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  1. Our Aldi's gluten-free bread is pretty good, albiet a tad on the thin side. It's sold defrosted, and I keep it in the fridge. Otherwise it gets moldy quickly. best regards, larry mac
  2. larry mac

    Carnival Cruise Gluten Free Experience

    Very impressive article. Great info, and well written! Two comments I have: Gluten-free pizza , in my experience, and IMO, always sucks, unless it's cooked in an industrial oven such as Domino's. So that's a tough one, and Carnival...
  3. If I may, Id like to comment on this 9½ year old (until yesterday) thread. I'm not a food chemist, or expert, so this is just my opinion. I don't use artificial sweeteners. Not because of any health concerns, but because they don't ...
  4. Just my opinion, this is nonsense. There's no wheat, barley, or rye in corn. It's perfectly safe for Celiacs. best regards, larry mac
  5. Hallelujah! I buy Honey Nut Cheerios for my wife, and now I'll be able to eat them also! best regards, larry mac
  6. I can't hardly fathom having Celiac AND Diabetes. Much less being a young student living apart from family. This person faces some huge challenges, and I wish them all the strength and luck possible! best regards, larry mac
  7. Yes, and forgot to mention, I was sick for two years before I found a doctor that knew about Celiac Disease. Lost a lot of weight from gastro problems. Of course it's more known now days. best regards, larry mac
  8. I was extremely fortunate. Made an immediate and complete recovery the first day I started the gluten-free diet. It was like a miracle! best regards, larry mac
  9. larry mac

    Best Burgers In America

    Just had a dream last night where I ordered a hamburger, without bun, at a fast food restaurant, and saw the food preparer make it with a bun, and then take the bun off. I said "hey, that will make me very sick". Next thing I know, I'm eating...
  10. larry mac

    Flu Shot

    I've had flue shots every year for as long as I can remember. Before and after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Have never had a reaction, of any kind (well except perhaps a slightly sore arm, lol). best regards, larry mac
  11. Have you had any medical tests or clinical diagnosis? best regards, larry mac
  12. larry mac

    Vomiting With Celiac?

    Hi Aimee, I'm sorry I don't have any advice for you. However, I'd like to add my support to keep searching for answers. You're far too young to be having these serious health problems. I too suffered for over two years before I finally found...
  13. larry mac


    As much as I dislike everything about Aldi's, I'm lovin the frozen Ravioli. For gluten-free, it's pretty tasty IMO. best regards, larry mac
  14. I've found plenty of rice flour at these stores. Lots of different brands. Cheap. best regards, larry mac