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  1. I too am an itchy ear sufferer. I have been gluten-free for 5 years and it has gotten MUCH better. I used to get ear infections chronically and also had eczema just at the entrance to my ear canal which would crack and bleed. It has gotten a lot better. In 5 years since going gluten-free, I've...
  2. I am so glad I popped into this thread. Your story sounds like mine- I had stomach/depression/anxiety issues from a very young age. There is definitely a link between celiac and psych issues. I don't have "true" OCD but my GAD (generalized Anxiety Disorder) has manifested as OCD several times. ...
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. It is NOT gluten-free. Hope your reaction isn't too bad! The only beers that I know of that are safe for celiacs are Red Bridge, Bard's tale and La Messiere (french- I think our Canadian friends can get it). I've never heard of beer brewed from corn- vodka yes (Smirnoff is corn-based) but not...
  5. I struggle with night temperatures too. For me it's thyroid and Lyme but I bet as you heal your body will readjust. When I got diagnosed with celiac my average body temp was 93! Yet, I would be hot after as little as 10 minutes n bed. It's really frustrating, but give it some time. If it doesn...
  6. Trader Joe's, in my experience, discriminated between "No gluten ingredients," which means they don't have gluten ingredients but you need to read the processing statement on the back, and gluten-free which hasn't been processed on shared equipment. I've noticed over the last few years their labeling...
  7. Agreed with both Patti and rinne! I'm also wondering if your body adjusting to the diet (detoxing?). Give it some time. Hope you feel better soon.
  8. Dyou mean Theralac? I take it as I am on antibiotics for Lyme. If it contains soy, try some of the nthe Intestinew products (available online but also at Whole Foods and health food stores). I've found their products to be excellent!
  9. You sound like me before I went gluten-free. After going gluten-free, remember the pain will not resolve over night but while you are healing keep ruling things out ( like what Takala mentioned). For me, gluten-free wasn't my only problem in terms of pain (I have Lyme- probably had it for 20 years...
  10. Oh, I'm so sorry. I used to vomit like that before when glutened. When I do vomit, which is a LOT less now, I barf so hard I pee my pants. The ONLY thing that works for me is compazine. I can take the pill when I get nauseous but if you get past the point of no return (a friend of mine gets...
  11. Twizzlers- Ahhh! I got glutened by them over the summer accidentally and it took me 3 days to react. Mostly, uhm, unpleasant bathroom experiences. Hope it doesn't get you too bad!
  12. I got the sample too and threw it out because I was annoyed that it claimed that gluten-free meant less than 10 ppm.
  13. Mtndog


    Hey there Wild Bill- If Rockstar is making you put post-it notes on your shotgun stop using it. Not that I advocate staying up all night, but back in my day (Now I'm OLD and I TEACH college ) the choices of all nighting were slim- caffeine. I think I used to drink Jolt Cola (twice the sugar/twice...
  14. I know no matter what kind of day I have had, you can always make me laugh! Here is to all the Yeti-hot tub fun Thanks :)