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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. The other day my boyfriend said he can tell when I have been glutened because I admit a distinct odor through my skin. He said it's NOT foul smelling but more medicinal. Has anybody else been told that?
  2. I love plain greek yogurt mixed with fresh berries, almonds, a dash of cinnamon and agave nector. I also have carrots with hummus. Yummo!
  3. Celiac In The Military

    It only took a few months for my medical board results to come back (I was in the middle of a PCS so it was quicker than normal). If it's taking long time maybe you can contact your medical admin and see what the status is. I know the initial board goes to HQ to determine your fate. In addition to the initial board you will go through an annual board called a RILO to insure your health status hasn't changed. That approval only takes about a month.
  4. Staying In With Celiac

    I understand your frustrations! I'm active duty Air Force and I've managed to stay in but I'm required to see a medical board every year. It seriously scares the heck out of me thinking this might be my last one until they finally decide to kick me out. I always tell the doctor what to put in my medical profile so there's no guessing.
  5. Completely gluten-free Resturaunts?

    Island Gluten Free Bakery in Sarasota FL. They have a sign posted saying no outside food allowed. They make subs, pizza, cakes, pies, pot pies, brownies etc...So good! Another gluten free place is Viitals in Tampa FL.
  6. Gluten Free Places In Clearwater Beach Florida?

    Hi! I'm not sure about Clearwater but there are many gluten free restaurants in Tampa. Tampa is located about 20 minutes away. If you're willing to drive to Sarasota there's a very nice gluten free bakery called Island Bakery. They are the best!
  7. Going To Disney World

    I just came back from Disney World. None of the restaurants post their gluten free menus however; if you email them they will send you a list of restaurants in the park and their gluten free items. They are also very aware of how to treat our food. My food was made and brought out separately from the rest of the food. I was very pleased with how well Disney took care of me and my family. They are a class act organization.
  8. Will We Ever Be Able To Travel?

    I am active duty military so I travel often. In fact, I just returned from a trip to the Middle East. I try to bring all my food with me with the exception of fruits and veggies. I buy those once I get to my destination. I've been known to pack my Foreman grill in a suitcase as well (I have a mini grill small enough for a suitcase). When I travel overseas to places like the Middle East, I buy gopicnic meals from this website. I also bring peanut butter, bread, rice bowls and Larabars and other odds and ends. My suitcase tends to be bigger than most people's but I eat very well when I travel. Most international airlines offer a gluten free meal as well.
  9. I was experiencing a lot of side pain but it was overshadowed by the undiagnosed celiac symptoms. The doc ordered a HIDA scan and told me my gallbladder was working at 11% ejection fraction. He thought for sure it would relieve my other symptoms...it did not. It wasn't for another 3 years did I finally learn I had celiac disease. I believe my gallbladder problems was due to celiac disease.
  10. Celiac And Eggs

    I wasn't allergic to eggs until about 5 months after I went gluten free. Anytime I had eggs I would have symptoms of a heart attack. I almost called an ambulance a couple of times before I figured out what was causing my issue.
  11. Lasted Year In The Air Force

    Thank you everyone! I haven't deployed since I was diagnosed. However, I'm going on one in a few months. The Air Force medical boards put me on a profile. Basically what the profile says is I can deploy however, the gaining unit medical commander must approve me. Another words,they have to be able to feed me and give me proper medical care. I'll bet this deployment will be far different from my Iraq deployment. As far as joining the AF with celiac, I believe that's one medical issue you CAN NOT join with. I wasn't diagnosed or showed signs of celiac when I joined. However, I would always ask the recruiter if it's still a possibility.
  12. I've been in the Air Force for 14 years. Well, two years ago I was diagnosed with celiac. I've been through two medical boards to determine my fate in the Air Force. I just got the results of my last medical board and they have decided to keep me in...well, for at least another year. YAY!!! Anyway, just wanted to share my good news.
  13. Yes, I had my gallbladder taken out about three years prior to getting diagnosed. I was having tummy gas and intestinal pains so the docs tested my gallbladder with a HIDA scan. I ended having only 11% ejection fraction. The docs thought that would cure my gas and intestinal issues. It wasn't until another 3 years of pain did I get diagnosed with celiac. I truly believe both are related.
  14. I just wanted to give a shout out to the Natural Food Center in Abilene Texas. They serve lunch and can make all their menu items gluten free. I was in Abilene last week on business and they single handedly fed me the entire week. Their menu items are the best I've eaten. If you're ever in Abilene swing by, you won't be disappointed.
  15. Good topic! I didn't have a single symptom until I deployed to Iraq when I was 25. I spent months in Iraq wondering what was wrong with me. I thought it might have been triggered by the series of anthrax shots but to this day I have no idea. One day I was perfectly healthy then the next I was sick. Either way, I wouldn't trade my Iraq experience for the world and I would do it all over again knowing the outcome.