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  1. That's so cool! My 8 year old and I have been baking quite a bit together during this time. Every Monday we bake some sort of treat to share with the family after dinner. It's so fun!
  2. It's a tablet...I chew it up and swallow...that's it. Easy.
  3. Hi Cristiana, Have you tried DGL? I had gastritis a couple of years ago and found it to be very soothing. When I was in the worst of it I took it a few times a day. Now when I get a little heartburn or anything like that I take one too. Might be worth a try if you haven't already. I hope...
  4. Hi Cristiana... I'm so sorry that you are having this issue (((((Hugs))))). Is it possible it could have to do with your Rhomboid muscle? A strain or spasm...I found this and it sounded similar... https://www.summitmedicalgroup.com/library/adult_health/sma_rhomboid_muscle_strain/...
  5. One of my friends tried this today and said it was delish! I decided to do something new/different today. I took a free online ballet class. I haven't done ballet since I was 10! My arms are super sore already from holding the positions, but it was fun and something new for exercise. Our...
  6. Our family made masks out of bandanas and rubber bands...it gets hot in there! At least we have something! Cyclinglady...so cool that you are sewing masks for others...love that. (((Hugs))) My kids are struggling with this too. I have one in college, one in high school and one in elementary...
  7. Definitely not! No naked bears allowed! LOL!
  8. 3+ weeks at home and I would love some ideas too! I have kids to keep entertained too and we've baked together,done a lot of art type things(my 8 year old has made multiple batches of slime), watched movies, built with Legos, board games, etc. As of last week the kids went back to school for...
  9. We managed to get toilet paper yesterday! I also put in a pick up order at the store and got about 90% of my items which I was excited about. I have not been able.to find any Clorox wipes yet, which I would really like to find. Our governor locked down the state as of this morning which feels...
  10. I have this feeling that the fad gluten free people are going to relax a bit and go back to some of their regular gluten filled eating...leaving more gluten free stuff for us! I could be wrong ..just a thought!
  11. I ventured out briefly yesterday and was able to get loaves of Canyon bakehouse bread and some bagels. I didn't look for anything else specifically, I was trying to get in and out quickly! I did notice that the store was out of meat, very low on canned goods and completely out of frozen fruits...
  12. It's painful, isn't it? I had mine out 16 years ago and still remember how bad I felt! You will be feeling much better really soon!
  13. My kids are off for 2 weeks, although I suspect that will be extended. We have a decent amount of food at our house regularly, because with 3 kids including 2 teenagers we go through a lot. I went to Costco 2 days ago to get a few things and they were completely out of chicken and beef of...