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    photography, art, writing, leather work armour and clothes, animals, traveling, sewing, gf soap and lotion making.
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    Calgary, AB. Canada

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About Me


wheat/ dairy allergies, lactose/casein intolerance-1980

Multiple food, environmental allergies

Rheumetoid arthritis,Migraine headaches,TMJ- 1975


egg allergy-1997

msg allergy,gall bladder surgery-1972

Skin Biopsy positive DH-Dec.1 2005, confirmed celiac disease

gluten-free totally since Nov. 28, 2005

Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism- 2005

Pernicious Anemia 1999 (still anemic on and off.)

Osteoporosis Aug. 2006

Creative people need maids

  1. Aren't you clever. I have no idea how you do that.


  2. I gave you 5 stars cause you're a cool mama! Hope you feel better!

  3. It could be both. I got sciatica after some extreme surgery but could it have been also caused by celiac, I really don't know. I always say my psychotic nerve is acting up.
  4. Royal Holland lines are very well versed on Celiac disease and accomodating.
  5. I use and sell Epicure Selections, they are only in Canada. Everything they make all dips, seasonings, rubs, extracts, popcorn seasonings,chocolate, coffee toppers etc., are gluten-free except for the Bacon, chives and cheese dip and the sushi kit. I eat them all the time and no problems.
  6. I had breast implants for 15 years, they had broken shortly after being put in, although I did not know till 15 years later. During that time many things happened along with constant illeness and sore throats, weird spots that have never left my body. They were afraid I had cancer and now I have...
  7. From 2001-2003 in Canada it was considered a disability because of the fact we had to trudge everywhere to get food, the making of the food the fact that this disease could interfere with daily living. Then all of a sudden so bright individual who doesn't have this decided that it isn't a disability...
  8. It is not a symptom because they can't think outside the box. They don't think it can affect smell. Actually they probably don't list it because this is all in our heads.
  9. I am not alone! My urine smelled so bad it would almost make me sick. It was a strange smell. I had a shower at least twice a day then. Now the only time it happens is when I am glutened.
  10. The company must be run by politicians with all that blathering. I think it is so nice of them to congratulate you in your "healthy lifestyle." This is not some fad diet and that is the way they made it sound.
  11. Are you talking about chestnuts, they are in a shell? If you are, I think you only see them around Christmas. We only get them up here in around November and December. They are great roasted or even as a stuffing...I love them. Whoops did not see the previous chestnut question.
  12. I spoke to the makers of Helleman's and they confirmed to me that it is gluten-free.
  13. My burning stomach and other pains before going gluten-free were there just I had gotten used to them. Now if I get glutened by accident they feel worse than they were before.
  14. I think in the Betty Hagman Breads and Buns book there is a recipe for Sourdough. My favorite bread, when I ate bread was Sourdough.
  15. I had talked to a fellow about the Pantene pro V Blonde shampoo's etc he said none of them were gluten-free.