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  1. Thanks Bevel Bev said bundt cakes I so agree, it's such a wonderful song. Lisa that is going to be an emotional and amazing moment Patti, forgot to mention I love your new avatar. You look so loverly and...
  2. Hellllllllllllloooooooooooo Sillies!!! Thank you Suze, Nik, and Rachel I have to tell you guys about the most fabulous iced tea I have been making the last few summers, you brew lemon zinger and red zinger tea...
  3. HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My beaver is quite talented:
  4. Geez, and I just spotted Patti's pizza av. That looks DELISH Patti So glad you are able to tolerate dairy products again And Lisa your avatar, brings tears to me eyes and warm fuzzies to me heart
  5. Emily, just spotted your Trailer Park avatar. It's FANTASTIC!!!!
  6. *Big wave* to me Sills I went back a few pages and saw a poop in from Tom!!!! Tom, so sorry you haven't been doing well, this new appt you have set up sounds promising, I hope you can find some answers, thinking of you and keeping...
  7. could be Em Whilst we wait for Suze to fill us in on the meaning of :lawl: I had another thought... perhaps it means laughing within the confines of the law?? Or legal laughing if you will
  8. Hi Lisa, long time no talk Sounds like a makeover with the works, you will be beautified Hi Rachel, that is scary stuff. Sorry about the mess and damage and food loss, but so glad you are all ok Poor JoDog, I...
  9. Happy Fri Sills So very.....strange ....that MJ died yesterday too. 2 major icons in one day Welcome back Bev, I think of you often too. So glad the Addison's results came back negative!!! Definitely go in style to...
  10. Just saw this Em, I pooped in at just the right time!!!!! This is wonderful news
  11. Hi Sills, just a poop in from me. How is everybody? I have some good news to report, Arnie has really made a lot of improvements with his separation anxiety/bonding issues. He does have a ways to go, but there has been progress...
  12. Hi Janet, good to see you too! I got the Duo Cheese Glutino, it just had a little bit of marinara, and apparently a blend of 2 cheeses. I put some pepperoni slices on top. I baked it on a cookie sheet and it wasnt as crisp as I would...
  13. Em, wow, very alarming to hear your friends still got viruses even with their software up to date Patti, anything that you accepted that asked you to add the application in order for you to send it back has access to your stuff...
  14. Hulllloo Sillies (best said in an Eeyore voice) I'm just pooping in, hope all is well with everyone. Just a heads up on FB, I removed all of the applications (except for Flair) so if you send me something and I dont accept its not...
  15. Hi Sillies, just popping in to say hi I have been thinking a lot about Janet Emily, my goodness you get all the good celebs in your dreams. Willie Nelson?!?! Fantastic Suze, I also remember that cabbage story Rachel...