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  1. You need to be totally gluten-free otherwise it is pointless.
  2. Hi Yes please do not hestitate to have the scan. I had the scan 11 years PRIOR to being diagnosed with sprue because my mother and grandmother had early onset osteoporosis and the MD thought it would be a good idea. Well I had the scan at 22 and it showed Osteopenia. The curious thing is that no one bothered to say "Gee your 22, You're kinda young to have bone loss. Let's figure out why". 11 years later I was diagnosed with sprue and then the MD were like "Gee NOW we know why you have bone loss" DUH Get the totally painless test.
  3. I know exactly what you mean. I had what I would call flare ups when I was growing up. I recall when I was about 5-6 having diarrhea and being diagnosed with "Gastroenteritis". Then when I was in high school I had diarrhea A LOT and remember taking Kaopectate almost as part of my daily diet! Then my GI symptoms seemed to stop in my 20's. Except..... I was diagnosed with osteopenia. But NO ONE made the connection or asked the question "Gee, why would a 20 year old have Osteopenia?" They just said "Hmm, that is odd so make sure you take Calcium supplements!" I have very real fantasies of suing my pediatrician for failure to diagnose.
  4. I think scalloping just refers to the appearance of the small intestine as affected by celiac. I had that.
  5. I was recently told that I may have MS and that there is a correlation between celiac and MS (but it has not been proven). I wanted to know if anyone here has both? I heard that a gluten free diet can also improve symptoms of MS. Just curious. I go for my neuro test this Thursday.
  6. If you have a car why don't you drive down to the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University. They are on 168th street, west side, easy to get to from Westchester. www.celiacdiseasecenter.columbia.edu
  7. I had my appendix out at 13 in my pre-gluten free days. But the curious thing is that the night before my attack I ate a bowl of spahetti and was sick all night with gluten but did not know it then and the next day I had my appendicities attack which pain was probably aggravted by the then undiagnosed celiac. It is very tricky.
  8. Yes I have had boils in the past in my pre-gluten free days. Very painful. I used to get them on my butt and once I had it on my shoulder. VERY painful.
  9. Hi Celiac Disease Center at Columbia U is one way to go. If you are looking for a regular GI then also I recommend the GI docs at the Jay Monahan Center for Gastroenterollgy 746-4014. Good Luck!
  10. Miralax is the answer. I swear by it. No cramping. I take it every 3-4 days. I take it at night and the next day I am good to go. It is great
  11. Has anyone ever cheated on this diet out of frustration and being fed up? Did you get sick? Did you have to go to the hospital? I am wanting to cheat VERY BAD. I want to eat a whole cake! I am even having dreams of eating breaded chicken and a slice of entemanns cake. I just am worried that I would get so sick I would end up in the hospital
  12. Hi, I sympathize here with your gluten-free. I also had the symptom - if it can be called that - of passing out. I was passing out all over the place and it lasted until my intestines were healed and I was able to absorb the food and the nutrients. I was even passing out in bed in the hospital. Horrible. I would say make she drinks A LOT of liquid. Gatorade helped me a lot. Also try Pedialtye. I drank one a day for abnout 1-2 months. It helped a lot balance out things. Fruit flavor is the best. Take care.
  13. I am responding to the original post. First, I find her snide comment to be irritating and, if it were me, knowing who I am... I would definitely have called her on that comment and been like "I may be wrong but you sound irritated by my dietary choice. What do you mean by that?".. and put the enitre comment back on her. There is no need to explain your choices. If not eating gluten makes you feel better. If it happens again and she makes another snide comment, you could simply say "While I appreciate your confusion about negative tests, it is my choice to eat gluten or not. You seem irritated by my decision. Is there something else that is going on for you?" And put that snide comment right back in her lap. There is no need for you to justify your dietary behaviors to her. It is almost as if she is trying to make you feel guilty about the diet. You certainly don't need that. Perhaps she is one of these people who can dish it out but not take it. My two cents.
  14. I hear what you are saying. Sometimes it takes time to feel better. Took me about 6 months or so. And gosh were those 6 months the worst recovery periods ever. You are not alone
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