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  1. Hey all! I apologize if this topic has been covered before, but I want to get an answer, once and for all, about tocopherols...
  2. Fbmb


    Hi all, I know that cheese is usually gluten free (if it’s in a block or doesn’t have weird ingredients in it, et...
  3. Fbmb

    Tonsillectomy :(

    I’m actually going to the lab in the morning for a throat culture. We’ll see what comes back, if anything. I don’t f...
  4. When I was diagnosed I was shocked because my symptoms weren't that bad. I've never felt like people on here say that...
  5. Fbmb

    Tonsillectomy :(

    Oh, I've never tried gargling with listerine. I just gargle with salt water when they get bad. I haven't tried much....
  6. Fbmb

    Tonsillectomy :(

    Guys, since you’re my friends and you’ve offered me so much support throughout the last year and a half, I figured I w...
  7. Hi all! Ive been cooking with Ortega diced green chili’s (the fire roasted in the little cans), and I realized y...
  8. Fbmb


    Thanks it was pretty exhausting but they seem to be on the mend!
  9. I have to agree with you. After I was diagnosed I quit eating gluten immediately, never looked back, and I don’t expect a...
  10. Fbmb


    I have gotten canker sores my entire life. I think that they can be hereditary because my paternal grandma gets them...
  11. Developing hives during exercise is a relatively common occurrence. "Exercise-induced urticaria is directly caused by...
  12. I’ll check out the health food store today to see if they carry this brand. Thanks for the tip!
  13. They emailed me, explaining that they take extra precautions to make sure their products are tested and are safe. But...
  14. From my gastroenterologist: "I am not familiar with this, but there are many theories out there about celiac...
  15. Fbmb

    Undigested foods?

    Personally, I think you need to give yourself time to heal before you start panicking. My GI doctor told me that it can...