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  1. Kim69

    What To Eat!? I'm Going Crazy :(

    Whereabouts in the world are you? It looks like you are from USA from your use of the word candy. I have never heard...
  2. Kim69


    I am really interested in neurological problems other coeliacs suffer from. I have tingly fingers and hands, burning...
  3. I am coming up to two years too. I have been posting a bit today just to let people know that your tastes and cravings...
  4. Kim69

    Gluten / Lactose Legume Free

    You may not like my reply. I am about 2 yrs post dx. I found I don't deal well with any flours or cereals. My favourite...
  5. Kim69

    Too Many Temptations

    Hi sharilee. I agree with the other posters. I too was regularly in tears at the supermarket and especially when travelling...
  6. It's a long road to recovery for us coeliacs. I agree ditch the herbs. To the shock of my naturopath I couldn't tolerate...
  7. This is all very interesting. I have been gluten-free for 20 months and recently had a gastroscopy that showed full villi...
  8. Kim69

    First Time On Plane Celiac

    I wish we could get Lara bars in Australia! You guys in USA are always raving about them! I am quite jealous.
  9. Kim69

    I'm So Bitter And Sick Of It

    You are very lucky to have a gluten-free household. My family refuses. My saviours are chocolate and an antidepressant...
  10. OMG. That was (is?) so me! I see a therapist who specializes in working with people who have food related diseases. At...
  11. Mcdonalds has a hot chocolate? Yum! I will have to check it out in Australia. Maccas is wonderful for it's gluten-free...
  12. Hi...I go today at 4 pm to get my test results from the stool analysis...I am both excited and nervous ....will keep you posted...what have you decided to do about your results?

  13. Kim69

    Sick Again & Don't Know Why

    Hi pondy. I was dx just over 1 year ago and have had very similar symptoms to yours. The pain under the ribs for me was...
  14. Hi brandy. I just noticed you said you had a pain behind the ear? I get an extremely horrible nerve pain in my ear. It...
  15. Hi yes, I am biopsy proven Coeliac. And I had the blood tests and the gene test too. I am having a repeat biopsy this...