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  1. who is your celiac specialist doctor and where are they located? I need one...

  2. Had two glasses tonite with dinner and loved it but I didnt realize that it was made with barley. Im assuming its safe since they tested it on severe celiacs but wanted to get some feedback. I dont think i developed any symptoms from it but then again i never really know when i get glutened anyway
  3. got this email from Utz - they are made in a dedicated facility Thank you for your email and phone message. Yes, our potato chips are gluten free as listed and no possibility of cross contamination as the entire plant is gluten free. Our packages will state if there is any chance of cross...
  4. You can't receive more PMs till you delete some. The Robinson Family Clinic in Lakeland, FLA offers the Heidelberg Capsule Test. Dr. Robinson also offers other alternative treatments. Lemmeno if you need more info about his clinic.

  5. which brand? i use Trader Joes mostly- says 100% OO imported from italy
  6. so as many of you know ive been on a restricted diet for quite some time - had to rotate foods back and forth - had some success - some remission of symptoms, but many relapses as well. throughout this entire time the only food that i have been consistently consuming is olive oil...i cook everything...
  7. Hi,

    I saw a post that you are using this product. I have leaky gut and LOTs of allergies including milk, casein, lactose, etc. and cannot tolerate normal colostrum. How has this worked for you and the gut and other symptoms? Any side effects?

    Any response will be appreciated!



    (I cant send you a message for some reason) Please ...

  8. Brita only takes out Chlorine, lead and sediment...maybe some of the drugs in the water supply but all the toxins stay in the watrer
  9. doesnt take everything out..just lead, chlorine and sediment
  10. fluoride taken internally is not safe- i still use filtered tap for brushing my teeth
  11. i recently purchased a home distiller since i want to stop buying bottled water all the time but am hearing mixed reports on the safety of distilled water. Since it is devoid of minerals and has a tendency to form a low pH I decided to add trace mineral drops, some sea salt and bicarbonate. i even...
  12. Nice to see ya too Ill keep you posted- apparently this is an area of much interest now and may be contributing to a lot of GI issues that people suffer from
  13. Anyone familiar with the concept of biofilms? my doc wants to explore this as a possibility for my persistent gut dysbiosis and GI issues. It can be treated with enzymes and EDTA - i started taking lumbrokinase but cannot tolerate it so i had to stop. i would like to treat this before i start...