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  1. Wine is good. I stick to unoaked primarily, to be ultra-safe, have been gluten free since 2006 and am hyper- sensitive to the evil gluten! I like Barefoot wines but, after reading much research, I am pretty certain any reaction to lovely...
  2. Wish I were sipping the Australian Shiraz as well! Wine is good. lisa
  3. I've had a bag in the freezer for a month because I'm scared to try new things; I'm one of the ridiculously supersensitive... maybe I'll try a munch now! lisa
  4. oceangirl

    Airborne Gluten...

    I am quite sure I react to airborne gluten such as being at my Mom's or sister's after theyve made bread or cakes. It's real. lisa
  5. Hi. I've used "sugar in the raw" for many years with no problems. lisa
  6. Hi everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for having this board for the past 6 years or so!Thank you all. Any veteran supersensitives (JerseyAngel? Lisa/Momma Goose- are you out there?) okay with Cointreau liqueur? I would like...
  7. Hello oceongirl, Ive been reading an old post about the abdominal pain you were experiencing at night time.

    My daughter has recently been diagnosed as Celiac and is suffering with the same pain at night. Did you ever find out how to control this? She is already on the diet and was ok for a few months but recently had a stomach bug and is up every night again.

    Any advice you can give ...

  8. Thank you,, Sundown. lisa
  9. Hello Super Sensitives, particularly veterans, In Maine it seems we are no longer finding Tom's of Maine (no longer "of Maine", as Colgate or Crest or someone bought out the Maine company a few years ago...) dental floss and I need to...
  10. Though I don't get colds as often as I used to, if I get the flu (which I've had twice in the past 7 years), I get bronchitis and then pneumonia which is very difficult to shake. I'm not a big fan of vaccines but many have allowed us...
  11. Hi and welcome to the board! Please keep reading here to obtain information and guidance. Perhaps more veterans will respond but, many of us have found, through many years of trial and error, that we have other sensitivities. Your best...
  12. oceangirl

    Inhaling Flour

    I know I get glutened by high concentrations of flour in the air. I think it ends up in my gut as well as lungs because of (sorry) postnasal drip meaning whatever I breathe in also finds its way down my throat at times! That is tough...
  13. Planter's nuts (Kraft) clearly mark gluten and I am a highly sensitive one. I eat South Beach diet nuts every day and have not had any problem with them for years. Good luck! lisa
  14. oceangirl

    Teacher Question

    HI! I'm a special education teacher in a high school and am ridiculously sensitive to gluten. The kids eat it in my room but are fiendishly protective of me. That said, even with this age group and insane caution, I think I still get...
  15. Fritos were sometimes okay and sometimes not when I tried them years ago. I took them out. lisa