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  1. Posterboy

    Diagnosed with sleep apnea

    Plumbago, We are just trying to be helpful. Sometimes as you say a "Cigar is just a Cigar". How is your Iron? Your Hemoglobin seemed to be on the low normal side. Here is a study on Iron status and sleep quality...
  2. Posterboy

    Diagnosed with sleep apnea

    Plumbago, I see your are into gardening and I just discovered a plant (quite by accident) with your user name that has medicinal benefits. ...incidentally sometimes known as the "doctor's bush". I wonder if their is any connection...
  3. Posterboy

    Diagnosed with sleep apnea

    Plumbago, I don't remember did you ever say whether you are using PPIs? PPIs can be associated with Sleep Apnea. I will take another shot at it. . ... I have been doing some more research. Hopefully it will help you...
  4. Posterboy

    Breaking Teeth

    Ennis_Tx, I was braking teeth in my 20's too! Be sure to share this link with your dentist they will never believe you it is not poor oral hygeine on your part. http://www.jcda.ca/article/b39/ Ennis_Tx look into trialing...
  5. Stef37, I haven't had any of your symptom's. . . but I do . ...do a lot of research and if you haven't removed dairy from your diet I would consider removing that next. Aged cheeses especially have a lot of tyramines in them and...
  6. Legend13, You are right to suspect the PPIs as not helping you or your acid reflux. Here is a nice overview of GERD from fox news 5+ years ago and taking PPIs might be making your acid reflux not better but worse. https:/...
  7. Legend13, See this thread it might help you. https://www.celiac.com/forums/topic/122593-tonsillectomy/?tab=comments#comment-997652 Here is nice online article overview from medicinenet about the broad spectrum of issues including...
  8. Posterboy

    Nightly Purge

    Ennis_Tx, I think your acute pancreitits is a side effect of your long term use of PPIs. Here is a study on it. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/7397766_Acute_pancreatitis_associated_with_omeprazole taking PPIs...
  9. Posterboy

    Diagnosed with sleep apnea

    Plumbago, I get you a 100%, well 99% anyway. I call it the lost "keys syndrome". Whatever disease you are diagnosed with . . .you are married too! Supplementation is hard for people to understand and do right. As...
  10. Posterboy

    Diagnosed with sleep apnea

    Plumbago and Knitty Kitty, Here is the link to the full citation on " Role of Magnesium in Vitamin D Activation and Function" if you all want to read it in more detail. http://jaoa.org/article.aspx?articleid=2673882 You can...
  11. Posterboy

    Diagnosed with sleep apnea

    Plumbago, If I have mispoken I apologize. I was basing the increased/depletion use of Magnesium as a co-factor in the activation of Vitamin D. It apparently only happens with the D3 (active calcitrol form) according to linus...
  12. Posterboy

    Diagnosed with sleep apnea

    Plumbago, Cyclinglady and Knitty Kitty, I have had a busy week on the homestead and some internet issues but I wanted to chime in on this Vitamin D and or sleep Apnea problem now that I have a little more time and my internet is back...
  13. Posterboy

    Nerve pain in feet

    Chris H, Ch88 has given you good advice look into taking a B12 sublingually. Many newly diagnosed Celiac's are low in a host of nutrients. see this research entitled "Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are highly prevalent in...
  14. Posterboy


    KateA, Knitty Kitty has given you good advice and links as she always does. I would try some Magnesium Citrate 2/day with meals and one hour before bedtime. It really helps me sleep well. If you begin dreaming after many...
  15. Stacy0w, If you are having trouble with RLS try some Tyrosine. Here is a good web page on all the research about restless leg syndrome. http://www.rlcure.com/naturaldopamine.html the information about tyrosine is a the...