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  1. I get kp flare on the back of my arms simultaneously when my DH flares on other parts of my body. My experience is you can have more than one skin issues flare when gluten. Good luck
  2. I get very painful burning in my stomach and at the lower junction of my esophagus and stomach. My stomach and the junction of the esophagus/ stomach was visibly inflamed damaged and discolored at the time of my scopes. Seen before they even took the sample. The scope of the area revealed mass infiltration...
  3. A lot of check marks of your symptoms match my own personal experience. Finish your testing and then if gluten is the confirmed as the issue. Go whole foods only in the early stages no processed including processed gluten-free. Review all the 101 info on this site to truly be cc free,...
  4. Yes. As mentioned above by admin it does. In my experience my short term memory got thrown off. Sometimes focus as well. Mind drifted more easily. I would have to turn around at end of block to check if I closed the garage door. I just left from. Our garage repairman actually put in a delay for...
  5. Hello and welcome. As the others have stated for many of us it's whole foods in those initial days. Honestly for me it was 2 years and 4 months. Since that much time passes many of us lose the taste for the standard American processed snack foods. Based on my experience the Maltodextrin derived from...
  6. Since I make all my gluten-free baked goods I am finding my usual flours are out at the manufacturer. Unable to reorder. I hope they will be back in stock soon. Also many of the fresh meat and foods I regularly eat from specific stores are not on shelf. I have to try frozen and packaged alternatives...
  7. I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance years after having my children. I had gi issues decades before. I later learned I was misdiagnosed with another gi condition, as I was diagnosed by symptoms only no scopes. I experienced PUPPP rash while pregnant with my daughter. It started on my belly...
  8. In the 2008 I had delayed hypersensitivity to band aids and adhesives. I was concerned I was reacting to adhesives and other compounds. It was 8 years before my gluten issues were tested for. It was a time my immune system was on high alert and reacting to everything. I called an allergist to...
  9. I struggled for 2 years and 4 months after my gluten challenge. I developed other food intolerances and my immune system was trigger sensitive. It still is more sensitive than I would like. I slept a lot. I was not a napper as a kid etc. I think I slept a lifetime of missed naps in those 28 months...
  10. I have always found my cc linked to food. Once we also had a really extreme heat humidity summer and I wondered if it made it worse, but I know the initial cc was food.
  11. I also get burning before the itch. I still erupt with cc which I very much try to avoid. Good luck
  12. My personal experience is yes. I get increased hair shedding. I do not get large clumps, but increased hair shedding overall. Even after being gluten free if I inadvertently get cc I experience gi, skin eruption, and hair loss.
  13. Hi Maura I am not aware of any books. I looked a few years ago, but didn't find much. I'm glad you found good luck on the search If you are open to non celiac topics for reading one of the stumbled upon books at the library my son enjoyed years back was time cat https://www.scholastic...
  14. As cycling lady says those cytokines gear up pretty quickly for some of us. My cytokines flood more than my intestines. My mouth, esophagus, stomach, and muscles to start.