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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. ok so im 23 and it all started this time last year when i started to feel tired and generally unwell. i got progressively worse to the point where i had such bad dizzy spells i almost had a car accident on my way to work. by december i had to stop working because my nausea and anxiety were dibilitating. i saw 5 doctors who all found nothing and said i just had a virus. i stayed in bed until february when i was home alone one day, hadnt been able to eat one bite for 4 days straight. i could hardly stand up to walk to the bathroom due to my upper abdominal pain and was so weak it would puff me out by the time i got back. i lay down on my bed and called an ambulence. when i got to the hospital they found that i was severely dehydrated, had a dangerously low blood sugar level, and weighed only 38 kilos. i looked anorexic and they had to have a psycholist make sure that i wasnt. i spent 2 days in hospital getting countless tests and scans to find nothing. then they finally scheduled an endoscopy for a few days later. i was sent home and basically lived on sports drinks to keep me alive. after my endoscopy i started to eat again. they found that the villi in my duodenum were completely flat, but the biopsy didnt show that i was celiac. the doctor put me on a gluten free diet anyway and i started to get a little better. as the months went on my health was like a rollarcoaster. some days i was able to go out and drive to the supermarket etc, and some days i was back to not eating again. i ended up in hospital again and they found nothing and sent me home. i have a wonderful GP and she tested me for everything else under the sun. all my nutrient levels are fantastic, as is my liver and pancreas. but she did find that i have fructose and sucrose malabsorbtion. she referred me to a fantastic dietition who helped me with a gluten, sugar, fructose, and lactose free diet. even though i have stuck to this strict diet and am definitely much better than i was, im still too sick to work or do other normal things. so i had a second endoscopy to check whether my villi are still flattened out or not. that was last week, and they told me that i have "mildy scalloped mucosa" which comes with celiac, and i have to wait for the biopsy results to come back. so now im just wondering why is it that 6 months later i still have scalloping of the duodenum? why am i not healing? or am i just healing slowly? i have an appointment with my GP this week who will contact my gastroenterologist about what they have found. has anyone been through anything this severe with celiac? or am i just really unlucky? id really like some feedback on what you think about all this.. thanks
  2. What To Do... What To Do...

    if it buffet style can you just eat the salad etc? or maybe add some grilled chicken pieces to the menu? as for the cake, i say just have a bite. if your symptoms arent too bad then one bite wont matter too much im assuming. congratulations and remember it does get easier!
  3. i was told damaged villi is only from gluten nothing else does that to the body
  4. i was a wreck on my biopsy day and it was such a bulid up over nothing idont remember the entire precedure!
  5. cows milk and plain corn chips
  6. yeh its hard, my mum generally eats gluten free anyway ecuse if her stomach problems but she will eat wraps nd things still. it pains me to see her anxiety and bloating could easily be fixed
  7. Why Am I Still Getting Sick?

    ive been gluten free for 4 months and im still spending days in bed from nausea. its very up and down the healing process. be patient and dont ever think you can just skimp on safety measures to do with gluten. it WILL make you sick. and yes, buy your own butter etc.. this is very important.
  8. i was diagnosed 4 months ago after 22 years of no problems, i all of a sudden ended up in hospital on a drip close to death from not being able to eat a thing. my mum has always had problems with bloating and pain. and since you are supposed to get celiac from a family memeber im almost certain she has it. she is in denial and wont get tested. im worried she will cause damage like i did and have a huge recovery to look forward to. ive been off work for 6 months now and am still struggling. how do i get her to get tested and she how serious this is??
  9. thank you for all the replys. its just hard when you're literally stuck in bed from nausea every sinngle day and if you get a day without it then you have unbearable pain or headaches from stretching your neck in bed. it sucks thats all there is to it. if i didnt have yoiu guys on here id be completely alone. i cant do this anymore. im fed up. having a bad day...
  10. Things To Be Thankful For.....

    im thankful for my family and all you wonderful people on here. i dont know how id get through the day without both of you
  11. i was hospitalized 4 months ago and this is how i found out im celiac. since then i have good days and bad. i just wonder when the bad days will go and i will have only good days. has anyone else been sick for this long? and if so what was the recovery like? im getting really depressed being tied to my bed constantly. any positive thoughts or encouragment would be much appreciated thanks. im 22 if that helps anyone
  12. wow thanks so much for that. i didnt know much about casein sensitivity but if it can cause glutening like symptoms then that could well be my problem! cutting out all cheese and other dairy products beyond lactose from now on.
  13. so do i need to be as careful with it as the gluten? or is it more an intolerance than an allergy?
  14. i have been gluten free for 3 months and was getting better but the last 5 weeks ive been bed ridden with pain and nausea. ive even been to hospital and they cant find anything wrong. im lactose free but still drinking lactose free cows milk. could this make me that sick? im at wits end i need to get better