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  1. Nikki2777


    Is this a chain? Where is it? I love Indian food, always happy for recommendations.
  2. Nikki2777

    Rice not gluten free in restaurants?

    I've was told that once about plain white rice, but think it's just ignorance. There is something called glutinous rice that is produced by the rice, but it's not something Celiacs are sensitive to. What everyone says about fried rice...
  3. I use L'Oreal Colour Riche mostly and haven't had a problem. However, I don't know that I'm what one would consider 'highly sensitive' with my Celiac. Didn't know that about Revlon Colorstay -- that's good news.
  4. Nikki2777

    Princess Cruise - Buffet and excursions?

    Post cruise update for the next traveler - Alaska was fantastic and I'm thrilled Princess was able to accommodate my Celiac. I did speak to the head waiter the first day, and we had a consistent waitstaff at the dining room for dinner,...
  5. Nikki2777

    Princess Cruise - Buffet and excursions?

    Thanks. Great suggestions.
  6. Hi - So excited -- we're about to start a Princess Cruise. We did request Gluten Free for me, and I suspect by now they know what they're doing in the dining room, but how do those of you who cruise handle the buffet? Do you find an employee...
  7. I’ve adapted pretty well to my diagnosis 5 years ago, all things considered. One thing that helps is that pre-diagnosis, I always loved to eat and cook with a lot of naturally Gluten Free foods, like beans. Well I contacted a company l...
  8. Nikki2777

    Amy’s Frozen Meals

    Evol are definitely good. Although not certified, I also like some of the Tandoori Chef and Trader Joe’s Indian meals that are gluten free, some from Lean Cuisine, and Healthy Steamers/Bistro Beef Merlot or something like that. Blake’s...
  9. Nikki2777

    Amy’s Frozen Meals

    Please don't hesitate to eat a safe, prepared frozen meal from time to time. This diet is hard enough to maintain as part of a busy lifestyle. While I love to cook and explore new recipes, and have gotten pretty good at it while trying...
  10. Nikki2777

    Ice cream

    I eat Edy's popsicles and the slow churned ice cream. Haagen - Dasz also labels well, so I eat many flavors of HD.
  11. Nikki2777

    Korean BBQ

    Not sure where you're located but we recently found a fantastic place in NYC called Bann (found it through Find Me Gluten Free or here on the site). Upscale, so we went for a special occasion, but they know their protocols and are able...
  12. Trader Joe's Rice Pasta Mac n Cheese is pretty close, cheese-wise. The noodles are ok, if a little thin.
  13. The only cheeses I avoid are blue-veined cheeses IF they are imported or small batch local craft cheese, as it's my understanding that they are sometimes molded on bread (don't even know if it's true). Otherwise, I eat them all - favorite...
  14. Nikki2777

    Is a mixed kitchen realistic?

    It can be a challenge, but we've lived that way for 5 years. We have two teenagers and, among the four of us, i'm the only one who is gluten free - here's our house: - Stainless steel pots and pans (we had these before, I prefer them...
  15. I won't repeat most of these great suggestions, but I echo those about getting dedicated colander, cutting boards and toaster/toaster oven. I don't have one color, but basically any item that has a color in my kitchen is gluten free. Because...