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  1. A very good point of Whitepaw's. I meant to add this myself. I notice that when I have too much iron it affects this...
  2. Hello again Deezer I do have varying levels of discomfort in the LUQ. I can go days and barely notice it. Other...
  3. Hi deezer I took a very short course of OTC Nexium Control 20mg. I was desperate - I felt as if my stomach was...
  4. Sorry cyclinglady - I realise your last question is not directed at me, but I should say to deezer that in April last...
  5. Hi! Yes, I get this when glutened. I didn't see the connection at first. Sometimes it feels almost like rib pain...
  6. cristiana


    It might also be worth looking at any medication that you are taking. I don't make regular use of it but sometimes...
  7. Hi! I have an umbilical hernia which feels similar to what you describe - always worse when I am bloated/have put...
  8. Hi there, Do you have blood tests to compare TTG levels? My TTG antibodies were still high some four years...
  9. cristiana

    Cross Contamination: Drawing the Line

    Hi RMJ So interesting to know this... I thought I was the only one taking a long time to get down to normal levels...
  10. cristiana

    Cross Contamination: Drawing the Line

    Hi! It has taken a looong time for my ttg blood results to come down. As the cut off point is 100 here in the UK...
  11. Hi Ennis I've got some slippery elm that I used while I had gastritis so I'll start drinking it again, thank you...
  12. Hi Cyclinglady It's so kind of you to reply so quickly - you know how much of a HA panicker I am! I think they...
  13. Hello friends I got reflux which burned my throat and a terrible burning pain in my stomach about three weeks ago...
  14. cristiana

    GERD from gluten

    Hi Mooo I'm sorry you are going through this... I just wanted to chime in to say that I had about 9 months of gastritis...