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  1. I’m actually going to the lab in the morning for a throat culture. We’ll see what comes back, if anything. I don’t feel ok about taking antibiotics without confirmation that I need them. I pride myself on being able to stay away from them most of the time. While I await my culture results I’m going to take some Claritin. I haven’t tried allergy medicine yet at all this summer, and my doctor thinks it could be allergies if it’s not an infection. We’ll see. Because my tonsils aren’t making me sick I think I’ll think on it some more, unless they become more problematic.
  2. When I was diagnosed I was shocked because my symptoms weren't that bad. I've never felt like people on here say that they've felt. Even then, the only reason I was tested was because my belly was acting up for about 3 weeks and I have two aunts and an uncle on the same side of the family with Celiac, and a lot of other AI disorders in my family. So I figured I'd get checked. I was blown away. I had significant damage too. I'm really diligent and I don't think I've been glutened since I went gluten-free in November 2016. That said, because my symptoms were never very terrible I am often wondering if I've eaten gluten any time my stomach feels weird. I have heard that once you've been on a gluten-free diet for a while, if you do eat gluten, the reaction is pretty severe. I am not going to test that theory. I think that some of our bodies do a great job of compensating for our Celiac, and I do think that eventually I would have gotten really sick because my body would have reached a breaking point.
  3. Oh, I've never tried gargling with listerine. I just gargle with salt water when they get bad. I haven't tried much. I did try a water pik but didn't feel like it helped much. The water pik just makes them bleed because they get irritated from the stones. I actually think my kids may have gotten me sick last month and it's still hanging on, so I'm going to try amoxicillin today. My doctor thinks it's worth a shot. Tonsil stones just seem like a minor issue to me. I would get them out, no questions asked, if I were sick like so many other people are - constant antibiotics, abscesses, missing work, etc. But that's not been my experience.
  4. Guys, since you’re my friends and you’ve offered me so much support throughout the last year and a half, I figured I would come here to whine/cry/vent. My ENT has recommended a tonsillectomy, because I have chronic issues with my tonsils. No, going gluten free didn’t help them - but I didn’t expect that to happen. They’re huge and cryptic, and they got me out of a lot of school days when I wanted to play hookie. I’m 30 now, so I’m obviously pretty nervous about this. Because of my anxiety, I’ve done a ton of research so that I know what to expect and it honestly sounds terrible. I’m having a lot of second thoughts about doing it, because I’m not sure the benefits outweigh the risks. If it were just a painful recovery I think I could deal with that. But, I know that bleeding is a real risk and my doctor said it happens frequently. I find that upsetting. I don’t live in a community with a good hospital. In fact, most of the locals joke that unless they are dying, they need to go somewhere else for care. The ENT who will do my surgery lives in another town about 45 min away but practices in my town. He is a great surgeon. But if I have an emergency I’ll be a sitting duck, waiting for an hour to see my doctor - because emergencies inevitably happen at night and on weekends, right? That’s my luck anyway. I also have major issues with having to take Percocet after surgery. I can barely stand the thought of taking Tylenol. I know that if I take Percocet and feel the slightest bit weird, I’ll end up in the ER with a panic attack. I’ve also read that even normal doses of Percocet can kill a person because it causes respiratory issues. So, I’m hoping I can get by with extra strength Tylenol... I don’t know. I’m not “sick” like a lot of others. I have tonsil stones, which sometimes are hard to get out and cause a lot of swelling and pain in my tonsils. But I haven’t had strep in 15 years. It seems like an extreme solution to a minor problem. I have two small kids who need me and I’m not sure I want to have this done, as there are real risks, however small they may be. It doesn’t matter how small the risk is when it happens to you. My friend had to be life flighted to another hospital (again, because our hospital is worthless) because her scabs broke open and she almost bled to death after her tonsillectomy. My other option is having the surgery done by my ENT (he performs surgery in the next city, and here, and I will have it done in the next city...) and then go stay with my parents about 3 hours away to recover. That way if there are emergencies I’m 5 min away from a real hospital. But then my ENT wouldn’t be the one to see me if that happened, and if I needed to follow up with him for infection or anything I would be kinda SOL. But at least I wouldn’t bleed to death.... I’ve been losing sleep over this a lot lately. I’m looking at doing this next month because it’s really my only option in terms of timing, since my job isn’t as busy in September. So, I need to make a decision. Can people share their experiences with me? My doctor said, “Well, if you’re expecting horror, then at least you’ll probably have a less awful experience than you’re planning for.” sorry for the long rant....but since this section is for anything but Celiac I figured I would rant away.
  5. Hi all! Ive been cooking with Ortega diced green chili’s (the fire roasted in the little cans), and I realized yesterday they don’t say “gluten free” on the can. I don’t see any ingredients that look suspicious. Since it’s the weekend I can’t call and ask. I’ve never had a problem with these. But I don’t know how great Ortega is about labeling. I just wondered if any of you use them without issues, or if you steer clear. Thanks!
  6. Fbmb


    Thanks it was pretty exhausting but they seem to be on the mend!
  7. I have to agree with you. After I was diagnosed I quit eating gluten immediately, never looked back, and I don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for me. You’re right about how it just becomes second nature. I hate when I am invited to a potluck or when we have a carry-in lunch at work and people worry about what I’ll eat. I always bring a dish to share. I prefer to just bring my own because I know it’s safe. And the learning curve is so huge with this, I don’t expect my friends or family to accommodate me. My MIL tries so hard, but her kitchen is messy, I have seen her prepare things in a way that I know dishes could be contaminated. So I just don’t say anything and do my best with her. I haven’t ever really felt sorry for myself. I guess it’s because I have a family full of AI disorders. I have an aunt and an uncle who have T1 diabetes. My mom had primary biliary cholangitis and had a liver transplant when I was 9. My step sister has lupus. My cousin has some sort of crazy AI issue that is causing hives so bad that her throat closed. And none of these people have a simple fix for their conditions. Some of them don’t even know what triggers their symptoms. I have 3 aunts and uncles with Celiac, and my son has it too. My aunt and I were talking yesterday about how lucky we are to have Celiac. We aren’t dependent on big pharma for a solution. We know what makes us sick and we know how to avoid it. If I have to have an AI issue I’m glad it’s this.
  8. Fbmb


    I have gotten canker sores my entire life. I think that they can be hereditary because my paternal grandma gets them too. I seem to have a lot of traits that she has. Interesting how genetics work. Anyway, after I was diagnosed I thought maybe my Celiac was the reason. And here I am, over a year later, and I still get them. I’m so vigilant and I know it’s not my Celiac. I’m bummed that being gluten-free hasn’t stopped them. Im the executive director of a nonprofit and I have two kids (ages 2 and 4), so my life is rather chaotic. I notice these damn things when I’m stressed COMBINED with a run down immune system. My kids each battled 103 fevers for almost a week this month and right after that BAM. I have had a couple. I have a plastic retainer and I think that it has a tendency to rub the inside of my lip. I don’t seem to notice them randomly. I seem to get them from trauma, like biting. Anyone else who deals with these? Like I said, I think they’re hereditary in my case. What a pain.
  9. Developing hives during exercise is a relatively common occurrence. "Exercise-induced urticaria is directly caused by your body having an allergic response to exercise. Cholinergic urticaria is caused by sweating that results from a rise in your body temperature. Exercising in hot weather makes you more susceptible to cholinergic urticaria. You may also notice these hives while taking a hot bath or when you have a fever." I don't get hives when I exercise but I do itch when I'm hot. I also have dermatographism (a mild form) and my GI specialist said that it has nothing to do with my Celiac. I thought it would go away after I quit eating gluten but it hasn't. My dermatologist said that it's also common and caused by histamines. Hopefully for you the hives do calm down with being gluten free.
  10. I’ll check out the health food store today to see if they carry this brand. Thanks for the tip!
  11. They emailed me, explaining that they take extra precautions to make sure their products are tested and are safe. But, my concern is, this company doesn't have their own plants. They contract out to third party manufacturers to process and distribute their products. All of Halo Top's staff work remotely, and I believe there are fewer than 30 of them. I just don't trust any company that contracts out to third parties to manufacture their food products. They aren't there each day, inspecting the processes, making sure that things are being cleaned. I told them that until they have dedicated lines I won't buy from them again. I think it's too risky - and there are other ice cream companies who actually do take good care to make sure that their products are safe. It seems to me that Halo Top caters to fad dieters who want to say that they're gluten free, and not those who actually have to be.
  12. From my gastroenterologist: "I am not familiar with this, but there are many theories out there about celiac. I am comfortable that continuing to eat corn, rice, millet, coffee, and dairy should not worsen celiac disease. The last two could be associated with abdominal symptoms, but not dangerous."
  13. Fbmb

    Undigested foods?

    Personally, I think you need to give yourself time to heal before you start panicking. My GI doctor told me that it can take a long time to feel normal. Like, it took me about 8 months. I still have weirdness sometimes and I'm 1.5 years into this. I didn't have my GB checked, as my doctor felt that my issues were from my Celiac, and it can take a really long time to heal. My numbers were normal at 1 year. You can probably search my history on here and find me posting repeatedly about my frustrations and fears about not feeling better quickly enough. It takes time. If you've been glutened twice in two weeks it doesn't surprise me at all that you're having this issue. I would be more concerned if you'd healed, felt good for a long time, and then started having this happen without being glutened. That would point more to another issue, or a GB issue. Two weeks is nothing in terms of healing time - ESPECIALLY if you've consumed gluten. If your liver numbers are normal, I wouldn't worry about your liver. Often, GB issues can cause an increase in liver enzymes. My mom had a liver transplant when I was 9 (21 years ago) and was just in the hospital in April with liver numbers in the thousands because scar tissue in her bile ducts had caused stones to form. She doesn't have a gallbladder anymore, but the stones were technically gall stones. Once they got them out the numbers decreased substantially. She had progressively been seeing high liver numbers over the past year, and her doctor believes that this was a problem that just happened to come to a head in April. FYI, my mom has never had oily yellow stools when her liver was in turmoil. I know that can happen, but it never happened to her. My dad has had pancreatitis several times (alcoholic) and his symptom was severe pain. Severe. I have several friends and relatives who've had GB issues (seems like everyone I know has had that) and they've all said that it made them really nauseous after they'd eat. My aunt thought she had an ulcer because everything made her nauseous. When you can't digest fats you get nauseous. My mom can't eat peanut butter without feeling sick, because she doesn't have her GB. I think your issue is that you have damaged small intestines and it's going to take time to heal them. You small intestines do most of your digesting. I can't tell you how many times I obsessed over what was in the toilet. Just give it time.
  14. I agree, not worth it. I’ve been buying this brand for about a year and it must be just recently that they have added wheat to their statement. I pulled a few pints out of my freeze and looked at the statements and they do all say that it’s processed on the same equipment that sometimes processes wheat. Mostly I’m emailing them so that I can gauge whether or not I have been contaminated from eating it. I sure hope not. The ingredients clearly indicate that the product is gluten free though. And like I said before, the fact that they tell you about the shared lines just makes them transparent. I’m sure I eat a lot of gluten free products that are made on shared lines, but the companies just don’t disclose it.
  15. This packaging says shared equipment, but I emailed them and I’ll see what they have to say. They have one dairy free flavor that contains wheat. The rest are gluten free. I’m guessing that it’s just to cover their butts.