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  1. Thank so Lili and Ennis. I'm always looking for new ideas, products, and inspiration. As my body over the past two years seems to communicate that it's best if I find grain alternatives or limit my brown rice consumption. 😀
  2. So PC is not celiac pc? I'm sure fictitious "Tina" in the ad will discard her "immature anti celiac ad friends" like used napkins and find new friends that are less grossed out by her autoimmune disease. Or perhaps fictitious "Tina " will patiently educate the baffon friends in the ad. Tina's choice. Another company made a bad choice to join the gluten dude list of celiac bashing in the public media Hey PC want to attempt to get out of dog house ? contact me for where to send my check For your next marketing idea/ script for your commercial Your next commercial show two tables one designated gluten-free and one non gluten-free show 2 different color coded themes one gluten-free and non gluten-free example red for gluten-free and black non gluten-free ( whatever game day team colors- catch my drift) showing gluten-free cake served on red plate and non gluten-free cake on other table on black plate. Yo support celiac awareness and safety. this marketing tip per AWOL contact me for my royalty checks 👍
  3. Awol cast iron stomach

    Gluten Exposure for Celiac

    Ouch I am sorry . I know how painful bone, joint, muscle pain can last weeks for me . Hopefully you'll be able to clear it quickly if otherwise you have been healthy this season. As others suggested some TLC , vitamins, mineral to assist may help. I find accupuncture helpful too or massage. As for a gluten-free pizza I can no longer have them due to additional intolerances to milk. I in past days found sabatassos gluten free pizza carried at my local Costco pretty yummy if you can find it.
  4. I second this statement upon my experience as the more strict I am it appears the more sensitive I am. I have read that others also became more sensitive once diagnosed and on the diet. It was determined during my months of testing and under Dr care at a clinic, I am not IgE mediated allergy for wheat, rye, barley, but my Dr did state I had a delayed reaction/sensitivity to a skin test for rye and barley that was confirmed. Despite being non IgE mediated, I was unable to finish a 2 week gluten challenge... I'll spare the details. Ironically I did show to be wheat non IgE delayed skin hypersensitive, but I blow up like a macy day balloon if fed it , so something is up there just not medically named I also have the corn issues and cow milk too. My children also appear to have my issues and my daughter is currently struggling with it (has lost much weight) as we work to heal her. I have a cousin diagnosed Gold standard Celiac. I was misdiagnosed IBS for 2 decades before finally being diagnosed and a lifetime genealogical family history of GI illness, disease,problems including cancers. Good luck to you and keep us posted.
  5. Happy News! Congratulations your hard work and dedication is inspiring to all. Stay "Peter" Strong our dear Cycling Lady
  6. Hmm celiac is for life too and symptoms often last longer than gluten just clearing the gi tract- many of us can all atest to that. With gi issues it's kind of would you rather be shot or stabbed (umm neither ) As Ennis shared a delayed diagnosis often just adds more gi issues to the celiac party. As for symptoms leaving the system when you stop eating gluten -often not. I had two Dr tell my daughter and I this recently (as she is going through issues currently) I had to bite my tongue really hard tell them I got worse after my challenge with additional intolerances and ataxia etc. I kept it short and calm and grabbed the documents I needed to get her to the next specialist -gi. i had to say to my daughter you know the damage lasts longer than the food from viewing me the past 14 months she said "yea mom" . I said they don't know sweetie unless they are celiac/ NCGS themselves or live with one or are a celiac specialist, they just really don't know and don't want to know. I hope my daughter's gi as yours is talented and wise so that you and she are limited from some of our experiences. Agreed. We have quite a few gi issues in my family over generations. Stomach , colon cancers, celiac, NCGS, removed gall bladders, appendixs. it is my cousin, myself, and my children revealing the celiac piece. In our family / generations most cancers showed up on blood work testing . one lucky member had it show up on blood work when she had no symptoms the cancer was confined, isolated and removed. She has been well since. Ironically I was sent for colonoscopies early but kept trying to convey my issues relate to the immune system I was diagnosed IBS 20 plus years before my diagnosis 2016/2017. I struggled to get them to test my kids while gluten was still in my home . They missed that window and now my daughter is having issues since she was "clear " to eat gluten outside the home. I am glad you found us and your Dr at least ran the panel perhaps she herself has a learning curve regarding celiac as well. For all I know my kids maybe our pediatricians first celiac/ NCGS family. Or we maybe the first celiac/ NCGS family or the first not to "fit" in the box. good luck to you
  7. Ahhh optimistic ( I got this) with a big learning curve .... not! been there -before I was diagnosed. Trying to figure out WTF wheat allergy, NCGS,Celiac ? In the numerous years of misdiagnosis & undiagnosed land..... shopping at one store for all your needs a ha ha ha ha not with many celiac multiple intolerances.... you mostly eat gluten free .... cc is ubiquitous it not just processed land---- vinegar a no no ? sounds like a new intolerance perhaps corn? been there not JUST gluten sorry to say her immune system is still raging against more than just gluten. Time to dial down that cliche diet recipe plan ..., big time rotate, rotate, rotate, drop the top 8! buckle up- buy a ticket for the ride of your lives ... it is a mixture of refreshing and fear in one article for me please stop trying to feed your celiac adult child until she knows how to feed herself. you admit your failure great, but please realize you have a long way to go if you don't she has years of being sick for the sake of family obligation a price no one should have to pay. I wish I were not the bearer of bad news , but regretfully a higher power put me here to notify you otherwise I prefer it not be me , but ..... it is predestined likely from in utero .... she can't tell you , it's all too new, she is not fully aware of all the aspects. while I wish it were so simple as a few cliche changes it is not . the celiac world is laden with cc, gluten, and multiple intolerances, don't get me started on the non believers who expose a Celiac / NCGS to gluten for sport -heinous and unethical beyond comprehension ( it happens) Take a moment in 2018 to regroup despite fluff media that this is a fad diet it is not ... come up with a few "low" gluten recipes in your gluten contaminated kitchen.... this is someone's health and well being you are taking so lightly make 2018 your celiac awareness year for it is a daily minute by minute moment for us...perhaps nanosecond by nanosecond the better healed we are the more relaxed we can be ... your article describes a newly diagnosed -less than a year Celiac? handle with care most importantly have a family reunion for celiac testing for you all at a celiac center - this is not an isolated non genetic incident ! happy 2018 from one who life taught the hard way ....
  8. Awol cast iron stomach

    Just looking to talk

    Yep I second this I was always told I was over emotional and melodramatic growing up with this undiagnosed disease. I also get brain fog and word retrieval and short term memory goes out the window. I also get ataxia symptoms too so as others mentioned we are a family here of shared symptoms. good luck on the rest of the challenge and may your endoscope go well. as for family I have quite a few nurses in mine and people with allergies in my spouses' but celiac often brings it to a level most can't truly wrap their heads around like those of us on the forums. in time your family will adjust but often they don't know what to say as most people can not understand the degree of damage a food can do to us on all organ levels & systems. best wishes
  9. Awol cast iron stomach

    6 years into this journey

    Thank you Renaye. I am glad to hear your joyous news. I hope to one day get back some foods I / we lost in our home. best wishes If you are able to eat some mozzarella & caprese for me the fresh basil, tomato, and mozzarella with olive oil -yum
  10. Awol cast iron stomach

    Glutening recovery update

    Ennis, so sorry to hear the fall out is continuing to be a line of falling dominos for you. That's how I experience and try to describe it to people outside this community. now with nerve and raging multiple intolerances. 😮 As you know I and many others can relate.😢 I am glad the D stopped and it is so unfortunate once those other dominos start to fall we don't know when they will cease or improve. 😡 I wish you quick healing and may your immune system decide to " stand down " soon so this passes quickly. this was the hemp powder right? So sorry 😐
  11. Awol cast iron stomach

    News: Reuters Health News Summary

    Agreed this would be amazing! As the challenge can be extremely difficult for some people to complete. While often times people can be critical of someone desperate enough to go gluten-free often times they can have a misdiagnosis in their medical history , coupled with some pretty extreme symptoms etc that spurs them to such extremes. Not many people would choose to give up pizza, bagels, pasta, cookies pick your poison if they didn't have to. This would help.
  12. This would be wonderful news. As a challenge can be difficult to complete for some people.
  13. Same to you all as well. Happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy new year. Today is 10 degrees (burr) in my Midwest state. Warmer near the lake they say - tomorrow possible low of -1
  14. Thanks Ennis and squirmingitch much appreciated yep didn't know what to call my kids without using names so I decided to vary the awol moniker wowl is son 10 ewol is daughter 13 i must currently talk in code to likely hold back my anger, wrath, rage and the circumstances. Keeps me calm also got headaches and lightheaded symptoms from Multiple chemical sensitivity issues at stores today so likely brain malfunctioning too. Christmas shopping and scents everywhere left arm is numb today probably MCS manufacturered chemical corn based scented crap Thanks for support I need it
  15. Well as many of you know me mom AWOL is not new to forum. Wowl ( son) realized he's like mom post mom's g challenge as I modified the family diet according to my authoritarian immune system's desires. Wowl knew quickly he's like mom and dropped gluten outside home as well. Ewol was not sure. My dear Ewol , I have mentioned, I was suspect may also have issues. She is now being referred to allergist/ immunologist and pediatric gi. Here we go...... despite my request to test both Ewol and wowl in 2016 with celiac blood panel while my home was still shared gluten. Ped said no symptoms let's figure out what you are Mom (AWOL) finish your planned gluten challenge and scopes. Well gluten had to be banned for horrendous reasons only you as a community know.... so now fast forward to December 2017, my precious early teen at Halloween ate some pizza and pretzels at friends party (as gluten is banned from AWOL's home since oct 2016- it's evil) she only gets it in the big bad g world now Ewol has lost 20 lbs without trying here we go.....🤕😢 keep you posted as we now will have to wait in the que for insurance change in January and wait for openings at allergist/ immunologist and ped gi keep Ewol in your thoughts as it appears AWOL's gluten intolerant genes are potentially genetically ferociously strong / passed on in her offspring .... my babies - I'm sorry 😭 poor EWOL 😔