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  1. I missed it but I have to say, hurray for CNN and Heidi! It's so refreshing to have Celiac Disease in the mainstream media. I remember when I was diagnosed and how little information...
  2. Yes, it happens to me. I don't know if the guar or xanthum gum is the culprit. I rarely eat packaged gluten-free foods for this reason and, when I do, I have only a small amount...
  3. This was a very refreshing experience. It seemed to me that Heide and her physician are determined to bring this to the public's attention (and keep it there!). I was so gratified...
  4. I don't know if they are related. I had a hysterectomy, bi-lateral oopherectomy due to endometriosis nearly twenty years ago, before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.
  5. Great news!! I was misdiagnosed with MS, too, and it turned out to be pernicious anemia. I have been getting B12 shots ever since each month and it is a small price to pay, imo...
  6. Absolutely not OK. I ask about this everywhere I go because I was once glutened horrifically for exactly this reason.
  7. I had one of the great meals of my gluten-free life two months ago at the Adobo Grill.
  8. I seem to catch everything going around.
  9. Me too. Misdiagnosed with MS. Arrrrrgh. Eventually, when I felt I was having a stroke/heart attack I was rushed to emergency where they discovered my B12 level was unbelievably...
  10. I have been sick for three days from salad. Salad! It goes through me completely undigested and then omg the pain, D and the whole nine years. Fruit is totally out for me. I...
  11. Hmmmm. This happens to me too. I have no idea why. It hurst, doesn't it?
  12. I have problems that I think (don't know) are related to guar and xanthum gum which are often found in gluten-free baked goods. I get bloated and then suffer D. badly. I eat the...
  13. The last time I flew Air Canada (which IS the last time I'll fly Air Canada), I ordered the gluten-free meal. When dinner time came, they brought me a regular meal. I told them...
  14. I drink it and have no problem at all. Sorry you got so sick.
  15. I'm visiting Chicago from Canada - we planned ahead thanks to those of you on this thread and ate at the Adobo Grill last night. It was fabulous. I didn't mind the plantain chips...
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