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    Moved to SO CA in November 2010

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    Since I left my 13 gardens behind in PA I've had to establish a new mind set for plants that live in the desert climate of CA.
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    Wildomar CA North of Temecula and South of LA

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  1. So sorry to hear this news lots of loving hugs coming your way Nikki
  2. Love your re cap of Shroomie's update. What a great spirit to rebuild
  3. Praying for you both so that you can be back to your old silly selves
  4. Vincent So sorry for the root canal pain the crown isn't bad Nobody has any humorous comments for that roof! flooding huh Love to hear from somebody out there in sillie land
  5. Are We about to have a count turn over here. ??? Rained all night and all day in Southern in Southern California Huge water balloon leaks in the back of the house in the family room and kitchen Know what our Christmas present will be this year I know that this is the sillie...
  6. I don't know where my post went but I'm praying for you now Being in the in the hospital it's just no fun
  7. I see this is very old thread and there maybe new information on the site I was diagnosed with IC 2 months ago 3 days after that was dx with C-Diff so that's what I have been dealing with for 2 months now Going to take some time reading all this great info but wanted to get on a list for alerts...
  8. has not set their status

  9. I did 4 'quotes' but they didn't show uo...anyway agree with so much said,esp. the years of the IBS dx! I'm 68 wasn[t dx'dtill 5 years ago with now multipale auto immune issues all we can do is be greatful we finally got the dx and are trying daily to get our health back I'm sure my Mother had...
  10. I thought they said that they had dedicated lines and a room just for the gluten-free cereals b/c that's what the people wrote and said they wanted I'll try to find the article i read. found this article just now but guess it didn't address the cc issue does anyone know if they wrote this somewhere...
  11. I can't remember which one i saw but one of the gluten-free ones has peanut flour in it Judy
  12. Hi Honor I just joined your group last nite. I'm moving to Temecula this summer but will be up in these areas to see family so will need places to eat. I'm hoping this thread will keep adding resturants........and...........anyone around the Temecula area.....please post too OK. Judy in Philly...
  13. Relocating to Temecula CA Know Jennifer had lived there and sent me some great info anyone else other there familiar with that area.......it's South of Long Beach and more inland. thanks Judy