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I have lots of bumps in the road from Celiac Disease, but refuse to let it get me down!

  1. Hello, I'm new to the area and looking for a support group or other's in the area to do things with. I bike ride, hike, swim, kayak, and just want to have people to have fun with. Anyone local?
  2. Oh Lisa - so glad you like it! Thanks friend!

  3. I just wanted to Thank you for your lasanga receipe you posted a long time ago. It was soooo awesome! Thank-you!!! Lisa

  4. Did you have your specialist visit yet twinsmom? Wondering how you made out?
  5. Judy! So glad your new ENT is very good! Unbelievable that the other Doctors couldn't figure out it was ear wax causing your problems. Stick with his guy - he sounds awesome. My mom recently bought me a Sinus Rinse bottle caused NeilMed from Walmart. It's supposed to be as good or better than the Neti Pot. I haven't tried it yet, but plan on it soon. The bloodwork for kidneys was fine. It was my vitamins that are off. I'm very low in ferritin (7) and vitamin D. My Dr. is good at taking the tests that I ask for, but not really good with vitamins because she told me to take a multi and she
  6. Hi twinsmom, That is great you found some information that could be your answer. I hope your 2nd opinion goes well and you get some relief! I think not knowing what's wrong is worse than having the answer. It's great news that your hearing has returned to normal. Maybe your ENT is right and it will heal by itself and you won't need further intervention. twinsmom, did they ever suggest an MRI for you? It just seems as though they would be able to see what's going on with your eustacian tubes that way. Keep us posted about your appointment tomorrow. I went for bloodwork today f
  7. Thank you for the info about the Chropractor. I will keep that in mind if I get no relief from the ENT. Had my visit today. They did a complete hearing test and everything looks and works normally. The ENT looked baffled and is sending me for an MRI of my head. He said he was looking for damage to the 8th nerve? I'm pretty nervous about the scan and what they will find. I'm waiting for them to call me back for the referral before I make an appointment.
  8. Can you explain what the Choropractor does to get the fluid draining? I'm very interested in alternative methods. I've considered candling...any opinions if that would help ear fluid? Thanks!
  9. flourgirl, Is it common practice to have a hole put in your eardrum for drainage. Is that what you are saying is barberic or the flushing out of the ear? I'm not sure I would want anyone to purposely puncture my eardrum without trying many, many other options first. It sounds dangerous, but for all I know it could be everyday common practice. I really think you may need further testing. Maybe the steroids will shrink swelling, if that is what is causing your problem. I hope you get relief soon. Let me know how you make out tuesday. I've only had one other ear infection in my life
  10. I'm in the middle of trying to get my ear problems figured out now. Mine started ringing in December and have not quit. (I was just dx'd Celiac in August) I ended up with an ear infection about a month ago and was put on antibiotics. Like you, my infection has cleared but the fluid and pressure is still there. I'm visiting an ENT on Monday to see if they can figure out what's going on. I've read that clogged eustacian tubes can cause fluid in the ears. It surprises me that I'm having this problem now since my nose has been stuffed up all my life and has been so much clearer since going glu
  11. I doubt I would react. My case is tough, I either don't react to minimal amounts of gluten or don't recognize my symptoms. Other times I can definately tell, but my symptoms have varied so much from glutening to glutening. That is exactly what they told me and the representative was super nice and went out of her way to tell me about the vinegar. I didn't realize that some people react, that is very scary to me. So, what is the consensus? Are people who react having damage done to their intestines? or Are they super sensitive because they have a wheat allergy in addition t
  12. Hello, I haven't been worrying about dilstilled vinegar because I read it is rarely derived from wheat. I called Hunt's yesterday and they informed me that the distilled vinegar they use in their sloppy joe sauce is either derived from corn or wheat. I also read that the proteins that cause Celiac's to react are removed in the distillation process. What is a Celiac to do???
  13. Yes! You are absolutely right. I diddn't mention that I went to the optomotrist and had a thorough exam and they did find an astigmatism, but no serious problems. It is worth getting those eyes checked. This is exactly what happens to me. My right eye is worse than my left eye. But when I am overtired or during PMS they tend to blur more. I'll have to go and read these links. And sometimes when I'm catching a cold I can tell because my vision changes. I have the ghosting due to an astigmatism in my right eye. But it does get worse from time to time. Glare bothers my eyes to. I
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