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  1. You couldn't ask for a more compassionate, helpful soul . . . served with a side of funny. We'll miss you Shroomie. Condolences to Clayton. Peace to All.
  2. Asked hubby to help me remind kids to clear their dishes from the table and keep their stuff off of the kitchen island (hairbrushes, library books, school id . . . ). I said I was starting my new year's resolution early . . . to keep the kitchen table and island clear of clutter. Hubby: "Oh, like last year there would be no dirty dishes in the sink overnight?" Me: "I said that?" Hubby: "Yes." Me: "That doesn't sound like something I would say."
  3. Just got Groupon email offering Pilates classes . . . thought it said Pirate classes . . . makes me think of Jess.
  4. What about the crutch tip? Did you bring the crutch tip? I sure hope that tom is planning another promptu proclamation.
  5. :lol: . . . true dat!! Skeeter told me she saw a movie (or show or something) the other day and she could tell it was "old" because there was a record player in it.
  6. Hmmmmm . . . gonna take some getting use to . . . Seems a little . . . empty? . . . Like a new house where you don't have enough furniture for all the rooms. Lucky for us, it's prime shoppin' time and we can fill this thing up with all kinds of cr@p. I went shopping today not something that I would normally do as I abhor crowds. However, I've been wanting to upgrade my appliances for about four years (sorry, Peter, no harvest gold for me) and today the price was right. The store that I needed to go to was a stand alone hardware/appliance Sears store not really by too much else (and I didn't have to get there at an ungodly hour . . . went about noon). So my husband doesn't have to shop for me. I took care of it myself.
  7. I find that I don't like the stuff made with bean flours because of the aftertaste. I don't know that I would call it a "freezer" taste though.
  8. Quit talkin' about me arse, GeeEff!! I may not be the queen anymore but I can still get schmashed do some schmashin' I got one at my house . . . he's used to working for nothing. To quote him directly . . . "I'm nothing but a slave to you." . . . and my response . . . "Yes, yes you are." (all said in fun by the way) My congratulations, King Tom. Unfortunately, what with the holidays and all . . . I was unable to get the robe to the dry cleaners so I just tossed it in the washing machine. It shrunk a tad . . . maybe a little more than a tad . . . How do you feel about a royal poncho?
  9. Don't mean to be a party pooper . . . don't get too excited, it's not real . . . made of gold plastic.
  10. The intro to the list: (the bolding is mine) "Celiac disease is associated with approximately 300 symptoms, which are listed in alphabetical order below. These symptoms are not specific to celiac disease, however, and many may be uncommon. This list is intendend to illustrate the variety of subtle and seemingly unrelated symptoms associated with celiac disease and the resulting diagnostic challenge. The list is not intended to be used as the sole basis for diagnosis." We were all surprised when my daughter was diagnosed, including the pedGI. He screened her for celiac disease because that had become an office policy for kids that presented with "generic" GI symptoms. The GI told me that prior to that, about three kids a year would come through the office with skinny limbs, distended belly and explosive diarrhea and hey, what do you know, this child has celiac disease. This is what he had been taught to recognize as celiac disease. After they started their new screening process, they were diagnosing about a child a week and he continued to be surprised by which kids tested positive . . . they didn't "look" like celiac kids. That list helps people think outside of the box.
  11. Who says I'm givin' it back? Fergot to say earlier . . . congrats on the new offspring, Jess!!!
  12. HOLY CR@P!!! First Soozle and now Richard!!! . . . like some kind of family holiday or sumptin!!! Good to see you Richard. You look just the same!!
  13. This quote from Shroomie (from a perfectly legit thread) is too good not to be posted in THIS thread: :lol: