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  1. Hello, I need some encouragement. Did anyone here recover after Marsh 3C damage? Damage was visible already during endoscopy and prior to biopsy which confirmed celiac disease. ("Bulbus looks fine but segments D2 and D3 look scallopped" is what the gastro wrote, and I don't know if the other...
  2. Thank you everyone, I appreciate all your suggestions and encouragement!
  3. Dear trents, ravenwoodglass and cyclinglady, thank you so much for taking your time to write me a response. Just getting some encouragement and advice made me feel a bit better and I even slept somewhat decent already. Upon research, I am actually starting to think that my anxiety symptoms...
  4. Hello, I have been diagosed a month ago and have been reading this forum ever since. I am impressed with the members' knowledge about the disease and their willingess to share it and their experience. I am hoping I could also get some valuable imput myself. My story: I was diagnosed at...