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  1. Not surprised. My gi naturally after my gluten challenge could not handle food. My digestion was impaired amongst many other symptoms. I would blend and purée foods anti inflammatory food combos for weeks. I remember my celiac cousin asked one day what did you eat today ? early in recovery, I replied a peach and tons of water. I still remember months later when my gallbladder "turned back on" before then any attempt to eat meat had me awake all night in tears as my body struggled to digest with sub par performance of bile, gastric juices and enzymes apparent from my organs. I'd say to myself ok can't handle meat yet . Tcm helped tremendously to aid the healing process and no joke I slept for 2 years trying to repair 4 decades of damage. As many know some cultures do a periodic fast at certain times of year and often times researchers report how their group reveals better health overall. So the researchers findings doesn't surprise me at all (science background), but a great conformation read. For those who can't fast perhaps as many veterans on celiac .com suggest bone broth /clear liquids you make at home may be a good start. I use crock pot to make them and freeze batch excess. It maybe a way to experience relief and jump start health if a full fast cant be done, A quasi fast. As always lots of water!
  2. Agreed by my own personal experience. It is one of many symptoms I am glad resolve with GFD, that can come back with if cc sneaks/slips in gluten-free diet. I have spent many hours and many sleepless nights due to gluten neuropathy as many other readers attest to as well.
  3. Hi Chrissy, I bloat within 30-45 min of CC from gluten. I of course avoid gluten and cc. Ironically the slightest CC now I get a flood of symptoms including DH which ironically no DH appeared during my challenge while under a Dr. care. I have additional intolerances as well. After my Gluten challenge I had 13 intolerances while I was healing over the course of two years. They had me go off everything -gluten and the top 8 allergens. I had a very boring diet. After my Dr. gave me testing to determine I did not have IgE mediated allergies she left me sitting there (as I had told her I reacted to things, but had never reacted to allergy testing i.e. no food allergies, but that I reacted to foods within 30 minutes described my symptoms.) She came in checked to confirm I had no IgE mediated allergies, but asked me how I was feeling I explained I was having symptoms and she asked me to describe them. After I described them she stated those symptoms you just described to me those are the ones you need to be aware of during your food journaling and diet. Listen and look for those symptoms to guide you when eating. They guided me then and even today. I was told as I introduced each new food to start with 1/2 c of the new food, then raise to 1 c, then 2 c etc. I did 3 days of a new food (graduating the levels) if it was not a problem (no symptoms) I could add it back to diet. Then try next food. Is that similar to your food elimination diet.Once uou find the offenders you can perhaps try whole 30. I found that helpful then as I incorporated more foods staying low inflammatory AIP and Paleo. As I healed I was able to add more into the diet. I am now down to 3 intolerances (the obvious gluten), corn, and milk. The corn is tricky as my body can react to things preservatives/additives derived from corn although in theory people say I should not react as the proteins have been removed. My body knows I don't know how it does so I just listen to the body. When damaged my highly reactive immune system/body knew something was foreign and let me know. During those initial stages of healing I had to be very plain and boring food wise just to uncover the intolerances even spices etc could be troublesome. Good luck
  4. Those of us in Midwest finally got a break from the heat, humidity, storms for the weekend. Oh no I stand corrected a few hours free from the storms not the whole weekend. Oh well I'm gonna get what I can.
  5. Alternate universe a.k.a. outside! Those of us in Midwest finally got a break from the heat, humidity, storms for the weekend. So kind of like being under a rock or Sam hill gone for the day. Oh yes, New emoji fun ?????? Oh yes, New emoji fun ??????
  6. "The POCT showed 100% sensitivity, but negative predictive value in detecting celiac disease in group 2. " "The POCT had comparable sensitivity to a blood test, and accurately spotted all celiac disease cases in a gluten sensitive group." wow! While not current standard of care this would be a fit somewhere. maybe As an initial screening at health events or hospital tents at Local fairs or celiac awareness events. It will get people to next level of care for an appointment at a celiac hospital. As many of us believe there are quite a few people who are ill, but unaware celiac is the cause.
  7. Guest Judy, I haven't seen them anywhere yet personally. You may call a local celiac hospital or celiac lab testing clinic to inquire if they carry it. Based on Mr. Adams ' summary it's not yet recognized as standard care/practice/test and you may find it challenging to find a clinic or Dr. that currently uses POCT lab test. good luck
  8. Awol cast iron stomach

    4 Day Convention away from home

    Feel better soon Ennis. Uggg your toothpaste. People just don't get how sensitive it can be. I sympathize- I got cc in July have DH some tremors and ataxia since (yes -the DH that was a no show for my challenge ?) Rebound soon. The food sounds yummy despite the toll the issues surrounding job is taking on you. What a professional to soldier on .
  9. Awol cast iron stomach

    Better at the Beach?

    As cycling lady said maybe review other potential issues or environmental expsoures. Many of us have other conditions or intolerance s. Do you have other allergies IgE mediated to outdoor or indoor allergeans? Something like dust, or mold, or construction materials can be in a home\rental environment at your home but not the rental. Families with hayfever and asthma can react to indoor and outdoor environments too. I hope you can figure out culprit and address it for your relief. Good luck
  10. Awol cast iron stomach

    How long did you go undiagnosed?

    40 years my comrade. A long 40 years.....
  11. I t would be nice for it to arrive in US. As Awol's husband enjoyed this beer and he is in a gluten-free free home and drinks gluten removed. As of late the challenges of being married to a celiac (flaring with DH from cc) are weighing on him. Please UK Stella send the man your gluten removed beer he deserves it.
  12. Awol cast iron stomach

    Did You Miss the Gluten-Free Fireworks This Past Fourth of July?

    I guess I fail to see the humor in this. Mis use of marketing terms can lead to confusion for firework manufacturer s and other distributors and retailers of fireworks. It may help generate traffic to the store, (at the expense of celiacs, ) but it likely can cause confusion for the industry. It's possible other firework retailers are asked how come they don't sell gluten free fireworks. I've worked phone center lines in past and this would generate business for him and countless unnecessary calls as well as false advertising claims for others. Does Mr. Keeley charge more for them too? I hope he donates some of his profits to a celiac charity. His disdain is overt.
  13. Oh goodness- me. Yes, Yes, Yes as poster above said these are symptoms many of us had as kids. I lived in state of constipation that was suppose to be" just me" "normal". I finally found out what normal is over 38 years later. 2 weeks after starting a gluten-free diet I began to feel "normal" is. It was night and day. Oh the memories are never ending and sometimes the anger. Nausea, dizziness, constant light headedness etc. decades long. Now I know its called brain fog. I have vivid memories of throwing up long spaghetti noodles whole and undigested in my middle school years. "In hindsight, I'm pretty irritated that the doctors always blew off my concerns, or "prescribed" Maalox and sent us on our way" I understand completely I was given ex lax, Metamucil, Miralax changed based on decade. My husband just reminded me I have to let all the past wrongs go. I am still angry. I am glad they tested her. As Cycling lady said consider her Celiac despite the "mild". I was misdiagnosed IBS for decades, I am currently labeled NCGS, but I got CC in early July (fish from trusted store) and here I sit with DH still. (Now you see why I am so angry at this moment and time- yes I get DH and GI symptoms and then some. DH has a mind of it's own. I have no idea why DH didn't show up during my challenge, but alas regardless of my various labels. My body has made it very clear not to eat gluten. I am glad you got her the help she needs. It's ok to be angry. Let those feelings flow tears, journal, whatever you need. Her GI tract with healing and in time will be more "normal" than she ever knew. Best wishes.
  14. Awol cast iron stomach

    Reintroducing gluten into diet

    The website or something on my end is failing and I am unable to reply
  15. Awol cast iron stomach

    Reintroducing gluten into diet

    If you remove gluten from the diet and reintroduce it and you are sensitive it is likely you will notice symptoms when it's reintroduced. Fatigue is common and you are fortunate not to have more symptoms. You would consistently have fatigue after consuming gluten. While you were eating it regularly you were consistently inflamed and your body was manifesting regular exposure as a rash. You may not even know all your symptoms until you are off gluten entirely and this includes what we refer to as cross contamination. In my opinion , If you are sensitive, are off gluten (strict like a celiac) including avoiding cross contamination for a significant amount of time then reintroduce full on gluten your body will let you know in no uncertain terms. If you want to imbibe overseas and you state you don't believe it's celiac then you know what you want. If you do so and you show further symptoms heed the homeo path's hunch and Karen's advice to get a celiac panel and screening for NCGS when you get back after consistently eating gluten. However my question is did the rash go away or begin to fade (less pronounced) after you went gluten-free after homeopath told you are sensitive? If it did, then take note of it it returns once gluten is a regular in the diet . K respect Karen as a veteran on the forum she is very knowledgeable\helpful. However as ideal as gold standard diagnosis is not all of us achieve that status. I spent 20 plus years misdiagnosed and often found more help from alternative non western Dr than I did with western MD's. I have known something was wrong since she 5 and all went down hill in my 20's, worse in 30's, downright terrifying in my 40's misdiagnosed. I read- you want to go overseas and enjoy a gluten containing diet. If you come back and decide to be tested and need us we on the forum will be here when you return if you need us.