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NCGS, 2 week gluten challenge/scopes (6 days eating the poison)-2016

Orthostatic Intolerance- 2020


  1. I was told I need to drink more water than my (formulated) amount requires. Additionally, I have had to use smart water or flyby electrolyte drops to ensure I stay hydrated. My gluten challenge was in 2016, but I still struggle with hydration/electrolytes.
  2. Histamine as Trent's mentioned also popped in my head as a possibility. Trent's gave excellent details. Do not get overwhelmed initially with the inconsistency you may discover online for histamine lists. One can find differences regarding histamine lists. Most have to identify their particular...
  3. In addition to gluten I have other intolerances. I am often asked "What can you eat" Whole foods. "Oh I shop at Whole Foods all the time" 😉
  4. After sharing it with lunch mates everyone says I could never go without (gluten any food). The next day subconsciously everyone brings a gluten meal to lunch. 🤦
  5. Inflammation can cause swelling that to the outside world appears to be weight gain. The triggered innate immune system can really ramp up and throw a lot of mediators at damaged tissues, organs etc. I am glad to read he is finding some relief with diet. If he is motivated he can certainly try...
  6. My husband intermittent fast. He drinks plain black coffee and water during his fast window period. Initially for the first month on and off he said one can experience hunger, or lightheadedness. After that his body adjusted. A former coworker told me her husband tried one. He was unable...
  7. I called a relative recently to check in on 2 of my health career relatives. Both had the first dose. While neither is celiac, things went well, and they continue with their essential duties.
  8. "I am the only coealic in my house so the only one on a gluten free diet so cross contamination can be an issue..." We had to take the whole house gluten-free after my challenge. I also have issues with corn (particularly starch) and cow milk based products. I hope you are able to figure...
  9. I too was Vitamin D deficient. I have a past history of some small uterine fibroids, my OB/GYN found during my son's C-section, but did not feel required any action at the time. I also had fibroadenomas of the breast as well. Vitamin D status and fibroids https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm...
  10. People who stop eating gluten and then start eating it again for the endoscopy (gluten challenge) seem to have worse symptoms than before they stopped gluten. Yes! I can attest to this. Not fun!
  11. Correct, but some of us were diagnosed in past as such based on symptoms only without formal testing for either condition. So for some of us in a certain age bracket this did unfortunately occur. I for one am glad as you point out it is more definitive they are 2 seperate legitimate conditions...
  12. Ha ha ha. A few of us on the forum where misdiagnosed as such. 🤦
  13. I took my cats gluten-free. I feed my cats grain free. The dry foods are grain free and dedicated lines. The wet food they prefer is grain free by ingredients, but not labeled as such as it is not a dedicated line. The wet food company makes a variety some of which contain grain. I was grateful...
  14. Ditto. Corn is king in the industry because it is cheap, but also another inflammatory for many of us. Sadly I was not surprised to click on details to see corn.