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  1. Wine is good. I stick to unoaked primarily, to be ultra-safe, have been gluten free since 2006 and am hyper- sensitive to the evil gluten! I like Barefoot wines but, after reading much research, I am pretty certain any reaction to lovely wine is due to something other than gluten. wine actually...
  2. Hello oceongirl, Ive been reading an old post about the abdominal pain you were experiencing at night time.

    My daughter has recently been diagnosed as Celiac and is suffering with the same pain at night. Did you ever find out how to control this? She is already on the diet and was ok for a few months but recently had a stomach bug and is up every night again.

    Any advice you can give ...

  3. Hello. I'm late to this but thought I'd throw in my two cents. I react very similarly to MargoS.; I am afraid of gluten. I've been gluten free since 2005, am extremely sensitive (found out the hard way) and NOTHING does what gluten does to me so... if I hear hoofbeats..... Symptoms: severe...
  4. MissyJoy, Both my son and daughter (17 and 20) were on doxycycline last year for Lyme and I just want to warn you (as you probably already know) that it can make you a bit sick to your stomach. Just so you don't think it's gluten... Hopefully, you won't have that reaction. Get better, lisa
  5. Hi, I have successfully put tomatoes back in for 2 years now (didn't have any nightshades for about 2 and 1/2 years) with success. Occasionally, I'll have a little bit of white potato but they still bother me a bit. Potato chips don't (??!!!!!) but I can't find a company without cross-contamination...
  6. Once again, it's pricey but worth it if you are highly sensitive: Lancome Le Rouge Absolu lipstick line. I've used this for years with no problems- it also LASTS so you don't use as much. don't know about the others but I also like Ecco Bella available at Whole Foods. Good luck! lisa
  7. I love wine. Isn't it the food of the gods? Along with garlic? And fresh basil? Let's see, how can we change this? "a loaf of bread"... NO! "a rice patty???, a jug of wine and thou?????!" !Salud! lisa
  8. ForbloodyEVER! Okay- about 2 weeks... I also can experience the delay which does make pinpointing the culprit worthy of Sherlock Holmes... lisa
  9. Yes, terrible nightmares when glutened-somehow gluten itself makes its way into the dreams in some nefarious way, too. I have nightmares sometimes without gluten but I ALWAYS have them if glutened. It's interesting to hear others have similar experiences. Sleep tight, lisa
  10. Thanks, One More Mile, I've used that for years and had good luck. Unfortunately, I've been bleeding heavily for over three weeks(this kind of thing has been going on for awhile.) and my doctor needs me to stop losing so much blood so I need to take it orally. I'm going to have to try it and take...
  11. Hello everyone and Super-sensitives in particular, Would anyone know if "Prometrium" (oral progesterone- 100 mg) is gluten-free? The PDR's list SEEMS okay, but, who knows? Thanks! lisa
  12. Okay, I'm a bit loathe to say it because some of us like to keep Maine our own little secret, but, Portland, Me. is very good. BUT we have lots of snow and long winters and there's ice and you probably wouldn't like it here... (Heh, heh, heh.....)) lisa
  13. Thank you for this thread. I believe Barefoot wines are unoaked as well as 4 vines, but you might want to check the 4 vines again. We have been seeking unoaked once we knew about the flour paste- too bad because I love oaked wines! lisa
  14. Hi! I,too, am searching for gluten-free sunflower seeds and nuts. Right now I buy them in the shell and use SunGold Foods sunbutter (gluten-free and yummy), but would really love some hulled sunflower seeds I can buy. Hoping someone else will post for us! Frito-Lay says on-line they have gluten...