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  1. icelandgirl

    Work holiday party

    My husband's company has a Christmas party every year that he is expected to go to. They have no clue about gluten free...
  2. Congratulations! You're doing great! My results were similar, at 6 months they had come down a lot, a year later they...
  3. I use McCormicks and have no issues with them.
  4. icelandgirl

    Pizza crust

    Cool! Let me know how it works for you!😀
  5. icelandgirl

    Pizza crust

    Hi mbrookes! I make my own using this recipe from King Arthur flour. It turns out great and my family loves it....
  6. icelandgirl

    Hard day

    You poor thing! I have had that happen too! It's ok. I now only eat at dedicated gluten free places as I have been glutened...
  7. Hi Mvh9! I'm so sorry that you are suffering like this! ((((Hugs)))) Definitely get that GI appointment scheduled...
  8. Congratulations! That is such great news! I'm sure that you feel great getting that result and knowing your hard work...
  9. Oh my goodness! Definitely a croissant! Also, go out to eat anywhere and order anything without asking questions. I...
  10. icelandgirl

    Bread question

    I haven't, but they looked really good online.
  11. icelandgirl

    Bread question

    They have, yes. I love Canon's bagels so much! If you order by the case it's a much better price than the store...
  12. icelandgirl

    San Diego- Where to Eat?

    Thank you again CL! You've been so helpful. I can't do the Starbucks sandwich...both soy and millet in there...
  13. icelandgirl

    San Diego- Where to Eat?

    Thank you again CL! I was just looking at Kirari! That looks great too. I do need to find out if they use oats...
  14. icelandgirl

    San Diego- Where to Eat?

    Thank you cyclinglady! You are, as always, a wealth of information! I really do appreciate your insights. I haven...
  15. icelandgirl

    San Diego- Where to Eat?

    Thank you so much again, RMJ...very helpful information!