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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. I think the ingredients you listed are for the ointment, I'm talking about the suppositories. The ointment is different. I've had no issues with that (and it tested negative). The ingredients of the suppositories are listed only as "cocoa butter" & phenylephrine. Also it wouldn't be the first time a product had either undisclosed gluten or cross contamination in the ingredients. The test detected gluten which it only does if it is present.
  2. I've been using the prep H Suppositories this week and couldn't figure out why I had a horrible reaction to it as well. Had sharp abdominal pain and felt like my butt was on fire for days. I tested it today with the Nima sensor & it came back positive for gluten!!!! Now I know why I've been so sick since using it! The company really needs to disclose that!
  3. I've thought this was gluten free for years. But sometimes when I eat it I get sick. Thought for a while it might be the garlic but recently tested the classic version with the Nima tester and it came back positive. I know people have differing opinions about Nima but if I get sick sometimes from sabra & nima test=positive, for me I'll be avoiding sabra from now on. I tested Tribe hummus and it came back negative and didn't get sick after trying it so I'm switching brands.
  4. I'm glad many people use them without any problems. Just sharing my experience because I feel so much better since I stopped using them. I do tend to use a lot of spice in my cooking which could make a difference in my experience. Since I swtiched my spice line I've used the same amounts of spices without any problems. Also that is the only thing I changed. I'm sure it's not their whole line that was bothering me but I thought it was too complicated for me to eliminate each one. I did use some combined spices but I had problems when I used certain straight spices alone also. I'm not trying to brand them as unsafe, only sharing my experience in case anyone else is having a similar issue.
  5. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share this since I found very little posted on line about this. I was using McCormick spices and most people here feel they are safe. I was regularly getting mystery glutenized which was really frustrating because I generally cook all my food and could not figure out where it was coming from. I decided to swap out my entire spice rack for a gluten free version. I bought Spicely brand on amazon which is certified gluten-free and listed as made in a non shared facility. I also started mincing my own fresh garlic. I have to tell you that I feel 100% better! I still use the Mccormick whole pepper corns and it's likely that only some of the Mccormick spices was causeing me a problem but it seemed too big of a task for me to eliminate one at a time. I tend to be very sensitive so I'm sure many people tolerate the McCormick ones without a problem but for anyone getting mystery glutenized at home I wanted to share this story since it's made such a big difference for me.
  6. Happy to find this thread since this is a very annoying issue to me! I'm sick and tired of any doc I see asking me "how do you know?" after they hear celiac in my medical history. It's like I can feel them trying not to roll their eyes!! After having microscopic blood in my urine for 3 years that was unexplainable, which went away when I gave up gluten, my urologist told me "eh, you're overthinking this, you can eat gluten" (because he had no idea about celiac related kidney damage.) And I saw a dermatoligst for an unrelated problem and he asked me the same "how do you know" question, which I answered by saying I was diagnosed by GI. This dermatologist tested me for some of the gluten antibodies along with my other blood tests (without telling me he was going to test for them). Then when the tests came back negative he announces proudly "you don't have celiac, your antibodies were negative!".....and I had to tell him, "that's because I've been gluten free for a year you moron!!!!"
  7. Yes, I must be one of the celiacs who react to oats too.
  8. These also made me very sick. One time I ate 1-2 and was ok but when I ate a few more the next time (like 4-5) I was really sick the next day, Sad cause they tasted good too.