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  1. Maxi

    Hemorrhoid Issues?

    I think the ingredients you listed are for the ointment, I'm talking about the suppositories. The ointment is different...
  2. Maxi

    Hemorrhoid Issues?

    I've been using the prep H Suppositories this week and couldn't figure out why I had a horrible reaction to it as well...
  3. I've thought this was gluten free for years. But sometimes when I eat it I get sick. Thought for a while it might be...
  4. I'm glad many people use them without any problems. Just sharing my experience because I feel so much better since I...
  5. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share this since I found very little posted on line about this. I was using McCormick...
  6. Happy to find this thread since this is a very annoying issue to me! I'm sick and tired of any doc I see asking me...
  7. Maxi

    *lucy's* Cookies........ Anyone Tried Them?

    Yes, I must be one of the celiacs who react to oats too.
  8. Maxi

    *lucy's* Cookies........ Anyone Tried Them?

    These also made me very sick. One time I ate 1-2 and was ok but when I ate a few more the next time (like 4-5) I was...