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  1. I was tired of being sick... until I started the celiac diet. I feel a whole lot better now!
  2. I have a solution!!! I am sixteen and found out a year ago around Christmas time that i had celiac disease. Since going on my diet i have been feeling a lot better. I used to have the same symptyms your son had. Not the real noticeable ones- things like being tired all the time, dark circles under my eyes (they still haven't gone away!), being really skinny (I had a delay in my growth), and eating a ton and not gaining an ounce. I have experimented with a lot of breads (and a lot of gluten free baked goods for that matter) and have wanted to throw it all up they tasted so bad. But, fortunately, my aunt (who has celiac's) showed me this brand called kinnikinnick. Their bread and bun mix makes excelent breads for sandwiches and things like that. I absolutely love it!
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