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  1. Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for responding. You have given me much to think about. I do think that the way forward is the Demis Roussos kaftan for me. I'm beginning to wonder if, like your Mum, cycling lady, I'll ever be able to find a bra that actually doesn't cause pain. I bought a new one on Tuesday and have been in so much pain since putting it on. Yet it was meant to fit me perfectly and not cause these problems. I have a collection of them that are absolutely no good at all - ranging from a Rigby and Peller Rolls Royce of bras (they had the royal warrant) to one of those budget ones you can buy in older persons magazines that aren't meant to hurt! All absolutely no good at all. I now also have skirts with elasticated waists, and dresses with empire lines, that are almost unwearable. Sorry gents for the rant!! The idea of uticaria is also interesting - as I find certain clothes do cause my skin to feel very irritated at certain pressure points. I must admit my stomach symptoms are greatly reduced by wearing loose garments. It could well be a nerve thing too. And shingles - that has gone through my mind often. Someone I know who was 'fortunate' enough to have the visible rash - I have been told that is possible to not be able to see one - said to me, "The thing I don't like about shingles is how would I know if I'm having a heart attack or not?" I totally get this. I have been recently diagnosed with costo. But almost the same pain happens in my hip area, so the idea of fibro might make more sense. Crushing pains in the chest sent me to A&E last week, so thank you for mentioning this - I find it reassuring that fibro can present this way. I didn't realise that pain moved so quickly with fibro - that makes sense to me, I can be in so much pain, and wake up pain free the next day - or sometimes just a couple of hours later. Thanks so much for all your suggestions. It is reassuring to know that whatever it is, I am not alone.
  2. Hi Trents - and thanks. Shingles was suggested but I was told it was odd to have it on more than one dermatome - the pain does major along two of them, at chest and hip level. I've had MRIs of my spine and brain since DX and nothing appeared to be amiss. It is odd how it goes into remission. Someone rang me the other day to say her daughter has terrible pain and has been DXd with fibro, and suggested that is what I have, but does Fibro happen just on one side? The pain is at times frightening, but then it goes. I've had my heart tested - ECG, O2 levels normal, normal pulse, normal blood pressure. Last night was dreadful, but I woke up again this morning without it. Sigh....
  3. My mother

    Hi Gemini I do sympathise - a very close relative in my family has dementia, osteoporosis, is losing weight, etc etc and as a close relative should have been tested for coeliac at my DX. I told her at my DX to ask the doctor to be tested. As far as I know nothing was done as there were no obvious gastro symptoms. It is so frustrating! I really hope that the endoscopy can be done soon. My gastroenterologist diagnosed someone in their late nineties, I remember him telling me at my diagnosis, so clearly it is never too old. I will be thinking of you both. (BTW, a friend's father was quite ill at one stage and required an operation, but the doctors thought he was too weak for surgery. So she encouraged him to drink Complan - not sure if you have it in the USA - and he did get a lot stronger through drinking it. He is now completely well because he had the op) Cristiana
  4. Hi flowerqueen I've had a bad year with gastric symptoms which presented as gastritis. This gastritis was treated with omeprazole and zanatc for some months. Anyway, although my gastro was giving me regular blood tests - liver function, iron, B12, folate, full blood count, etc, he had not been testing my celiac specific readings for years. I was telling a stand-in doctor my symptoms after some months of gastritis - my usual gastro was on holiday - and so the stand-in tested my TTG readings. They were significantly elevated at 86. I've just had an endoscopy and will be very interested in the results. I seem to recall (I could be wrong) that you also live in the UK? I thought I should just mention this to you in case your consultant has been skipping this test, as mine did. I still can't think why he wasn't testing my celiac readings but it is possible that it is because my liver function tests were very skewed at diagnosis and that was the main concern.
  5. I don't know if I'm putting this in the right category as I'm not sure if it is a celiac thing, but I wondered if anyone else suffers from pain with waistbands or anything that is at all constrictive around the abodomen/torso. This is something I never suffered from before my diagnosis, but I get it all the time now - anywhere there is any pressure, from sort of bra level down to the lower abdomen, I get a really nasty, burning feeling if I wear anything that is too tight. I have had it for nearly five years, on and off, and am in the middle of a flare right now. It is odd as it only ever affects my left hand side - but when it happens, it is debilitating. I have had all sorts of tests - sigmoidoscopy, ultrasound, endoscopies, you name it. Can anyone relate? Thanks!
  6. Hi there Just chiming in because I too have left sided pain, a lot around my lower ribs. I have just been diagnosed with costochondritis. My cartilage in my ribs is inflamed, I dug around a bit yesterday trying to figure out which - looking at an image of ribs on the internet - and discovered it is the cartilage in my 5th and 6th ribs. What a mistake that was - it kicked the pain off so badly I thought I was going to be sick or was having heart symptoms. Worst ever attack. I find movement triggers the pain. The weird bit is sometimes it is just turning over in bed, leaning over the phone or computer, that sort of thing, and I feel winded. Yet I can go for a long walk, break through the pain, and then actually feel a lot better sometimes. My doctor also hazarded I might have had shingles without the rash four years ago - this is a pain that has haunted me on and off since then. I have recently discovered my ttg numbers are elevated so maybe it is coinciding with a celiac flare. I'm also having an endoscopy shortly because apparently lower rib pain on the left side can be stomach related. In summary, that area feels like a war zone. I really sympathise. https://patient.info/health/chest-pain-leaflet/costochondritis
  7. motivation - lack of

    Thank you so much for your replies. Ennis - I took your advice and played some of my favourite music from years back (I have odd taste - I love music from the 30s and 40s) and I have to say that Fred Astaire, etc, helped - so thank you for that! I haven't played it in ages - perhaps it took me back to the time I wasn't feeling ill, so it was a bit like time travel! I found some research on the effects of chronic pain and it does demotivate people. I think perhaps I have got quite depressed about it, RMJ. I need to tackle that. I've had months of gastric discomfort and the costochondritis makes me think that I really must be about to have a heart attack or have something else that is seriously wrong that they haven't found yet. I am not sure it is the pain itself at times, it is the not knowing. Maybe my latest celiac flare is responsible. CL - you are right, I shall listen to my body and rest. I'm having an endoscopy soon and I shall be interested to see if the elevated ttg has caused a huge amount of damage, or whether it might be something else going on.
  8. Most of the people I know who have been diagnosed and follow a gluten free diet have never looked back. However, for me, since diagnosis, it has been one thing after another. The thing is, I realised today one of the biggest things that has changed in the past few years is that I have become so unmotivated. I have recently been diagnosed with costochondritis, and the burning, stinging pain makes me feel I can't be bothered. I am borderline anemic but am in the strange situation that I cannot supplement much as I risk getting polycythemia. I don't have thyroid problems. Meanwhile, tasks are stacking up around me, things need doing, but I find I do the minimum all the time. I look at people twenty years my senior in awe and wonder how they achieve so much. Is there anyone reading this that feels this way? Has anyone found a way to get motivated again?
  9. 20 ppm equals...?

    Victoria - this is such a good question. I say that, because I have been wondering it myself! Over the summer my 'gastritis' may have been gastritis, but it may have also been my coeliac disease, as my autumn ttg figures were high. There had been CC and I'd also been taking Floradix instead of Floravital. But the only other thing that went through my mind was that I had also been eating a lot of gluten free substitutes - biscuits, bread etc. Because it is winter (bad excuse) I've been eating a lot of these things recently. If my ttg is still high/endoscopy shows damage at next testing I shall go down the whole food route more seriously. I was meant to be doing Fasanos this January but my nutritionalist wanted me to wait to see if I needed to. I think the answer to our question may be in this article, but as I think I have a touch of discalcula these numbers just whirl around in my head and make little sense to me! https://www.glutenfreedietitian.com/how-much-gluten-is-20-parts-per-million/
  10. Really interesting point Kareng. In fact, my ttg went up this autumn (November), depressingly, and I saw a nutritionalist earlier this month and she doesn't want to retest til March. She felt it was too soon for those figures, too.
  11. https://www.twinings.co.uk/hot-chocolate-coffee-other-drinks/hot-chocolate-and-malt-drinks/twinings-swiss-chocolate-drink Have discovered this drink - it's great, labelled gluten free and is also fortified. I can't drink too much milk as I get bloated, but find it tastes really nice even made mostly with hot water and just a small amount of milk. Thank you Twinings.
  12. Sore tongue and nose

    Having had a horrid time with a sore tongue recently, I can pass on a bit of advice from one consultant. It is good to ensure that one's ferritin is up to at least 40 to deal with sore areas in the mouth. Might be worth getting a blood test. Also, B12 is another one to watch.
  13. Hi there KeriMary I think iron is something worth looking into on this one, too. My teenage daughter has been looking pale recently and has started using the wrong words for things - something that I do when my iron is low. It made life interesting when I used to have to give talks. One evening the audience was joining in as I tried to find the right word for 'lantern'. (I need to get my daughter's iron checked!)
  14. A quick update for anyone who gets these odd readings with their coeliac disease. My ttg was elevated - significantly - in November (86) and the LFT/LET they ran showed my immunglobulins are up yet again - three points above normal. So it seems to be that my liver gets angry when I get gluten in my diet. Two gastrenterologists didn't even mention it to me. Now I'm going to be ultra careful after a few slips this summer in the hope it comes down again.
  15. That's a great link Jmg. I often wondered. I have a funny feeling in 100 years, because language is ever changing, the 'o' will have dropped out of the English version. Like now it's all right to write alright, etc etc.