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  1. I never thought about this but I never cared for bananas. I ate maybe one a year. Now that I am gluten-free I have probably eaten more of them in a month than in my whole life! Thinking of them doesnt make me feel ill any more...and now I can eat apples too! Weird! Terri O
  2. WOW! That could be my husband that you are talking about! "glad you feel better Honey, can you just get on with life now and quit talking about it?" Yeah...thanks for all the support! NOT! Terri O
  3. My fave right now had been a rice cake smeared with hazelnut butter! MMMM--and lots of coffee. If I am home I will make omelets or scrambled eggs--maybe a fritatta. I am thankful that I keep chickens so I have PLENTY of great eggs for breakfast or dinner (or lunch--if I do lunch that day!) Terri...