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  1. Mild case of celiac?

    http://www.instyle.com/lifestyle/food-drink/best-gluten-free-bakeries-paris#1565608 No need to cheat in Europe. Their gluten-free products are phenomenal. You can't even compare them to what we get here in the States. Enjoy!
  2. He should be screened for all other AI diseases associated with Celiac because the range he is stuck in would be the range you see with other AI diseases. He could have one brewing that isn't bad enough to create symptoms yet. Also, the doctor should be running his DGP test, along with the tTg, because it is erroneous to use the tTg only for compliance reasons. They make this mistake all the time. The DGP will actually show if he is ingesting gluten. Using the endo alone is dumb because they could easily have missed damage.
  3. You are correct with this but many people don't believe it. My attitude is that if you worry about this, then use gluten-free shampoo. If you understand the concept of cc and are comfortable with it, then use whatever you want. The bottom line is that you rinse your hair well after shampooing it so, unless you chew on your hair for hours on end, the odds of you actually being glutened by this is practically nil.
  4. Although, I shouldn't be so quick to laugh. Dogs, if they live long enough, can develop dementia type symptoms. They can become confused and almost forget how to do simple things that they do as dogs. It's rare, though, as most do not live long enough for that to happen. The one good thing about shorter life spans......
  5. I had no idea you could give Claritin to a dog! Great idea! Some suffer as much as we do.
  6. Yes, indeed.......I agree with Squirmy. I have Celiac and Sjogren’s so it can happen. You also need to know that Sjogren’s in and of itself can cause GI problems. It can affect your internal organs. Mine is just problematic for my eyes and mouth but Sjogren’s can cause other symptoms. But your bathroom symptoms are highly indicative of Celiac and fat malabsorption.
  7. Today it was 72 degrees here and the trees are starting to pop and the early pollen is already here from grasses. I was out today and suddenly realized that I was not miserable and my eyes were as normal as they get for me. I almost hate to say it out loud but could the Zyrtec really be working? I am also doing sublingual allergy drops and have for 2 1/2 years now so maybe it is kicking in and my stupid, overactive immune system is being beaten into compliance? Saints be praised but I will reserve judgement until the trees let go and all that green pollen rains down on us. Then, I will know for sure. t
  8. Oh, Thank God! Something finally works in my favor. But it makes you think about all these drugs they throw people on for very little reason and this is what can end up happening. Scary.
  9. I have to agree that this was not harsh in any way. The poster's daughter is 11 years old and kids are incredibly smart. They learn so quickly and it is very important that she learns the diet correctly and not be given the idea that taking extreme chances is OK. If a person even begins to think that risk taking is acceptable, it could become the norm as she becomes a teen and then her health will go into the bucket again. She has to learn that not eating the pizza will not destroy her life and she will move on and be fine. Besides, the vast majority of gluten-free pizza out there sucks and she would do much better to learn to make it at home because you can make some really good pizza at home that will be safe and delicious! Being harsh would be to bring a regular pizza home so that the rest of the family could enjoy some, while your child looks on and can't have any.......that's harsh and downright cruel.
  10. It's nice to see that not much has changed with these dopey doctors. From a common sense perspective and information gleaned from medical journals, a positive tTg and especially a positive EMA, that is a slam dunk for Celiac. Add to that your other positives, plus a positive genetic test, at this point, you do not need an endo for diagnosis. Your doctor, and many other's, like the money they make from doing them. You also do not need an endo for follow-up, unless you are having problems or not healing well. I had the same results with my testing......I failed all tests by huge numbers and had the same results from genetic testing. I ended up with a double DQ-2 from the great genetics in my Irish family. You have Celiac so the decision to have the endo is entirely up to you. I did not have one because I presented with classic Celiac and had all those positives. I have never looked back, never cheat on the diet which is not hard to do and had a complete turn around with symptoms, once I started the gluten-free diet. Mind you, it took 3 years total as I was diagnosed at age 46, but my health is far better than it ever was while eating gluten. Good luck!
  11. There is a big difference between not having Celiac for real and those who have not been diagnosed yet. My mother's family is huge and the dominoes are starting to fall. I have a niece and cousin who were diagnosed after me and there are many more symptomatic ones who have their heads up their butt in denial so will not be tested. My sister did our family genealogy a while back and there were clues in there for past generations long ago. A number of them died of malnutrition, which is probably what people with Celiac died of from not being diagnosed. Pretty hard for anyone to die of that in the US, unless there is an underlying condition. They were all of Irish ancestry.
  12. Last time I ever eat out

    Eating out safely is totally do-able but it highly depends on where you live. The larger the city, where there would be more awareness and having a lot of teaching hospitals and medical really helps. New England has very high awareness here and there are a few places where the owners are Celiac so those are the restaurants that I go to. I have never been glutened in the ones where there are Celiac owners. They get it right every time. I would trust a Celiac owned restaurant before I would eat anything my family would prepare. I have other Celiac's in my family and yes, they cheat and are careless. So annoying.................
  13. An updated statement from Kraft...... http://www.kraftrecipes.com/healthy-living-ideas/articles/food-safety/label-reading-for-gluten-information.aspx I don't know how it can be any more clear than this. The only vinegar you cannot have is malt vinegar and that would be clearly labeled as there is barley in malt. Does barley have to be disclosed, as a rule? No, but Kraft states they disclose any gluten containing grain so they go beyond what many companies do. None of the comments on here are "idealistic". There are many Celiac's who use this with no problem. A1 Sauce is not the healthiest product, as far as ingredients go. I do not use it for that exact reason. Looking at the ingredient list, I would imagine that I might not feel so good after eating that but not because it isn't gluten free. It's basically corn syrup with a bunch of flavors added.
  14. DH on the face

    While all of us are glad that you are doing world's better, you might fare better on a public forum if you weren't so arrogant towards people who know for a fact that some of what you say is absolutely false. Sorry you feel that you have been attacked but the only thing that happened here were members gave their educated and experienced opinions and you repeatedly were rude and condescending. It's very common for people who behave like this to sound off yet again and then disappear and not read any responses so if that's what makes you happy, I'm sure we will survive. Many of us were extremely ill at diagnosis and some of us almost died but that is no excuse for talking down to people, something you do exceptionally well. For those who want to learn more about unresponsive vs. refractory Celiac, this link has a short but interesting explanation. The last line on refractory Celiac was something I did not know myself and thought very interesting. https://www.beyondceliac.org/celiac-disease/refractory-nonresponsive-celiac-disease/
  15. Need help desperately now!

    I did have a lengthier response to this but since moggy is done, I thought the only thing that needed mentioning here is this paragraph is nonsense. Privilege is such an overused word today that it has lost it's meaning. It also offers an insight to what the real problem is for her/him. I only hope that down the road, the attitude will change for the better so actual healing can take place.