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  1. During class today, my chef instructor told us all an interesting tip for keeping held scrambled eggs from turning to rubber while keeping them at the required temperature for keeping held eggs. Add in some bechamel sauce. As you may or may not know, bechamel sauce is made from a roux of butter and flour. Wheat flour. Thought I'd let you know. Just one more reason to keep out of buffets and cafeterias! Don't eat the eggs unless you see them made.
  2. Holy cannoli! This might even be weight watchers friendly!!! *searching for garfava flour*
  3. Misson chips and rotel (for you non-southern types, velveeta and rotel tomatoes heated together) Spicy nacho doritos Coke Peppermint ice cream Great, now I want them all
  4. Here's a secret my ob/gyn told me: Seasonale is Mircette packaged differently. If your doctor allows it, you can take off your patch after 3 weeks and then immediately put on another one, and repeat the process for 3 cycles. As long as you have a constant flow of hormones, you won't get your "period" You don't get a real period on bcp's, you get withdrawl bleeding from a lack of progesterone when you're on your sugar pills. You only have a "real" period when you've ovulated and had a luteal phase in which the uterine lining builds up. Otherwise it's anovulatory bleeding or withdrawl bleeding, just FYI.
  5. That depends on how bad your malabsorption is, but I always had the pill work whenever I was on it. As in, I didn't have any babies I certainly absorbed enough of it to get the side effects!
  6. The only gluteny part of nearly any gumbo recipe is the roux, so substitute accordingly. a roux is: 1 part flour to 1 part butter Melt the butter over medium heat and whisk in the flour, cook, stirring constantly, around 3 minutes or so until you have a hot bubbly paste. Add liquid as called for by the recipe and you're in business! Bronco, you're basically making gravy whenever you make a roux, if it helps you to think of it that way, since I know you're fond of my chicken fried steak
  7. I make roux all the time with my standard blend: rice, potato, and cornstarch. It works beautifully every time. That's awesome about Drew Brees though!
  8. Yes - untreated autoimmune disorders can lead to others. For example, I have gluten intolerance and Crohn's Disease.
  9. Hey There!

    Yeah, I'm so looking forward to those infusions! At least it's not a pill everyday, right?
  10. I'm sorry, but at least you found out while he's still young and his habits aren't set in stone!
  11. Hey There!

    Yes! I'm in 3 pairs of socks, pj pants, a sweatshirt, and a quilt. Stupid shoddy Texas insulation. At least I got my birthday off of work Yeah, I had D that wouldn't go away entirely even on a gluten-free diet, and I started getting a burning feeling in my intestine just under my navel, and I went through a couple weeks where I couldn't keep anything down. I thought my dr. wasn't giving the diet enough time but he insisted on doing a small bowel follow through x-ray just to check. They found narrowing and then did the colonoscopy and confirmed the dx. I'll likely be on drugs forever, but it's worth it if it will make me feel better! Good luck with your testing!
  12. Hey There!

    Hi all! Yeah, yeah, I've been conspicuoulsy absent but we won't discuss that, now will we. First update: Yes, I definitely have Crohn's Disease. The colonoscopy (boy, that was fun!) showed the tell tale lesions of Crohn's on my ilium, although biopsies did not show the particular cells that are the gold-standard for diagnosis. The doc had me gene tested for Crohn's through Prometheus (I should have had him do celiac gene at the same time, but I didn't think of it), and I have the gene and "enzyme activity". I was put on a low-residue diet which is basically a low fiber diet and that has been a diet I've only half stuck to. I like my fruits and veggies, and especially my corn thankyouverymuch. I'm getting somewhat better in spite of it. I'm currently taking entocort, which is a poorly absorbed steroid, but I'll start Remicade soon since my insurance just approved it. Apparently each infusion costs around $5000, and doing that every 8 weeks is going to get spendy for my insurance company, but luckily it's covered 100%. Secondly: I started culinary school last week! My first lab class won't be for another 5 weeks or so, but even then I don't have to worry about gluten for a while. I'm working with them for accomodating me, but the plan isn't set in stone yet. They're supporting me 100% in my allergies. I'm not worried about it, after all, it's for a year. I can deal with anything for a year. Thirdly: Gluten-wise. I know two things for certain right now: I am allergic to gluten and I have Crohn's. What this means is I have either: 1: Just an allergy that causes sinus, stomach, and hive issues and Crohn's is what was causing all the other issues 2: Gluten is a trigger food for my Crohn's and I need to stay away from it anyway 3: I'm intolerant/celiac in addition to any other issues I have. This is the opinion my doctor has, since both that and Crohn's are autoimmune. I don't know, I just know I have to stay away from it. I'm not that good at staying away from it anymore, but I am getting better. I feel best without gluten and when I'm eating right in general. Once I get the Crohn's in remission, I'll have a better idea about where I am with gluten. I can't eat it anyway, but it would be nice to know for sure what my particular problem is. That's all I got.
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