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  1. I have always been curious about how other people react. I have read a lot and it seems most have real obvious symptoms. I haven't read of too many like me. I have the obvious bloating thing, but I get esophogeal burning and spasms that get so severe I have to be hospitalized. I have also had abdominal...
  2. It is so good to get some feedback on this. My reaction today is more severe than yesterdays, so the eggs are going out for quite awhile. I have my husband and children's food allergies down, but it is going to take more than I thought to get a handle on this celiac thing.
  3. I am glad I am not the only one. I ate the eggs at seven and am still in pain.
  4. I was diagnosed with celiac in March. I am not new however to the casein gluten free diet, my boys have been Gluten-free Casein-free and soy free for years. I like having eggs for breakfast, but the last two mornings have developed a horrible stomach ache, irritation in the esophagus, and fatigue...