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  1. The RDA is 2000 IU a day but you can in theory go up to 100, 000 IU a day without any ill effects. My doc and i discussed this at length. it just depends what the intent is. Vit D can be megadosed for therapeutic reasons or just to get back to a level of sufficiency
  2. Well my food sensitivities have greatly diminished - probably do to healing my gut and taking digestive enzymes and HCL with all my meals. I use the charcoal when im in situations where i dont want to be bloated (i.e. date, social, etc). Problem now is i have supplements i need to take but they are very bloating and im not sure what else to do. As for Vit D- it is non toxic and you can take 50,000 IU's a day - im just ramping up since im insufficient and my doc said 10,000 a day is fine. i will drop to 5000 in the summer when im out in the sun more
  3. Hi- I just had followup tests and all my food sensitivities have diminished dramatically since going gluten-free and also taking digestive enzymes and intestinal health supplements. My thyroid panel looked ok and negative for Hasimoto's, but my T3 thyroid is low and my adrenals are under performing so my doc put me on some supplements to treat that. Thing is the supplements make me very bloated and gassy. One supplement that has been a life saver is activated charcoal. i take it with foods i know will cause gas (even dairy if its in a dish) and it really helps. If i take activated charcoal with these new supplements or maybe 20 min before i take the supplements it should help with the gas but could it possibly affect the efficacy of ingredients in the supplements? would appreciate any input. Also my Vit D has been low for a while so I am now taking 10,000 IU daily - doc feels that could also be contributing to my dysbiosis and GI problems. thanks Jason
  4. Hi all- i went on a short term antibiotic (Rifaximin) regimen in November to try to help with possible bacterial overgrowth. I always seem to feel better when i am on antibiotics so figured there was a reason. The day after i finished my course i stupidly drank too much at a party and felt horrible for a few days. ever since this I have had lower abdominal bloating every other day...literally one day im fine then the next day im bloated. nothing has helped. a few months a go i started drinking kombucha and it seemed to help but that was short lived and now the bloating continues. anyone have experience with this? if so can use some advice cause this is ruining the quality of my life thanks
  5. ya but still dont know if i have true celiac thats the prob- biopsy was neg and pillcam showed no villi damage
  6. sorry lisa- was just concerned about red blood anything showing up in my stool and was wondering if overgrowth of dysbiotic bacteria can cause this. my main problem is low levels of lactobacilli and bifido despite pumping myself full of different varieties of probiotics ofr 5 years
  7. i just posted on my stool test and looks like they identified a few red blood cells in my stool via microscope. i do have a fissure so its possible the sample got contaminated with blood, but of course this has me concerned now. i do seem to have a very unbalanced GI tract and things have been out of whack after taking rifaximin back in november; lots of overgrowth now and very little growth of beneficial flora. i did have a colonoscopy 3 yrs ago and the Pillcam 2.5 years ago and everything was normal on those. would appreciate any ideas or suggestions thanks
  8. Its been a year or so since my last stool test so i just had one and got the results today. not much has changed, still have dysbiotic bacteria..enterobacter clocae is the predominant one and also have alpha-hemolytic and beta strep which is odd cause i thought those were respiratory infections only. Lactobacilli is low as always (+1) and bifido is non existent. any idea why i cannot colonize abundant levels of the good bugs? my ND says he usually sees high levels in most of hist patients. im concerned that this is impairing my GI function and will make me susceptible to colon cancer or other diseases. also under the parasitology/microscopy section it said small amounts of yeast were found and RBC's (rare- not present) which ive never seen before. could use some feedback - im honestly sick of taking these tests and my ND has no idea what to do with me anymore but he certainly wont turn away my business thats for sure
  9. Are the symptoms always diarrhea? i did a short course of rifaximin and have been bloated ever since despite heavy probiotic supplementation. can c.diff cause bloating and gas w/o diarrhea or is that unlikely? thanks
  10. Liquor and way too much. what do u think it could have done? right now i can be completely fine one day but the next day bloated and gassy then ok again the next day
  11. a few yrs ago i took rifaximin to treat bacterial overgrowth, i supplemented during & after with intensive probiotics and had very good results for a while after. my stools and bowel function normalized. so i tried a 2nd course a little over a month ago and unfortunately i didnt have the same results. ever since i have been experiencing severe bloating and gas and i cant get rid of it. im spending a week with my girlfriend around the holidays and i really dont wanna be gassy & bloated the whole time. anyone know what i can do? ive been taking some herbal antimicrobials but they only work for a while and as soon as i stop the bloating returns. on my last night of the 2nd course of antibiotics i drank WAY too much and was sick the next day so not sure if that messed me up. would appreciate any help on this- i have a week until my trip
  12. i have been taking it with meals when i eat out in case i accidentally ingest dairy & it helps with gas. i will be in paris for a week and eating out may pose a challenge and i wont be in a position to be too picky with food. would it be ok to take charcoal every day with every meal?
  13. I have been off gluten since 07 and at first was super strict and it made me absolutely paranoid and I hated life, so I decided to toss caution in the wind and go back to eating out and my life has been great again. I am still SUPER careful when I dine at restaurants but I just dont obsess the way I used to. Thing is, can I still be harming myself? i never had a positive celiac diagnosis and my blood tests and biopsies came back negative, but my stool anti gliadin tests were positive and I carry 1 of the 2 celiac genes. My mother is negative for both celiac and the genes but her stool tests were positive and she seems to do fine on gluten, even though I think she would benefit from eliminating it from her diet but shes stubborn. After all these years I still dont know what I really have but I do know that I do ok most of the time when eating out. I often dont even inform my waiter of my sensitivity and just order and eat carefully and am fine So the other day at Thanksgiving I accidentally ate gravy that had flour in it. I shouldve asked the host but it looked so liquidy that i didnt think there could possibly be any flour in there..well i was wrong. Minutes after eating I developed major bloating and was uncomfortable the rest of the night, however the next day I felt completely fine. So obviously my body still doesnt like gluten but my question is could this be celiac or just gluten intolerance? also since my body has not had gluten in a long time could this reaction have been my GI going into "defense mode"? While I felt very bloated I wasnt really very gassy...just kinda felt like my GI seized up and was being squeezed. So i guess my question is should i just keep being careful or do i really need to be super strict again?
  14. im spending a week with a girl im seeing in Paris the week of xmas/new yrs - her and i love food and we always go to great places. thing is Paris may be tricky with the gluten issue. I managed to survive in Germany for 3 weeks and ate out all the time so i think i can do it again in Paris. my question is are there any supplements i can take to protect my gut? - im sure im gonna get gluten in me when im out there, maybe even daily, but will obviously keep it to a minimum. I usually take digestive enzymes, probiotics, activated charcoal and N-acetyl glucosamine for gut support as well as milk thistle for liver protection. is there anything else I can take may offer protection? thanks