 years on gluten-free diet, she had a repeat biopsy which showed normal villi and no sign of celiac. however, her biopsy showed mild increase in lamina propria inflammatory infiltirate which is mild non-specific duodenitis and gastritis. anyone else non-specific duodenitis/ duodenum inflammation on follow biopsy but villi were healed ? I live in a country with no background or awareness about celiac, so i would appreciate your input. fatima
  5. My mom had her second biopsy after over 2 years gluten free. The biopsy says the villi is long on the periphery and there is no intraepithelial infiltrate. I guess this means her villi is normal now ? However, it says there is mild inflammation in lamina propria/duodenum. Is it normal to still have this sign of celiac on spite of norm villi now and over 2 years gluten free ? Anyone with similar results ? Her initial biopsy showed subtotal atrophy.
  6. Hello Everyone, As i mentioned before, my mom and aunt were diagnosed with celiac 2 months apart ! My aunt had her second endoscopy after 1 year gluten free and it shower NORMAL VILLI ! from marsh 3c. My mom had ttg number over 800 ! And after 9 months gluten free it dropped to 8 ! Now it has been over 2 years since she went gluten free and wedneaday she is having endoscopy with biopsy to check if she has healed because she had silent celiac no symptoms but she has high risk celiac genes DQ2 and DQ2.2. Fingers crossed ! Has anyone had a second biopsy and how soon after ? Mom had marsh 3b on first biopsy.
  7. Thank you for your response. You are absolutely right hs crp is a marker for risk of heart disease as well in addition to being influenced by inflammation. So my moms elevation could be heart or inflammation related. If you dont mind, what were your numbers on the test ?
  8. Hello, My mom has been gluten free for 2 years and 3 months now, her follow up antibody test returned to normal after 9 months of diagnosis and she has a follow up endoscopy scheduled in two months to check if her intestine has healed. My mom had silent celiac so its difficult to tell if she has healed through her symptoms. She recently has a routine blood work and her hs crp (high sensitivity c reactive protein) was 3.1. A couple of months ago it was 1.7. Has anyone had a hs crp test after celiac diagnosis ? The increase in number i have read maybe caused by inflammation anywhere in the body. I am worried that it is from her intestine and perhaps she didnt heal yet.
  9. Hi Everyone, My mom (49 years old) was diagnosed with celiac 1 year and 4 months ago, she didnt have symptoms but since my aunt was diagnosed she had the test too and turned out she had celiac and endoscopy showed marsh 3b. She has been on a gluten free diet since then. Her repeat blood work 9 months after GFD showed normal results but only ttg was borderline (down from >800 to 10) . I was wondering when she should go for a repeat endoscopy to check her intestines for healing as i have read so many people go after one year and are still not completely healed since it takes time. Has anyone here gone for a repeat endoscopy? and if so, after how long and what were your results ? From what i have read i feel she shouldnt go for a repeat endoscopy unless atleast after 2 years especially because she had extensive damage and she has the highest risk genes DQ2.5 AND DQ2.2
  10. hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone else had their c reactive peotein (CRP) measured at diagnosis and after going gluten free. I never had mine measured before diagnosis but after almost a year gluten free my crp is 1.7 on a normal reference of 0-3 and my celiac antibodies are all normal now after being waaaay off the chart. I wonder if the crp number is good or what so please share your experience.
  11. thank you for the reply. my aunt had diarrhea all the time and after going gluten free for only weeks thw diarrhea went away and sje started gaining weight which she was never able to do. her follow up blood work is all normal
  12. my aunt had her follow up endoscopy recently after one year gluten free and a biopsy sample was taken she was diagnosed witj celiac after having symptoms for 16 years and her initial endoscopy showed scalloping in all three parts of duodenum and her biopsy showed severe atrophy marsh 3C. now after 1 year gluten free strictly her endoscopy shows first part of duodenum is now normal but second and third parts still still show scalloping which is a sign of villous atrophy we are now waotong for biopsy results. i was wondering if anyone had a similar experience or how long it took for ypur intestine to heal ? i am worried that she still has damage even on endoscopy after one year gluten-free.
  13. You dont have double copies of DQ2 you have DQ2 and DQ8 which also means you could be very sensitive since you have both celiac genes.
  14. Yes both were diagnosed around 9 months ago. My aunt who is 47 years old is very very thin and never gains weight and had a problem with chronic diarrhea for 16 years ! And lots of gas build up and GI symptoms until this doc sent her for celiac panel. Her numbers were off the chart ! And her biopsy showed total atrophy. I read about the disease and found it its genetic so decided to test my mom. My mom had no symptoms but her blood work came back waaaay off the chart ! It was a shock. Her bippsy showed subtotal atrophy. When were you diagnosed ?
  15. Which DQ2 genes do you have double DQ2.5 or DQ2.5 and DQ2.2 ?