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  1. Aw, I love that you’re trying to keep the chickens dry during their mealtime. We’re getting the rain here too today, although not 7 inches worth! Yikes! Stay safe with the possibility of flooding, it’s been such an odd spate of weather lately. Looking forward to some nice crisp fall air ?
  2. Hi Bartfull, just popped over to say I wish you peace. I remember you as such a positive presence on this board.
  3. Hee!! Karreighn's cookie clearing guy!! Got nuttin, just saying hi
  4. It's been oppressive in the Philadelphia area also. Can't complain too much, I have the day off and my house is nice and cool. Stay safe everyone!
  5. Yeah, I use my phone most of the time now and miss the lil guys.
  6. I'm able to post in the fast reply box from my phone.