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  1. I am glad Lillian 's family realized the environmental and processing of wheat so near her home hindered her healing and relocated. I am certain that was not easy, but truly shows the parents' love, dedication, and unwavering support for...
  2. Awol cast iron stomach

    Doing Disney World Gluten-Free

    Glad to hear others had good experiences. I researched before and went to a restaurant with gluten-free and allergy options. On our trip in 2016 we were not given the option to have the chef take our orders and personally deliver them. Upon...
  3. Awol cast iron stomach

    Sick after decorating

    Hi I use to work in the paint and covering retail industry 20 years ago. Many old wall papers and pastes were applied with wheat paste. That was more prevalent in the 1970s, but retailers carry wheat paste for special non pasted wall...
  4. I had weird dreams too. I had cc dreams and watching my symptoms and pain as 3rd person. I had dreams I was hiding my favorite missed gluten foods in my sock drawer of my bedroom nightstand and my family would bust me opening it and tell...
  5. Her posting does set us back as Kit points out.😡 Many of us have additional intolerances so even if the gluten-free bread was available we couldn't eat it. She sounds as if she was told by an earlier phone call by bread was not available. I...
  6. I looked to see if this was already answered but didn't see it. After 2 years of taking it light with walking and just light weights letting the body be my guide. My joints and fatigue during recovery led my exercise for two years. I started...
  7. Nice to have a list. It reaffirms what I have personally found to be helpful. I drank tons of water and did Epsom salt baths for years having been misdiagnosed. Now knowing I still use drink tons of water, Epsom salt baths, get to accupuncturist...
  8. Karen P I am sorry to hear the pain and isolation you feel at your mother's treatment of you. I wish for better. One of the people in life we should be able to count on to be in our corner is mom. It always hurts when we find when...
  9. It's all joke for some until someone or someone they love has this condition. Society is uneducated about celiac, auto immune diseases, and allergies in general. They will get there, I am not sure when, but it certainly is necessary...
  10. Thank you for the article and posters comments all helpful. I humbly learned from the veterans here I seek for advice and from personal experience, It is best for me not to eat in restaurants. Yes even one owned by a gluten intolerant owner...
  11. Awol cast iron stomach

    Nerve pain in feet

    As others pointed out above hone in on the vitamin/nutrition and other possible intolerances. I became aware of gluten intolerance prior to my diagnosis, but after my challenge I had several intolerances. I can not have gluten, corn...
  12. Not surprised. My gi naturally after my gluten challenge could not handle food. My digestion was impaired amongst many other symptoms. I would blend and purée foods anti inflammatory food combos for weeks. I remember my celiac cousin asked ...
  13. Agreed by my own personal experience. It is one of many symptoms I am glad resolve with GFD, that can come back with if cc sneaks/slips in gluten-free diet. I have spent many hours and many sleepless nights due to gluten neuropathy...
  14. Hi Chrissy, I bloat within 30-45 min of CC from gluten. I of course avoid gluten and cc. Ironically the slightest CC now I get a flood of symptoms including DH which ironically no DH appeared during my challenge while under a Dr. care...
  15. Those of us in Midwest finally got a break from the heat, humidity, storms for the weekend. Oh no I stand corrected a few hours free from the storms not the whole weekend. Oh well I'm gonna get what I can.