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  1. scarlett77

    Eating Gluten Every Weekend Enough For Testing?

    Unless the test came back positive I would be inclined to question a negative test. I can't say that eating gluten on...
  2. scarlett77

    Gluten-free Fast Foods?

    The only fast food we do is In & Out. We don't have a Chik-a Filet (sp?) here and most of the other places around...
  3. scarlett77

    Gluten Free And Not Better

    Also check personal care items like lotions, shampoos, even your makeup.
  4. scarlett77

    Ways To Make This Less Expensive?

    I try to buy milk, eggs, cheese, bacon, corn tortillas, and meat in bulk at Coscto. One of my family's favorite meals...
  5. scarlett77

    How Much Do You Spend On Groceries?

    I'd say it is somewhere around $600-$700 a month for 5 of us. The gluten-free replacement do hurt a bit. Plus the fact...
  6. scarlett77

    Does It Have To Be Completely Gluten Free

    Try Rudi's or Udi's. Even a little gluten will cause damage. You may not have a big reaction now, but it may cause issues...
  7. scarlett77


    Look at wine shops or places where good cheeses are sold and talk to someone knowledgeable. They may be able to help...
  8. scarlett77


    You mentioned that you did okay on goat's milk...have you ever tried cheese made from goat's milk? It is quite good....
  9. scarlett77

    Are M&Ms Gluten Free?

    You are awesome! Thank you.
  10. scarlett77

    Are M&Ms Gluten Free?

    There was a thread about the concern over the safety of M&M's and possible CC issues a couple of months ago because...
  11. scarlett77

    Both Kids Went To The Gi...

    Well both kids saw the GI on Friday. She says that Ryan's height is fine, but his weight is a little low (still on the...
  12. scarlett77

    Modified Food Starch - Avoid?

    It SHOULD be corn based if it is in the US, however, to be 100% sure you should always check with the manufacturer. ...
  13. I use Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Soothers and Aquaphor. I don't know exactly what to look for as far as soy goes,...
  14. I am going to assume you mean "Bay Area" in California. Although not sure which part you may be in. I'm in San Jose area...
  15. scarlett77

    20 Month Old Celiac Testing

    I'm not sure that the genetic test will give you definitive answers, but it doesn't hurt to do it. If you want more concrete...