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  1. Thanks, Trents - One other thought, whenever I order eggs at a restaurant, I ask if they can make them in a separate pan, not on the flat griddle (I forget the name for it). Hard to keep that clean. For some reason, hotel eggs -- even if I watch them crack the eggs into the omelette pan and...
  2. Hi Sam - While that's definitely a tough age, you have a wonderful opportunity to model speaking up and advocating for themselves and a head on approach to handling life's curve balls. I agree that the big chain restaurants can be challenging (except PF Changs and Outback and places like that...
  3. Does anyone know if these are gluten free? I have the option to buy them from Costco. Nothing saying gluten-free on the packaging, but nothing concerning in the ingredients. When I go to the website, it does not list anything but soy in the allergens. It's apparently a Con Agra product. ...
  4. I consider them the fifth food group. Eat them all the time (other flavors - not a big watermelon fan).
  5. Does anyone have experience with this? The ingredients look safe, but they make no claims to be a Gluten Free. I know that may just mean they don’t test, but thought it worth asking. Thanks.
  6. Not me. Yes, it’s a pain to find safe food when I travel, but few of us travel to such remote locations that we can’t find something at all, if even a bag of chips. I don’t think it’s enough to sustain a market. That said, if you were going to do it, I’d focus on the extreme/remote travelers and campe...
  7. Thanks for the heads up - I didn't know not all of the EltaMD products wouldn't be gluten free. Do you know what isn't? I just ordered an SPF 30 sunscreen too and now I'm worried about that one...
  8. My dermatologist finally talked me into buying EltaMD UV Daily Broad Spectrum SPF40 for my face. It's expensive, but lasts a long time if you just use it on your face. The big deal here is when and if it sweats into your eyes, it doesn't sting. At all. I'm very fair and it's a game-changer as...
  9. Does anyone know if this is gluten free? It looks like it once was labeled as gluten-free, though I’m not certain. The only questionable ingredient is listed as just ‘spices’. The others are recognizable. I usually use McCormick because they label well, but it wasn’t available.
  10. I have a Nima Sensor - I generally only bring it along for traveling in other countries, where language issues might be a problem. I will say it saved me one time, and that alone was worth the cost. The restaurant was absolutely insisting that the meal was gluten free but something on it was questionable...
  11. My info may be a bit old, but I believe Bionatura and Schar products are easy to find there, and you probably want to focus on organic ("bio") stores.
  12. I ate a lot of GROM ice cream while I was there. And risotto. Absolutely delicious risotto. Most restaurants have good choices, and there is a lot of awareness about cross-contamination, though you still need to ask.
  13. We are traveling to Italy during Passover. While I've heard Italy is great for Celiacs, I'm going to try and stick with the spirit of Pesach by avoiding pastas, pizzas, pastry (I know, breaks my heart, but it's school spring break so we have to go now). I do eat kitnyot (rice, beans, etc.), so...