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  1. Well hi y'all! After trying to resurect my dying desktop, I've decided it is terminal and switched to the laptop. This, of course means that I have none of my passwords..... Finally got around to resetting this one, so, hi! Missed y'all!
  2. It's a bike, a motor kit and a gear change kit. Don't ask me for details - I'm just repeating what i heard. He had to attach the motor to the gear changer thing, then remove the existing gears from the bike and put the new assembly on. Then he ran the throttle thingie up and through the handle...
  3. Hopefully this posts. Here he is being attacked by a wild dog.
  4. What are you talking about? Thumbs are clearly displayed in that picture!
  5. It's actually gas powered. Loud, and he's thrilled about it.
  6. That's hysterical! So how y'all been. There is a motorized bicycle being assembled in my kitchen as we speak.
  7. http://southbrunswick.patch.com/groups/police-and-fire/p/police-respond-to-mvc-after-man-refuses-to-remove-pas250cc0dc13#comment_6446963
  8. These guys were destined for the table from the start. They're bred to grow to (beyond) full size in three months and they aren't really healthy. The hen's liver was already in poor shape and the boys had these weird, long hearts. Their joints just can't handle the weight of the birds and they...
  9. Okey dokey. Giant chickens have been stuffed into the freezer. "Ha!" I here you say. "Just how giant could they be? They're just chickens!" Well, my skeptical friends, the roosters were so big that they had to go into 2.5 gallon bags and my freezer barely closes. The hen is crammed into a...
  10. Almost wet my pants at that one! You're hysterical!
  11. You guys are so nice! Here's my first post: The usual thing is to start out with "test test" or "hello world" or some other mundanity, but I'm not up for that. I'm just gonna hold my nose and jump and hope it all turns out alright. I suppose the first order of business is to point out...
  12. OK, I'm starting a new blog to journal the sailing stories and I'm calling it "The Other Woman". Whad'ya think? It's kind of a play on the joke that a woman has to realize that her man's boat will always take the majority of his time and attention. When I have a few entries I'll post a link...
  13. Been out fussing with the feathered fiends. The tom turk keeps attacking one of the hens and he's so big I'm afraid he'll hurt her. I picked her up to protect her and he followed me around, staring at her. I put the chickens back in the pen and left the turks in the yard for a while. They kept...
  14. Yep, kinda like an electronic time capsule holding the oddities of the world ritten in allmoast inkomprehesable fatiun