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  1. i also only got tingling in my feet and hands AFTER going gluten free....not sure why
  2. I also use purell like a madwoman. i did hear once it was gluten free. i think on delphi forums
  3. Ive also been getting this in my left hand- but only since ive been gluten free- wierd. it usually happens at night. i alos have dizziness since being gluten free.........so annoying because you hear how weveryone gets so much better and then now i have new probs. jess
  4. Hi I also experienced some bladder problems that got worse this year before being diagnosed with celiac. i had that bladder stretching procedure that made it wrose for a month but not its much better (knock on wood) they said i didnt have ic but had a "hypersensitive bladder." my symptoms were that...
  5. thank you so much to everyone who replied. it made me feel better to know all this information! i called the dr today, (who made me feel like i was crazy for even asking) and he said it was okay. Jess
  6. thank you susan and ravenwoodglass. that makes me feel better. i get really nervous about everything and when i saw that on the computer i was like oh my goodness. i will call the dr on monday. i think i could page him earlier but i feel bad bothering him when its not really an emergency..... Jess
  7. Hi about a month ago i had an iron transfusion (iv) because of my anemia. my ferritin was 3.2. normal feritin is between 13 and 150. i got my ferritin tested again today but the results just came in ( i can check them online) and it says 214. this makes me really nervous since i know the doctor...