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  1. I am just curious, and figured I would inquire here because there are so many experts on this site. After going gluten free and knowing that you’re doing well, what are the odds of developing other AI disorders in the future? I know that anyone with an AI disorder is obviously at risk for developing others, but I also know that sticking to a gluten free diet must offer some protection from that. After all, according to my doctor, when someone is on a gluten free diet they are essentially “free” of Celiac. That’s not to say that they don’t have it - but they likely don’t have antibodies or damage to the small intestine, like those of us did before we were diagnosed. That said, since the Celiac isn’t raging in our systems, is it potentially causing other AI issues to appear? (he didn’t mean that we are “without” celiac, but said that if I were to be tested now I would probably test negative because I’m on a vigilant gluten-free diet. If I eat gluten....well, that’s another story). im just curious about this. I wonder often what my risks are of developing other issues, and I remain diligent in being aware....but I have a tendency to be pretty anxious about it. So I’m always trying to keep a level head. My doc said they’ll always want to monitor my thyroid (each year) because of the connection between thyroid disease and celiac. My glucose is always stellar, so they’ve never worried about diabetes. I’m also 30 so I know the risk of developing T1 diabetes is low, or VERY low. My son is 4 and has celiac so we check his glucose each year. I was diagnosed at 29, FYI. Thanks guys!
  2. Fbmb


    Also, my friend’s husband is a pharmacist and he adamantly rejected that study. He said that taking a low dose of ibuprofen on occasion for a headache or a fever isn’t going to give an otherwise healthy person a heart attack. He said that’s irresponsible and fear mongering. He said that it’s different when a person is taking high doses over a long period of time, but that he and his colleagues, including doctors, have zero concerns about the occasional use of ibuprofen. As a pharmacist I trust him 100%. all that aside, I was simply asking if Motrin is gluten free.
  3. Fbmb


    I do only use them as necessary. I probably take ibuprofen 3-4 times a year for a bad headache. I give it to my kids when they spike fevers, as they are prone to febrile seizures. Ill just use children’s Advil and Advil tablets for me. Advil seems to work faster than Motrin anyway.
  4. Fbmb


    I’m frustrated and confused. I called Motrin today to check on their adult tablets and their children’s liquid, and I was told that they have no information about gluten for either product. I have used that gluten free drugs list online before but I don’t know how that website can list Motrin as safe with the actual company can’t even tell me if either product contains gluten. i have used the adult tablets before and I give my son the liquid, and I haven’t noticed any issues. But I would like to confirm that it’s safe before I continue using it. Thoughts?
  5. Oh goodness. You're healthy and diligent so that makes me feel better. His TTG came back and is 3, normal. So that's a huge relief.
  6. I assume that's what it is because she ordered a TTG IGA too. This said "immunoglobulin a" and the other one hasn't come back yet. Last year they didn't do the IGA by itself so I have nothing to compare it to. But online it says it's an antibody produced by mucus membranes, and since he had an upper respiratory virus when it was drawn I'm wondering if that's what caused an elevation? I just didn't know if people might have some insight.
  7. Hi all, my little guy had his labs done a few days ago because he's been gluten free for a year. We had his pediatrician draw his labs last year when I was diagnosed, but this time his gastro. ordered the labs she wanted which included an immunoglobulin IGA test. The result was high. The reference range from the lab (for his age, 4) tops out at 152 and his number came back at 204. I haven't received his other celiac numbers yet. I don't know what this means. Are the IGA tests always elevated with celiac? He had a bad cold when he went to have this done (a nasty cough, and croup) so I don't know if that affected it since he was sick. I'm worried. And since I don't know about too much IGA I don't understand. I hear people talk about deficiency in this but don't know much about it being elevated. Do you have any thoughts or information? Last year they did a full thyroid panel when he was diagnosed and his thyroid was fine. He has been doing so well since getting off gluten. I am kind of beside myself. But I'm also trying to stay rational about it. Maybe him being sick screwed it up? I don't know
  8. I just wasn't sure if it can be absorbed through cuts and broken skin, and enter the bloodstream. Their bottoms aren't cut and don't have deep wounds, but they get raw and rashy. That's why I was concerned, or at least curious.
  9. My kids are prone to diaper rashes and I have always used triple Paste cream on them because it works great. It contains oat kernel extract. Is this safe? They obviously won't be eating it and it's far from their mouths, but I don't know what the rules are with products on skin. Usually it's just rashy when I use it but occasionally it's more raw, so I want to make sure they can't get glutened from it. I doubt it, but thought I should ask.
  10. Fbmb

    DH or dry skin?

    I think you're right. It isn't bilateral. And since I stopped scratching and put some thick aquaphor on it the bumps have gone down a bit. I have keratosis pilaris all the time - even since stopping gluten. Must be that lovely western weather.
  11. So I live in one of the dryest states in the country. Right now our humidity is probably 30%, and it's cold (16 degrees when I went to work today). My legs have been itchy from the dry weather and I noticed that next to one of my knees I have some little scabs on some of my itchy bumps. Probably from scratching. I put some lotion on my legs. Seems to help. I never had DH. My diet is very good. I'm sitting at a 3 TTG now, and I'm feeling good and doing really well. I guess I thought I should ask if these itchy bumps could be DH? I have keratosis pilaris on my arms and legs, and it does get itchy, so I'm inclined to think that's what it is. I went over 2 weeks without putting on lotion. Not smart. I included a picture. Thoughts? Thanks!
  12. She didnt say she did. My little guy ate a lot of rice and he didn't have any issues today either. It also could have been all the fiber. I added it all up and it was almost 30 grams, which is more than I'm used to eating in a sitting. Or I could have just had an "off" morning.
  13. I'm Spanish, and we made tamales. Again, with my aunt who has celiac and has had it for 20 years. I ate 3 tamales (masa is made of lard and the meat is an olive oil base with lots of chili powder), refried beans (more lard), Spanish rice , where the sauce was (lots of olive oil in that too), and pumpkin pie with whipped cream. I also ate pistachio pudding. I took lactaid for the dairy. But I added up all the fiber in that evening and it's like 26 grams. I never eat lard. Ever. But it had been so long and I love tamales. When I look at that list I guess it's no wonder my gut was a little icky today. That's a ton of fat.
  14. Does anyone know if Kroger brand tomato sauce is gluten free? I didn't buy any but I ate some last night at a family member's house. She also has Celiac so I assumed it was safe. But today my stomach is a little off. I don't know if that tomato sauce could have contained gluten. It didn't list wheat as an ingredient but it does list "natural flavors" as an ingredient. I went to their website and they blatantly explain that they won't disclose barley or rye in anything and that they recommend you call them. But they're only open Monday-Friday. I don't buy Kroger brand stuff because they don't sell it in my town, but I definitely won't now, since I think their customer service and labeling practices are pathetic. Has anyone else run into this with them, and do any of you have an answer for me?