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  1. Congratulations! That is such great news! I'm sure that you feel great getting that result and knowing your hard work has paid off. 😀
  2. Oh my goodness! Definitely a croissant! Also, go out to eat anywhere and order anything without asking questions. I miss that the most...
  3. icelandgirl

    Bread question

    I haven't, but they looked really good online.
  4. icelandgirl

    Bread question

    They have, yes. I love Canon's bagels so much! If you order by the case it's a much better price than the store. That's what we do. My store sells them for $7 For a 4 pack. But I can get a case of 24 online for $28.50 and sometimes can find a coupon code to save more. I love them toasted with sunbutter and I use them to make pizza bagels for my kids.
  5. icelandgirl

    San Diego- Where to Eat?

    Thank you again CL! You've been so helpful. I can't do the Starbucks sandwich...both soy and millet in there. Millet causes me terrible pain...found that out the hard way on vacation once.
  6. icelandgirl

    San Diego- Where to Eat?

    Thank you again CL! I was just looking at Kirari! That looks great too. I do need to find out if they use oats or millet first(can't have either), but it looks delicious! I'm so excited...I do so appreciate your help! We usually cook our own stuff and plan to for the most part, but it would be nice to have a night off from the kitchen on our trip, so having some really safe ideas feels great! The older kids have fond memories of In n Out...and really want to go again. Would you eat there? I know that the only gluten they have is the buns, but I'm not sure. We don't have one here so I understand that they want to. I am also fine with eating before. I'm used to that!
  7. icelandgirl

    San Diego- Where to Eat?

    Thank you cyclinglady! You are, as always, a wealth of information! I really do appreciate your insights. I haven't been to San Diego in 8 years and it will be my first time going gluten free. We've decided to skip Sea World this time, but are doing the zoo and Balboa Park for sure. After reading your recommendation about Coronado we may just have to do that too! Our first 2 days will be in Anaheim, headed to Disney...after that we are driving down to San Diego. The 2 older kids want to go to the Santa Monica that worth the drive from Anaheim? I'm thinking we could spend the day there before heading to San Diego. Also, have you been to Oceans and Earth restaurant in Yorba Linda? It sounds so good and am wondering if we should go. Thanks so much!
  8. icelandgirl

    San Diego- Where to Eat?

    Thank you so much again, RMJ...very helpful information!
  9. icelandgirl

    San Diego- Where to Eat?

    Thanks so much RMJ! I had looked at Healthy Creations...looks good. What do you recommend there? Also, is it kid friendly? I have 3 kids. 😊 I get horrible, long lasting symptoms from gluten, unfortunately. I was glutened on vacation 2 years ago and it ruined the rest of my trip. Any top recommendations on what to do with 3 kids? We have a long list of what everyone wants to do, but it can't be done in a week. Thanks again!
  10. icelandgirl

    San Diego- Where to Eat?

    Hi all, My family and I will be visiting San Diego in June! Although we plan to prepare a lot of our meals in the condo we rented, I would love some safe restaurant recommendations. I have been to already. I just want to see if anyone on here has traveled there and eaten out without any issues. Thanks so much!
  11. Hi there, I'm sorry that you have been suffering. That sounds awful! (((Hugs))) I agree with cyclinglady. Ask the Dr to order your full celiac panel. Get that started while you wait on the biopsy results. I hope that you feel better soon. Please keep us posted on your results!
  12. Thank you! That sounds delicious and like something my kids would really like! I ended up making chocolate cupcakes. I frosted half with vanilla and half with chocolate frosting and decorated each one differently. They looked so pretty and all got eaten.
  13. HI Lily...I just got an email from Canyon Bakehouse about their new sweet, Hawaiian bread and remembered you mentioning looking for a gluten-free alternative! Not the exact same as the rolls, but might work. Looks yummy!
  14. Definitely do the scalloped potatoes! I am sure that your first gluten free Easter will be delicious and all of this gets easier the longer you do it!
  15. That does look yummy! I cant handle a whole lot of dairy, unfortunately. 😣 I love dairy, but it does not love me back. Lol!