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I found out i had celiac disease when i was fourteen- right before my fifteenth birthday. I am now sixteen and have had to deal with this whole diet thing for about a year. It has been a really hard change. Although I am familiar with the no- wheat thing (my aunt has celiacs)I never thought about living without it. A lot of people ask me questions about my disease. It seems to always be the same routine- "so you can have white bread but not wheat, right?" or " Is gluten in bananas?" I laugh knowing that every other celiacs person is going through the same thing. Well, we celiacs must look at the glass as half full- not half empty. Seeing the foods you CAN eat and not wasting all your time thinking over the things you CAN'T eat will make your life so much easier.

  1. I was tired of being sick... until I started the celiac diet. I feel a whole lot better now!
  2. I have a solution!!! I am sixteen and found out a year ago around Christmas time that i had celiac disease. Since going on my diet i have been feeling a lot better. I used to have the same symptyms your son had. Not the real noticeable ones- things like being tired all the time, dark...