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  1. I get redness too. It's mostly my nose and on my cheaks near my nose. People have asked me if I have a sunburn. I can't remember where I read this, but somewhere I read that this is a symptom of digestive problems. S
  2. I've been taking time released melatonin for a few months. My problem wasn't falling asleep, it was staying asleep and the time released melatonin really helps! S
  3. Yes! I get these too. These headaches were one of my worst symptoms. They are better since going gluten-free last year but they still seem to happen at times. I figure it's a reaction to something I am eating, however, I have no idea what. S
  4. Make sure you stay away from imitation crab!!! Imitation crab is full of gluten. I got really sick eating California rolls early on in my gluten free diet. Susan