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Proud mommy to a teenage daughter and two toddler boys...one of which has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I've learned a new appreciation for all the naturally good food out there and how fun it is to create things in the kitchen. That is what I want to teach my son as well as the rest of my family and anyone else who will listen. Gluten Free is not the end of the world...yes it is challenging and unpleasant at times, but there are so many other options that are just as tasty if not better (not to mention better for you!).

  1. There was a thread about the concern over the safety of M&M's and possible CC issues a couple of months ago because of the introduction of pretzel M&M's. I can't remember where is was exactly, but I think it was over in the ingredients forum. Some one called and checked and said that the...
  2. A couple of things I want to point out here...#1 as Raven said even if child #2 is predisposed it may not be ACTIVATED. As you said your first son was fine up until certain point. Mine was the same way. Activation could be triggered by just about anything at anytime from what I understand. #2 It...