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    Since I left my 13 gardens behind in PA I've had to establish a new mind set for plants that live in the desert climate of CA.
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  1. So sorry to hear this news lots of loving hugs coming your way Nikki
  2. Love your re cap of Shroomie's update. What a great spirit to rebuild
  3. Praying for you both so that you can be back to your old silly selves
  4. Judyin Philly


    are you still taking pristiq and is it working
  5. Judyin Philly


    Hi again Raven wood just so tired of feeling this way. I have been on pristiq for 2 weeks and I don't feel like it's helping at the doctor wants me on it for at least 4 weeks
  6. Thanks for your reply and the time it took to do it Learning all I can about this drug
  7. Vincent So sorry for the root canal pain the crown isn't bad Nobody has any humorous comments for that roof! flooding huh Love to hear from somebody out there in sillie land
  8. Are We about to have a count turn over here. ??? Rained all night and all day in Southern in Southern California Huge water balloon leaks in the back of the house in the family room and kitchen Know what our Christmas present will be this year I know that this is the sillie thread so I'm counting on some of your wonderful humor
  9. I don't know where my post went but I'm praying for you now Being in the in the hospital it's just no fun
  10. Thanks for the input infectious disease specialist said that that drug caused diarrhea and a reocurance of c diff Of course urologist just denied it So now I'm struggling with the pain of both I C and C-Diff. Any ideas welcome done waiting for
  11. Long time member needs some help. Since this was a old post I hope some new posts on how this med worked for them. The diet they handed me was so limiting and all foods I was eating SO need to find replacerments. Have had 3 bouts of C-DIFF, a trip to hospital over Thanksgiving and just starting anti-depressent Pristiq so who know what is causing the cramping and mucus D. any help so appreciated as just too tired and weak to search Thanks in advance Judy
  12. Thanks Lisa for letting me steal your post and your welcome to Susie Q It's creative even better than I could do Still trying to learn this new system Hi all the rest see you Psillies