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  1. My dermatologist finally talked me into buying EltaMD UV Daily Broad Spectrum SPF40 for my face. It's expensive, but lasts a long time if you just use it on your face. The big deal here is when and if it sweats into your eyes, it doesn't sting. At all. I'm very fair and it's a game-changer as...
  2. Does anyone know if this is gluten free? It looks like it once was labeled as gluten-free, though I’m not certain. The only questionable ingredient is listed as just ‘spices’. The others are recognizable. I usually use McCormick because they label well, but it wasn’t available.
  3. I have a Nima Sensor - I generally only bring it along for traveling in other countries, where language issues might be a problem. I will say it saved me one time, and that alone was worth the cost. The restaurant was absolutely insisting that the meal was gluten free but something on it was questionable...
  4. My info may be a bit old, but I believe Bionatura and Schar products are easy to find there, and you probably want to focus on organic ("bio") stores.
  5. I ate a lot of GROM ice cream while I was there. And risotto. Absolutely delicious risotto. Most restaurants have good choices, and there is a lot of awareness about cross-contamination, though you still need to ask.
  6. We are traveling to Italy during Passover. While I've heard Italy is great for Celiacs, I'm going to try and stick with the spirit of Pesach by avoiding pastas, pizzas, pastry (I know, breaks my heart, but it's school spring break so we have to go now). I do eat kitnyot (rice, beans, etc.), so...
  7. Does anyone safely use Limelife lip glosses or lipsticks? I think I read on the website that some or all are Gluten Free, but there was Tocopherol as one of the ingredients. I've done the reading on Tocopherol, but I'd still love to hear if anyone uses these safely -- there's a color I'd love to...
  8. I eat out all the time, but I'm lucky to live in a town where gluten-free awareness is very high. While I prefer dedicated gluten-free restaurants, it's not always possible. There are only a few non-dedicated restaurants where I feel safe having the pizza. One is known for its extensive...
  9. This is a great question, as I would love a good falafel sandwich again -- I would try to find pre-packaged pita and store/handle it carefully. Or the spring roll idea, something that approximates the experience of a pita. If that's just not possible, maybe a rice/lentil or quinoa bowl. One...
  10. Is this a chain? Where is it? I love Indian food, always happy for recommendations.
  11. I've was told that once about plain white rice, but think it's just ignorance. There is something called glutinous rice that is produced by the rice, but it's not something Celiacs are sensitive to. What everyone says about fried rice and seasonings, though, definitely an issue. And yes, the...
  12. I use L'Oreal Colour Riche mostly and haven't had a problem. However, I don't know that I'm what one would consider 'highly sensitive' with my Celiac. Didn't know that about Revlon Colorstay -- that's good news.
  13. Post cruise update for the next traveler - Alaska was fantastic and I'm thrilled Princess was able to accommodate my Celiac. I did speak to the head waiter the first day, and we had a consistent waitstaff at the dining room for dinner, so that wasn't an issue except when we went to dining room for...
  14. Hi - So excited -- we're about to start a Princess Cruise. We did request Gluten Free for me, and I suspect by now they know what they're doing in the dining room, but how do those of you who cruise handle the buffet? Do you find an employee and ask for something prepared elsewhere? Normally...