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  1. Awol cast iron stomach

    Reintroducing gluten into diet

    The website or something on my end is failing and I am unable to reply
  2. Awol cast iron stomach

    Reintroducing gluten into diet

    If you remove gluten from the diet and reintroduce it and you are sensitive it is likely you will notice symptoms when it's reintroduced. Fatigue is common and you are fortunate not to have more symptoms. You would consistently have fatigue after consuming gluten. While you were eating it regularly you were consistently inflamed and your body was manifesting regular exposure as a rash. You may not even know all your symptoms until you are off gluten entirely and this includes what we refer to as cross contamination. In my opinion , If you are sensitive, are off gluten (strict like a celiac) including avoiding cross contamination for a significant amount of time then reintroduce full on gluten your body will let you know in no uncertain terms. If you want to imbibe overseas and you state you don't believe it's celiac then you know what you want. If you do so and you show further symptoms heed the homeo path's hunch and Karen's advice to get a celiac panel and screening for NCGS when you get back after consistently eating gluten. However my question is did the rash go away or begin to fade (less pronounced) after you went gluten-free after homeopath told you are sensitive? If it did, then take note of it it returns once gluten is a regular in the diet . K respect Karen as a veteran on the forum she is very knowledgeable\helpful. However as ideal as gold standard diagnosis is not all of us achieve that status. I spent 20 plus years misdiagnosed and often found more help from alternative non western Dr than I did with western MD's. I have known something was wrong since she 5 and all went down hill in my 20's, worse in 30's, downright terrifying in my 40's misdiagnosed. I read- you want to go overseas and enjoy a gluten containing diet. If you come back and decide to be tested and need us we on the forum will be here when you return if you need us.
  3. Awol cast iron stomach

    Paleo Food Truck and Catering

    I m glad you are making you dream come true. Wonderful news. The non celiac working in your food truck if a professional you hired, screened , and trained, I would be comfortable with if he\she did not bring food to work as Karen mentioned (ate meal from food your truck on shift). Your new food truck your knowledge, best practices in good prep, and celiac status\knowledge is valuable. I like many of the food menu options you mentioned. The garlic coconut secret veggies stir fry sounds yummy. I would imagine at a town festival I would try the fries with your homemade vegan chilli or some homemade vegan cheese. It would allow me to stay longer at the festival. Anything that is a treat for me that I often don't have time to make myself regularly is nice. Cheese is one i don't often make myself due to something safe cheese. Breakfast on the go( if I woke up late) English muffin with bacon treat☺ My kids and I watched a show recently where the business has a bacon "flight". Los angeles? A variety of changing \rotating bacon flavor\slices looked good. Maybe a best of Ennis flight from a signature item\something your catering business was known for would be fun. A staple flight but varies based on your fresh local ingredients . Also I would find the true paleo marketing refreshing as some paleo inspired business derive sugar ingredients from corn then remove proteins etc but not true paleo. Or safe for me. This is now something I call on with a new paleo product as I discovered this variation in marketing labeling terms. Overall I would hope your customers enjoy your food for what it is and your talent. May you get folks from all walks of life celiac, paleo, and normal folks. Prosper best wishes on your dream
  4. Awol cast iron stomach

    Eye socket pain with celiac flare ups

    I don't get dry eyes, but one of my many symptoms include eye pain. I would not describe it as the socket to me it feels as if I have inflammation \pain inside the eye within pupil that extends into the back of the eye to the head. I've never figured out if it is tissue or nerve based, but definitely inflammation based. I can see the whole time no loss of vision etc. Just pain. I don't think it's an eye migraine, but tend to think it's nerve based. I hope it passes for you soon. Not fun.
  5. Not sure in addition to the cancer lawsuit case if you saw Monsanto was sold to a German company. I wanted to let you know as you may have missed the story. I am not in law, but I don't think the new owner could be held responsible for the damage caused by the former owner. I believe the cancer lawsuit you're referring to was filed before the sale. It would be info people may want going forward regarding Monsanto regardless of health issue i.e. Cancer, celiac etc.
  6. Awol cast iron stomach

    The good, the bad & the ugly

    You are incredibly strong and supportive for him. He needs it. I may also add his brain may not be working well quite yet to take all this in. This illness can effect us on physical, psychological, and spiritual levels. He may be in denial for now. Also he may not feel up to processing all aspects at once sometime its a gradual process. He may have some mixed emotions about living this new lifestyle thrust upon him. Many of us formerly "loved " the enemy that ills us. hit the health problems brought up by Ennis first. remind him you love him regardless of this diagnosis and still plan to have a future as husband and wife. That did not change just modified by a new lifestyle. It is likely your husband's other issues flourished or gained a foot hold even if it can't be clearly considered causative. likely later a connection will be found inflammation based health conditions. I was misdiagnosed for 20 plus years as IBS so it often haunts me that at different junctions in life besides then I was missed when I sought help. A lot of those pieces are explained now. This is a bit manipulative of me to say, but use the kids as a will to live or to follow the lifestyle. A bit low I know, but I know on my hardest days after diagnosis and sleeping for what seemed like 2 years straight through the symptoms,pain, and withdrawal etc the idea\responsibility to my children I likely passed this on to made me face another day. I still use it now on myself in my bad days. Lastly, there is self blame, anger, denial, grief you name it that rears its ugly head. be there for him best you can, but ultimately I hate to admit this it's the celiac job to accept and embrace this lifestyle and illness. It will come possibly begrudgingly and for me with sentence enhancers😊 He will. I am optimistic. He does need to heal that brain and many other things. People don't know how messed up an inflamed brain can be and cause issues\thoughts\behaviors . Keep cooking gluten-free get that inflammation out of his body for its a crucial first step. Good luck
  7. Awol cast iron stomach

    The good, the bad & the ugly

    I second this. Are the kids still on gluten? Forgive me I see you answered this. i have cc brain this week
  8. Awol cast iron stomach

    DH flare- always gluten or cc?

    Thank for your follow up info. As many of you know from past posts I'm currently labeled NCGS, but long suspect I'm celiac . My past rashes run the gamet of eczema, shingles, and puppp which I now realize were all likely DH. No one ever biopsied . I'd get a cream and be sent on my way. The DH did not reveal itself during my incomplete gluten challenge. Go figure. Thank you for informing me the heat humidity can bring on the flare. I did not know that. You are correct It is very humid and hot right now. No new meds. I am amazed how many lifetime issues now are revealed as celiac. I was able to get into the accupuncturist/ chiropractor today( lucky for me she's ironically a celiac) . She also mentioned it's likely both cc and weather like you, and could see the flare. I tremored all over her table arms, neck , head involuntarily which only gluten of all my food intolerances causes tremors for me , usually 30-45 min after , but did not occur until the needles were in this go round. So I guess sometimes a cc can cause symptoms etc and DH to present differently? I hope to keep the fluke cc to minimum. Great detective work you appear to be assessing the situation correctly. thanks for reassuring me that it is a fluke that the fish is cc, but possible this rare time. It is the only new thing we can trace it to. It appears you are absolutely correct. As I don't think the iodine would create tremors for me. The DH picked a new spot to rash, welt, bumps etc. I get red in this location my entire lifetime with no one ever realizing it was a gluten response. Elbows , waist, and back itched last night my usual spots , but didn't flare. I'll keep at it, but was completely surprised it flared in a new area for me and I didn't want to think I got cc, but apparently did. So for now we won't but that particular item again. all signs point to it having been a combo of actual gluten cc exposure exacerbated by weather.
  9. Awol cast iron stomach

    DH flare- always gluten or cc?

    Has anyone gotten a DH flare from hot weather or from trout? Read in some former forums trigger could be salicylates. I was not aware that was on my immune systems radar, but here I sit day 6 of flare . Ironically my elbows are clear, but my chest and buttocks flared. I normally flare gluten wise on elbows, buttocks, head, and lower torso. The chest is 😡 painfully burning and insanely itching including welts and spots as my elbows use to. I have been eating at home, no new products, the trout was new as my daughter asked to try more types of fish to our homemade menu. Husband bought at store whole with head on and all. My Gi has been off as well. Trying to determine if fish exposed to cc, I now have developed salicylate issue, or can hot weathered trigger DH ? My husband says it might just be heat rash (not everything goes back to gluten/ NCGS) However the lack of sleep and the amount of discomfit is way too familiar. This is a usual spot to turn red within 30 minutes of gluten or corn exposure, but this first time full on flare occurred here with welts etc not just intense red flush. Any guidance would help. I'm trying the witch hazel, shea butter and currently slathered in zinc oxide and wearing plugging tank top /keeping clothes off it but miserable. As I saw those suggestions posted in past posts. Can salicylate develop after gluten free if never revealed itself before? Needless to say no more trout for me. Only seafood / fish I knew I had issues with prior was scallops and Immunologist cautioned me to cod from skin test but was not IgE mediated allergy. community let me know as I have worked painstakingly since oct 2016 to be vigilant and this is a sad set back. thanks
  10. As Ennis says I get all 3. Before I went gluten-free I would have numb toes and my whole left arm would go numb. My whole arm would be numb and sometimes I would get a simultaneously shooting nerve pain in the other side/ nerve pathway. Once you finish the challenge you can focus on the advice Ennis gave to support your body. My stories of symptoms like yours and more could take up minutes of your reading time 😀 Best to ask the Dr they likely will ask you to finish the challenge. I knew I couldn't do a 12 week and told them from the start . I agreed to a 2 week challenge for a both scopes top to bottom. I had your symptoms and additional ones and did not finish the full 2 week challenge. I have a gold standard celiac cousin. As of now I am NCGS and additional intolerances,but will not be surprised (if they ever complete testing technology to determine celiac without a challenge) to learn I am celiac. Regardless I can't eat it and in my two years since I joined the forums it was revealed both my children are intolerant as well. Good luck on the challenge. It's only my two cents but once the challenge is done and scope complete you may consider dropping gluten. I went gluten-free a few years before I was diagnosed , desperate to stop all my symptoms, but admit since I wasn't formally diagnosed and had not joined this forum , I was doing it incorrectly and consuming trace amounts that still caused issues in gluten-free processed foods etc. My sensitivity level / multiple intolerances is best whole food based. I also learned I had additional intolerances as well that damages me as well. yes you sound similar to me symptom wise. I was diagnosed IBS for over 20 years with vitamin D deficiency. The Scope reveled IBS is not the problem and I went gluten-free , dropped corn and milk and I stay on top of vitamin d and magnesium. Best wishes
  11. Awol cast iron stomach

    Tainted Gluten-Free Meal Nearly Kills Australian Woman

    "For Ms Williams’ part, she said she has “lost faith in going out for dinner and it’s going to take me a long time to be able to go out and do that without fear of this happening.” Been there I order gluten-free and inquired when it was brought to table it was gluten-free. It wasn't. My immune system reacted right away in the first bite, but after that and joining the forum here I learned join the conservative no eating out crowd. I hope Ms. Williams recovers quickly. "Coeliac Australia’s Cathy Di Bella said restaurants can’t use a “may contain traces of” disclaimer to offset a claim that food is gluten-free. Any restaurant that advertises gluten-free food should take necessary measures to ensure that their gluten-free items are if fact free of gluten. " This would be ideal however as many stories on the forums remind us, the marketplace and knowledge of gluten free preparation measures are often sub par. I learned from the forums here it was best to not eat out as the call ahead arrangement bit failed me. My health took a dive , I sought diagnosis, and my health has not returned to what it was prior to that incident. be safe everyone...
  12. Thank so Lili and Ennis. I'm always looking for new ideas, products, and inspiration. As my body over the past two years seems to communicate that it's best if I find grain alternatives or limit my brown rice consumption. 😀
  13. So PC is not celiac pc? I'm sure fictitious "Tina" in the ad will discard her "immature anti celiac ad friends" like used napkins and find new friends that are less grossed out by her autoimmune disease. Or perhaps fictitious "Tina " will patiently educate the baffon friends in the ad. Tina's choice. Another company made a bad choice to join the gluten dude list of celiac bashing in the public media Hey PC want to attempt to get out of dog house ? contact me for where to send my check For your next marketing idea/ script for your commercial Your next commercial show two tables one designated gluten-free and one non gluten-free show 2 different color coded themes one gluten-free and non gluten-free example red for gluten-free and black non gluten-free ( whatever game day team colors- catch my drift) showing gluten-free cake served on red plate and non gluten-free cake on other table on black plate. Yo support celiac awareness and safety. this marketing tip per AWOL contact me for my royalty checks 👍
  14. Awol cast iron stomach

    Gluten Exposure for Celiac

    Ouch I am sorry . I know how painful bone, joint, muscle pain can last weeks for me . Hopefully you'll be able to clear it quickly if otherwise you have been healthy this season. As others suggested some TLC , vitamins, mineral to assist may help. I find accupuncture helpful too or massage. As for a gluten-free pizza I can no longer have them due to additional intolerances to milk. I in past days found sabatassos gluten free pizza carried at my local Costco pretty yummy if you can find it.
  15. I second this statement upon my experience as the more strict I am it appears the more sensitive I am. I have read that others also became more sensitive once diagnosed and on the diet. It was determined during my months of testing and under Dr care at a clinic, I am not IgE mediated allergy for wheat, rye, barley, but my Dr did state I had a delayed reaction/sensitivity to a skin test for rye and barley that was confirmed. Despite being non IgE mediated, I was unable to finish a 2 week gluten challenge... I'll spare the details. Ironically I did show to be wheat non IgE delayed skin hypersensitive, but I blow up like a macy day balloon if fed it , so something is up there just not medically named I also have the corn issues and cow milk too. My children also appear to have my issues and my daughter is currently struggling with it (has lost much weight) as we work to heal her. I have a cousin diagnosed Gold standard Celiac. I was misdiagnosed IBS for 2 decades before finally being diagnosed and a lifetime genealogical family history of GI illness, disease,problems including cancers. Good luck to you and keep us posted.