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  1. HI Icelandgirl! awww... thanks for the hugs.. I have gotten my antibodies checked 8 months but not lately. And they were 11... But I was feeling horrible at that time. I think if I'm only getting CC my antibodies don't show anything since I've been gluten free for 8 years. Thank you! I'll have to get them rechecked this week. But I am changing my thyroid medicine back to Lannett brand. I wonder if the Levoxyl is made in different facilities. Maybe some plants have more of a chance in CC than others? I know you are super sensitive too, so I'm just wondering, but we'll soon see how I do on the different brand. But this has been going on for too long. I'll keep you posted.
  2. Thank you Manasota! That is so helpful! I haven't called them since Sept. and I didn't think to ask them about shared lines... but wow! That would explain a lot! I can't tolerate anything made on shared lines. I am that sensitive. I did talk to my doctor today and they are so nice and helpful.. They're going to put me back on the Levothyroxine (Lannett brand) since I was talking it before I started having celiac symptoms. I was taking it for two years without problems. I'll start it tomorrow. And they said if I'm still having problems they'll switch me to Tirosint. I did call them today and it sounds like it would be perfect for me. We'll see how I feel with the Lannett first since my doctor already called it in. All of Lannett's medications are gluten free so I thought it would good to give it another chance again. And yes, I totally agree about Pfizer. This isn't the first time I took medication from them and felt like I got glutened. But it was only sometime I needed for a week so I recovered, but this thyroid med is something we all have to take daily and if there's just a little CC it will really mess up your system. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks sdlane! Lots of good information. I don't have a thyroid at all. I had thyroid cancer over 8 years ago, so I'm really dependent on these drugs. I'll talk to my doctor tomorrow and see what they want to do. I know I'm getting some CC and I have taken out so many things from my diet to test and see if I feel better, but I feel like crap and I know this is not normal. I was feeling amazing a year ago. It's so frustrating.. This is the only item in my diet that I can't stop taking to see if I'll feel better like food products. I'm really hoping that feel better soon. My hair and nails are a lot thinner than usual, too. So I'm thinking I should probably get my T3 and T4 levels checked too. Thank you so much!
  4. I'm having other symptoms too. Bloated, my stomach hurts, not sleeping well, tried all the time.. I feel like I have trouble concentrating. And I get cold sores after I get glutened... night sweats when I get a lot of it. Since I've been celiac for almost 8 years I know my glutney symptoms well.
  5. Hi All! I have really been struggling this last year. I have been dealing with acid reflex for almost a year now. I tried the acid reflux meds and I got really sick and they just made it worse. So, I've been on a very low acid diet (GERD Diet) and trying to keep it under control. But I really think I'm getting glutened by my thyroid meds. I don't take any other vitamins or supplements. I have been only juicing fresh fruits and veggies. Has anyone else had problems with these? I've been gluten free for almost 8 years now and was feeling great and then my acid reflux came back about a year ago. I haven't been out to eat in a year so I know it's not that and I have a gluten free kitchen. I double checked everything I eat. I keep a food journal. I know I am very sensitive and I don't eat a lot of gluten free products. I mainly stick with whole foods. Also, back in June I did figure out I was getting glutened by Heniz Sweet Relish. All the sudden it wasn't gluten free anymore so I did stop that, but that was months ago and I'm still not 100%. And so then I called everything that I have been taking just to be sure it's still gluten free because products change. So, has anyone else had problems with their thyroid meds? And what brands are everyone taking? I think I'm going to have to change my meds just to see if I feel better. I called my doctor today but they haven't called back yet. So, I'm doing some research before I change... I year ago I was taking Levothyroxine (Lannett Brand) and I started to have acid reflux about a year after taking it. So then I switched to Levothyroxine (Mylan Brand). I didn't get better after a month of taking it so I called my doctor and they changed me to Levoxyl. I've been taking that for about the last 6 months.. My throat is better than it was but it's still not gone and I am so careful with my diet. I don't even eat salad dressing anymore. So I'm thinking I might be getting some CC from the Levoxyl. It has to be that, because I'm so strict it's crazy and driving me a little nuts. I used to be able to eat out once a month and I haven't been able to do that. I'm really getting down and so frustrated with this disease. Also, I have been asking my pharmacist to clean the trays for me when they count my meds since I'm very sensitive. I even got new pots and pans just to make sure I wasn't getting cc from my old pans. I've been trying anything I can think of. Can anyone share what brands they are taking so at least I have a starting point? This is such a battle.. I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
  6. HI Everyone! I just wanted to share the Giant Eagle gluten free product list with you all! I'm not sure if anyone posted this before. It's new to me and very helpful. If you want to find a product just hit control F and a find box will come up. You can either type in the product or UPC code. This really helped me! I just found out a few items that I've been eating once in a while were not on the list. But at least now I know.. http://www.gianteagle.com/PageFiles/12005/GiantEagle_GlutenFreeProducts.pdf
  7. HI Everyone! I just called Giant Eagle about their fresh Nature's Basket fresh chicken and all other chicken and they told me none of it is on their gluten free list. They said there is no gluten in it, but they couldn't guarantee CC.. Ugh.. I've been eating this for the last 6 years I've been gluten free and I could've swore I called them 6 years ago. I wonder if they changed something? I felt great for the last 5 years but I'm now still having gluten symptoms. And I've been eating it like crazy these last two months.. I'm starting think I may have found what's still glutening me for the last three months. I also called Perdue. They told me they would have to call me back to make sure, but all of the "Fresh- All Natural" are gluten free, but couldn't guarantee their "Tender and Tasty" chicken was gluten free since there is other ingredients in the chicken. I called Tyson today too.. They said all their fresh chicken is gluten free, but they do add chicken broth to their chicken and that just makes me nervous. Seems like a lot of people on here had reactions. *** Plus I always thought that all fresh meats were gluten free as long as they didn't have any added ingredients to them? Was I wrong about this? Thanks everyone!
  8. Thanks Ladies! I started the Zantac 150 today, so we'll see how I feel tomorrow. lol.. I'm pretty sensitive and especially now.. They said they didn't put gluten in it, but they don't test. i know this is the standard answer most of the time. It's just frustrating. Judy, I did notice that Walmart Omeprezole says gluten free right on the box! I couldn't believe it! And when I called and asked about testing, they said they did test for gluten.. Holy Moly!!! I decided not to take it though just because the ppi's don't seem to help me anyway.. lol Thanks cyclinglady! At least I know where to go if I have problems with the over the counter brand Zantac. Thanks much!!
  9. Acid Reflux Contuinues... Help!

    Hi everyone! Thanks so much for all your ideas and comments! I really appreciate the help! They really made me think... I did stop the Quinoa yesterday. Crazy because I've been eating it almost everyday for the last four years. But hey it's worth a shot and I do believe my throat feels a little better since I stopped, so maybe my system is a little off and quinoa is hard to digest? Anyway.. whatever helps the throat pain... Also, I did buy gluten free cat food for the cats. The only thing is Chloe is so picky! I used to have them on Gluten-free food a couple of years ago and then I switched back because she got so skinny and I was feeling fine. I didn't think it was a big deal, so had them on gluten food again, but I do see your point. I pet them all the time, then I'm touching my face, then I'm eating and touch my face... So yeah, I'm changing them back to gluten-free.. It's going to take a while until I find a brand that Chloe likes. My other cat, Bella loves it so I don't have to worry about her. And I think my generic Protonix was cross contaminated.. When I got a new prescription once again I couldn't sleep all night and then I got a huge cold sore on my chin..(that's another gluten symptom for me) I called my doctor and they told me to stop them and I did stop them for three days.. But I really wasn't sure that was the culprit..My stomach felt so much better, but my throat and chest was really hurting, so I started them back and guess what I got three more cold sores and now I'm having trouble sleeping every night... ugh... I feel horrible... So I called my doctor today again and they told me to stop them again and try Zantac 150, so that's what I took today. I'm just hoping that I don't get CC from that too.. I hate these medicines.. I wish I never started the protonix... The ppis didn't work on me 6 years ago at all. Nothing really did.. Only the GERD diet, a strict g- free diet and food journaling to find my trigger foods. I also stopped eating soy for a little bit too. The tuna did have soy in it. I know when I was newly diagnosed I couldn't eat much of it at all. Seems like I can tolerate a small amount in condiments.. So I'm watching how that goes too. I just think my small intestines is inflamed again because of CC and a lot of the foods I normally eat, I can't eat right now.. I did see an ENT last week and she scoped my throat. She didn't see much at all except for post nasal drip. She thinks I'm dealing with acid reflux and allergies, so I've been using a salt water nasal rinse everyday too. I think that's helping a little. I'm just trying to get this throat and chest pain under control. I even stopped eating Udi's bread. It seems like that could be a trigger too. Thanks again everyone for your help! I'll keep you posted on how things are going.
  10. HI all! Does anyone take Zantac 150 (over the counter) without any problems? I just called the company and they told me they don't put gluten in the product, but can't guarantee cross contamination. And they don't test for gluten. I hate when companies say that... ugh.. Or is anyone taking a different acid reflux medicine that they could recommend? Thanks everyone!
  11. Hi All! I really need help... I am still struggling with serve acid reflux. I just feel horrible.. Just a little background info on me - I've been gluten-free for almost 5 years and after I healed I felt great on the diet for the last 4 years. I've had no problems except if I went out to eat and maybe got a little CC, but nothing that lasted for week or months. In the last 9 weeks my acid reflux came back and I'm still trying to figure out if I'm getting CC of gluten in my system. Acid reflux, weight loss, insomnia , sore throat are always my symptoms if I ever get accidentally glutened, so I started a food journal again for the last 3 months. I got rid of a few items that I was eating regularly. I first I thought it was Almonds, then miracle whip and then I stopped all my vitamins just to make sure it wasn't one of them. So after a month I still wasn't getting better, I thought maybe it's my thyroid medicine.. So I asked my endo doctor to change my thyroid meds to see if I was getting CC from them. I changed from Lannett (generic brand) and I'm now taking Levoxyl... I have to say I did have an itchy rash for the last four months that I had to get steroid cream for and it did go away after I changed my thyroid med. And I did gain a few pounds, so to me at first I thought that must be the culprit, but I am still struggling with acid reflux, I'm so painfully bloated.. Then last week I noticed a pattern - I couldn't sleep every time I ate Bumble Tuna Light that same day, so I thought maybe I was getting CC from that.. I stopped eating that 4 days ago.. So now I am eating very few processed foods and I still don't feel better. Maybe it's going to take a while? .. I feel like I'm now starting to lose my voice. And my throat and chest are killing me. So, I've been taking Pantoprazle (genric Protonix) 40mg for the last 6 weeks with no real relief and my stomach hurts all the time. I feel so bloated and gassy on this medicine.. I still got that pain on my left side under my rib cage (that is another of my glutened symptoms)... and I'm worried that I may be getting CC from this medicine.. I feel like I'm just so sensitive.. Or maybe I just don't do well on ppi's??? Is it normal to feel bloated when on ppi's? I took them 6 years ago when I had GERD and they didn't help me at all.. Eventually they hurt my stomach so much I had to stop taking them. I had to stop them cold turkey..and that was painful!! The only way I got rid of the acid reflux was going strictly gluten-free and eating mostly wholefoods and making sure my medicine was gluten-free. So, my question is.. is anyone taking Pantoprazle without any problems? The company says it's gluten free and I called other acid reflux meds and so many of them say they can't guarantee that their product is gluten free or not. I did stop the Pantoprazle for three days last weekend to see how I felt.. my stomach was feeling better - I felt like food was moving in my intestines again, but my throat got so much worse.. It was so painful that I thought I have to get back on them. I guess I got the acid rebound and I didn't know what else to take.. ugh... I thought about trying Zantac too, but they say they can't guarantee it's gluten free either.. Do you all think I should try taking Zantac instead of this ppi I'm on? Maybe it might be easier on my stomach? I haven't tried Zantaz yet, I'm just worried about getting CC from them. Is anyone taking Zantac without problems? So right now the only processed foods I'm eating are: (all of these producst I've been eating for years) Ancient Harvest Quinoa Uncle Bens Brown Rice Udis Bread -Multi grain Jiff peanut butter Smuckers grape jelly Kraft - cashews Silk unsweetened almond milk Walmart swiss cheese -say they're naturally Gluten-free Walmart (Great Value) Butter Olive oil Lays Stack (eating twice a week) McCormick seasonings (been using them for the last five years without problems) Lipton Green Tea **Bumble Bee Tuna Light - I just stopped this 4 days ago since I was having a reaction to it. I noticed every time I ate it in the last 2 months I couldn't sleep all night and then I had horrible reflux the next days after... It's weird because I've been eating this for the last 5 years without any problems.. unless the company changed something in the last few months? Could this be the culprit? Toothpaste - Chest 3D white The rest is mostly fresh fruit, veggies and meats. (mostly chicken and salmon I do the best on) I noticed beef makes the acid reflux worse. Meds I'm taking: Levoxyl (brand name) Pantoprazle 40mg (generic Protonix) Does anyone see anything that I'm not seeing? I have been eating these foods for the last five years without any problems.. only the meds are different, so I'm just freaking out as to why all my gluten symptoms are back.. Also, I do have cats and fish and they do eat gluten, but I always wash my hands after I feed them and always before I touch any food in the kitchen. I'm just at a loss... I have been trying to figure this out, studying my food journal along with my symptoms.. it's so crazy because just three months ago I felt amazing and I now I feel so sick.. And I did get my thyroid levels checked last months. Everything was fine. I even asked my GI doc to check my antibodies and it was at 8. I think because I've been gluten-free for a long time if I'm getting CC it's not going to show up in the blood work.. Any help would be much appreciated!! Thank you!!
  12. Does It Ever Stop

    Hi Serieda, I'm so sorry you're not feeling good. Sending hugs and prayers to you!! Do you feel like you're getting gluten from the medication? Did you call the pharm companies yourself? I always call personally.. I wouldn't trust anyone to check for me and I have gotten CC from medications before that claim they are gluten free. As for the enlarged spleen and liver, I never had issues with them, but I have had enlarged lymph nodes andd kidneys when I get gluten in my system. Maybe it's the same kind of inflammatory response? I wish I could be more helpful... I would just double check everything especially since you're so strict on the diet. It's sounds like you got glutened by something. I know for me every time I'm sick and have health problems, it's always and I mean always because of gluten sneaking in and I'm very strict and careful.. I hope you feel better soon! ((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))
  13. Do You Eat gluten-free Oatmeal?

    Sorry, but I am too chicken to even try gluten-free oatmeal.. LOL! And I've been gluten-free for almost 6 years now. But I have substituted it with Quinoa for my cereal in the mornings. Just add any berries, walnuts and silk almond milk. It is really so good that I don't even miss oatmeal.
  14. I Want To Cry.

    Hi Shade, I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through this. I wasn't sure if you tired for applying for food stamps or not and I'm not sure what state you live in... The link below is for PA, but I thought this website might be helpful. I just applied for my ex-husband last night. He has cancer and is really struggling. But I'm sure whatever state you live it there should be a COMPASS website for you and you'll be able to see if you're eligible. https://www.compass.state.pa.us/compass.web/MenuItems/SystemCompatibility.aspx (((((((((( Sending prayers & big hugs to you! ))))))))))
  15. Hi Renaye, I've had a lot of luck with Kirkman Labs for multi vitamins and Calcium and I am very sensitive. They have no gluten in their facility. Also, you can ask your doctor to order a 50,000 vitamin D capsule that you take once a month. It has helped me a lot and my vitamin D levels are normal. I added the link of the brand that I take and it is gluten free. http://bpirx.com/html/index.aspx?page=products&showdetails=yes&pageid=&tabid=&mainproductid=0&subproductid=35&productbrandid= Five years ago I did have osteopenia, but now my last bone density scan was normal. I'm only 44 years old, but thankfully the gluten free diet and supplements have helped me so much.. I hope this helps!