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  1. you shouldnt be eating that package stuff.. guarantee you there's gluten in there somewhere
  2. why dont you eat sweet potatoes.. and sweet potato chips
  3. I read that if you have a elevated certain type of anitbody level it may mean you're very sensitive to gluten
  4. if your antibody levels are 0 or in normal range then its off
  5. up to 6 months.. or longer............... its strange that some people have no symptoms or very few even when diagnosed at an old age... yet young people can have more symptoms?
  6. were you still eating gluten at all or going out to eat.. there should be a significant drop noticed after 6 months... not necessarily reaching 0 yet.. but a good drop
  7. I've never been deficient in any vit / mineral i had tested... but still can't gain any weight yet.. 😑 so i dont think that has anything to do with villi healing
  8. what do dentists use when they fill holes in teeth?
  9. my b1 is normal.. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Blood: 176.1 Reference Range: 66.5 nmol/L - 200.0 nmol/L
  10. I wanna be like Scott Adams when I grow up.. Celiac and all... But I'm still not taking any vaccine!
  11. Gluten free Elbow noodles taste just as good or better but are made with corn which might be a problem for some
  12. i had some yesterday melted over broccoli.. didn't seem to bother me at all.