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  1. Would love to know of any great non-chain places that can accomodate or have gluten-free menus in Oakland/Shadyside/Squirrel Hill areas, or in South Hills area (Bridgeville, Scott, Mt. Lebo, Bethel Park, USC). Thanks!
  2. I am traveling to Key West in April and wondering if anyone has any recommendations for where to eat? I'll bring some food with me for the hotel for snacking (cheese, rice crackers, nuts, peanut butter), but for daily lunches or dinner, just wondering if anyone has recommendations? The few postings I found on this topic were quite old. I appreciate your help!
  3. Hi - we're looking at traveling to Puerto Vallarta and wondering if anyone has any suggestions for dining out, grocery shopping, general advice. I have the Triumph Dining card, so that will help. Probably will stay in a condo and cook, but just wondering if anyone has gluten free advice/knowledge of the area. Thanks so much!
  4. I'm headed to Detroit burbs later this month and definitely will hit up gluten-free Cucina's. Anyone have suggestions for downtown area, near Fisher Theater? We're going there one night for a show. I emailed the Tri County Celiacs President and got no help whatsoever (basically was told about gluten-free Cucina's and then told to Google Gluten Free Detroit restaurants, as if I couldn't figure that out myself.). But that search leaves nothing so I am turning to my fellow gluten free friends here - any suggestions? Someone said The Majestic Cafe - menu looks like it could accommodate. Anything else? Thanks!
  5. steveindenver

    Going To Denver

    Check out denver celiacs website, as we have a lot of restaurants listed. Some easy (and price managaeable ones!) include Tokyo Joe's - manylocations. Rice bowls with gluten free teriyaki and soy sauce. Tell them it's an allegy alert. This is one of my favorite places.
  6. steveindenver

    Evansville, In And Or Lake Barkley, Ky

    There's a place in Evansville (small store) called Adelle's Naturally. I used to travel to Evansville often, and they knew me there. SUPER super nice folks at the store. The store is located at 2704 Lincoln Avenue, 812-471-3144. They don
  7. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  8. steveindenver

    Travelling To Denver

    First, let me say congrats on the diagnosis. It's odd to say congrats, but at least your hubby is on his way to better health. Second, if you need more info on Denver, feel free to email directly through here. Also, definitely get the Triumph Dining cards - a true lifesaver. Places to eat - Chipotle - for lunch/dinner. There are many locations around downtown, and everything BUT the flour burrito is safe. Even the amazing chips and guac are gluten free (they have GREAT guac and chips!). I get the burrito bowl. You can ask them to change their gloves too before they start to make yours to risk cross contimanation. Tokyo Joe's - again, quick and cheap for lunch/dinner. Make sure to ask for the gluten free teriyaki. I get the steak bowl/rice/veggies and terriyaki. There are two downtown locations, and one near the State Capital building at 13th & Grant. Dinner - for a nice, bit pricey dinner - try Vesta Dipping Grill. They have a great gluten free menu, and this is a great restaurant. For a bit less $, but you might wait a bit more to get a seat, try their sister restaurant which is located uptown. The name is Steuben's and they have a gluten free menu as well. Many folks rave about Deby's Gluten Free Restaurant which is maybe 20 min from the city. I've not eaten there, but it's 100% safe and 100% gluten free. It's in an odd location, in kind of an industrial park, but you can search for them online and call for directions/hours. Breakfast - I rarely eat breakfast out, as i don't trust eggs (many places make omelettes and add pancake batter to make them fluffy - no lie!). I'd stick with getting some fresh fruit, yogurt, peanut butter, even cheese and crackers. That's my travel breakfast! There is a Vitamin Cottage on the edge of downtown which has a lot of gluten-free products, and frozen products too (15th & Platte are cross streets). THere's a Whole Foods (a small one) in Capital Hill area, about 5 minute from downtown. THey may have some frozen meals you could microwave at your hotel. There is a much larger Whole Foods in Cherry Creek that has a bigger frozen section. That's about 5-10 minutes from downtown as well. Not far at all. Other restaurants - OH - the Blue Bonnet. It's a Mexican restaurant that has a gluten free menu. The staff is trained and all the gluten-free food is served on colored plates as opposed to the plain white ones so there is no confusion. The Blue Bonnet is about 10 minutes south of downtown. Cross streets are pretty much Broadway & Alameda (any taxi driver or hotel staff should be able to get you there!) There's a PF Chang's downtown, as well as a Maggiano's. Both offer gluten free menus and options! Travel safe and don't worry - it is manageable!
  9. steveindenver

    North Idaho And Spokane?

    I was in Sandpoint earlier this month, so great timing on your question. The dining choices are a bit limited there, but totally manageable. There is a mexican place downtown (Jalapenos, on 2nd Avenue) that has a gluten free menu. Food was fair, nothing great, but nothing horrible. The hostess was this young girl who was SO excited when I asked for the gluten-free menu, as she is Celiac and said they almost never have folks in asking for it. When I asked her for help with other places in town she said, "Oh I don't eat out, I just eat all natural." I'm not sure how much they "get it" but it's an option. There's a pizza joint called 2nd Avenue Pizza which has gluten-free crusts, however when I went in at an off hour to talk with them, the snot behind the counter was rude and told me they wash their pans/racks once a day, so the risk of cc is HUGE there. We didn't eat there. We did eat twice at Spuds, which is downtown on 1st Avenue and YUMMY. There is a server there that has Celiac (I can't remember her name) and the chef was this nice girl who read my Triumph cards and helped alot. I wish I could remember their names, as they and the other server (tall/brunette) were great. We at there two nights in a row. Very comforting/cozy food. Skip the Safeway in town for gluten-free groceries/goodies, and go to the Yokes grocery store out by Bonner Mall (and I use the word "mall" loosely - there's nothing in the mall at all really). Yokes has a great gluten-free/health section, including dry goods and frozen goods. The Safeway had a bunch of nothing. There's also a Wal-mart out that way, so you could hit them up for some food. There are Yokes in Spokane as well. They had a LARGE selection of food that I've never even seen here in Denver. There's a small independent coffee shop in the bridge over the creek at Sandpoint. The syrups were all safe from what I remember, and I had a creme brulee latte one morning. There is a small health food store in town, but nothing great selection wise, and when we walked in and around the store, we barely got a grunt out of the salesperson, so I wasn't eager to give my $ to them. Safe travels.
  10. steveindenver

    Eating Out

    I love Bonefish. I've never had a bad meal there, and am always too full to try the flourless brownie. I need to start with that next time!
  11. steveindenver

    Swirlz Cupcakes In Chicago - Incredible

    I was there in December, and while the cake itself was good, the icing was bad. Too much crisco, not enough sugar. They needed to make them with true buttercream frosting. And the cake itself wasn't flavored, it was the icing. So the lemon cupcake was yellow cake with lemon icing. A drop of lemon oil in the batter would have been best.
  12. I highly recommend also using the Triumph Dining cards. They are very handy and have helped me in a few places where they read it and said, no, we can't accomodate you. I'd rather have that then get sick. www.triumphdining.com Gluten Free Steve
  13. steveindenver

    Gluten Free Resturants Denver

    Ditto the comments on Blue Bonnet - they have great gluten-free mexican food and I've always been pleased there.
  14. steveindenver

    Paws Up Resort In Mt

    We are going to Paws Up resort in MT later this year. They said they can accommodate gluten-free - anyone have any experience with this place?
  15. I just called Sonic and this is what they told me "contains no gluten" Coneys/hot dog Cheese Pickles Soft serve Ice cream