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  1. I have been using the Halls sugar free honey lemon cough drops for years and have never had any kind of issue with them. My blood work is always stellar and I am a very sensitive Celiac who does not play Russian Roulette with my food. The...
  2. Yes, it is a problem, isn't it? They all used to be dirt cheap and I, like yourself, pay cash for my thyroid hormone. I changed to a high deductible plan so now I get to see what these drug cartels are charging. ? NP is way more...
  3. Actually, they are, but many won't. Do you think people went out to eat all the time years ago? No, they didn't. 98% of the time, we ate at home, at the family dinner table. Eating out was a real luxury. If you are going out to eat...
  4. None of the thyroid therapies are drugs...anything you take is thyroid replacement hormones, if you are hypothyroid. If Synthroid is not working well for you, I would highly recommend desiccated because they contain BOTH thyroid hormones...
  5. The diet is not difficult to manage if you learn about food and nutrition, in other words, do your homework. It's the same for diabetics. The vast majority of people I know with either condition who are always complaining do not follow...
  6. Gemini

    Mild case of celiac?

    http://www.instyle.com/lifestyle/food-drink/best-gluten-free-bakeries-paris#1565608 No need to cheat in Europe. Their gluten-free products are phenomenal. You can't even compare them to what we get here in the States. Enjoy!
  7. He should be screened for all other AI diseases associated with Celiac because the range he is stuck in would be the range you see with other AI diseases. He could have one brewing that isn't bad enough to create symptoms yet. Also...
  8. You are correct with this but many people don't believe it. My attitude is that if you worry about this, then use gluten-free shampoo. If you understand the concept of cc and are comfortable with it, then use whatever you want. The bottom...
  9. Although, I shouldn't be so quick to laugh. Dogs, if they live long enough, can develop dementia type symptoms. They can become confused and almost forget how to do simple things that they do as dogs. It's rare, though, as most do not...
  10. I had no idea you could give Claritin to a dog! Great idea! Some suffer as much as we do.
  11. Yes, indeed.......I agree with Squirmy. I have Celiac and Sjogren’s so it can happen. You also need to know that Sjogren’s in and of itself can cause GI problems. It can affect your internal organs. Mine is just problematic for my eye...
  12. Today it was 72 degrees here and the trees are starting to pop and the early pollen is already here from grasses. I was out today and suddenly realized that I was not miserable and my eyes were as normal as they get for me. I almost hate...
  13. Oh, Thank God! Something finally works in my favor. But it makes you think about all these drugs they throw people on for very little reason and this is what can end up happening. Scary.
  14. I have to agree that this was not harsh in any way. The poster's daughter is 11 years old and kids are incredibly smart. They learn so quickly and it is very important that she learns the diet correctly and not be given the idea that taking...
  15. It's nice to see that not much has changed with these dopey doctors. From a common sense perspective and information gleaned from medical journals, a positive tTg and especially a positive EMA, that is a slam dunk for Celiac. Add to...